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  1. I havent had time to follow any games, so I was wondering what qualifies them for getting into the playoffs? Like if they lose Sunday are they out?
  2. Hey guys, what do the Hurricanes need to do in order to make the playoffs?
  3. I tried to find a picture of bigfoot but had to settle for ALF.....
  4. We went ahead and purchased Section 113 - Row-A for the entire playoof rounds!!! SO if you see us there stop by and say hello or just wave! We will be in seats 6 & 7.
  5. Ahh kewl then you guys are pretty close by, wave at us next game! I can't wait to see how good these seats are...... we also committed to them for the entire playoff series! Ahhh good idea about waiting, I'll have to do that then.
  6. Glad I'm not the only one who was going nuts! I had to leave the room a few times........ *takes deep breath of air* Yeah it was pretty funny, but after looking at them all for a while on tv being so sad I felt bad for them....... ok maybe not. Yeah the stress was NOT good, I'm getting life insurance raised for the next round! Tell me about the throat issues, I can hardly talk today...... Is creamed more last night than I did at the last home game. You "KNEW" we would score? I had no idea and was scared to be honest! I was like "we are NOT going to win" over and over again. Usually when I tell myself we will lose we always WIN! So that reverse mind psychology works well for me. Yah it's to bad they were left hanging so high for so long only to be let down in the last 3 minutes...... like I said above I sorta feel sorry for them but my signature image below is still priceless!
  7. Thanks for ALL the help and suggestions everyone!! I went with the FRONT ROW corner seats so we can scream, see the hard hits and just have some good old Caniac fun! Look for us in that section.... I'm the short larger dude with little arms and legs and a big head beside the pretty woman (wifey)! Thanks again!!! Come down in the front and tell us hello. SEATS WE PURCHASED FOR ALL THE PLAYOFF GAMES! 113 Row A Seat 6 & 7
  8. I've had club level before the seats were good...... I'm just wondering if anyone had front row before and how good the seats are?
  9. Hey guys...... so what would you get? Final choices are here.... Section 113 - ROWA - Looks great, I can see all the ice and would see the hard hits Section 221 - ROWA - Front row again, nobody in front of us, can see all of the ice. So tell me which ones to get, I am so torn between the two. Being able to see everything at center ice in 221 is great, we had seats before ther and liked them. But again, being in front of the glass with a side view looks might nice and those hits would be wild. HELP ME!!!!! Thanks Caniacs!!! TO SEE THE SEATS IN 3D VIEW LOOK HERE - http://www.seats3d.com/nhl/carolina_hurricanes/
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