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  1. Wonder if Burke in Toronto would swap Schenn (5 overall 2008) for Boychuk (11 overall 2008) and the Canes second round pick next year. Would solve the Canes defense questions for very little money and gives Toronto a skilled scoring forward that will be needed to add scoring punch to Burke's brutes.
  2. 1. Jussi, had to modify RBCC national anthem singing for him! 2. Gleason, minus the let me clear it into Malkin's legs play. He was consistent in rounds 1 and 2 and consistently contributed to the difficulty for the Devs and B's to score. Absolutely loved his fight with Clarkson in round 1! 3. Rosey 4. Cole 5. UFA - Rosey; RFA - Ruu 6. Corvo - just did very little and at times looked as though he did not want the puck on his stick. Cole and Brindy their drop offs did not surprise me as much and I thought Brindy was a factor in the B's series.
  3. The team was about $1 mil in the black after round 2. JR projected to make $2 mil per round 3 home game. That makes about a $5 mil profit for the Canes for the season. It would be nice to see some of that go back onto the ice. Better product will lead to greater future profits, that's good business. But I do not expect PK to put it ALL back on the ice. It is a business and I congratulate the organization on making money in pro sports in this economy in a mid-sized market.
  4. In the off-season with one season remaining there is more hope that someone would show interest in Kabs. Putting him in a package with Sammy might also draw interest because Sammy is reasonably paid and when he's in a groove can still score some beautiful goals for a team. However, this does seem to be a point the board agrees on that I missed before, the Canes need to move some bad contracts such as Kabs, Walker, or Brindy. But there is great doubt that it can/will be accomplished, leaving the $$ crunch for who will JR or won't JR be able to go after.
  5. A shut down line could be to put together Walker-Brindy-Ruu (or possibly Eaves). Then adjust other lines as chemistry allows. Lines 2-4 as I put them together could all play similar minutes in the 11-14 range. Getting 12 minutes a night in the NHL is not bad for development. Playing similar minutes across these lines has been used by Mo and I think JR likes the idea as well. I know management would like to see at the NHL level next year. Yep, but I'd still prefer him of all the wingers available if he can't get $6 mil elsewhere. The Canes can spend about $8.5 mil total for top D-man and 1st line winger if they trade both Kabs and Sammy for picks and do not return Cole or Seids. Maybe they go after Camalleri if he is a bit less than D. Sedin and that allows them to bring in a shutdown D-man. The concept remains the same.
  6. So the board and media consensus is that the Canes need a top line winger and a top pair defenseman. I had been of a mind that they can only afford one or the other, but I'm not so sure now that the team profited around $5 mil this season with playoff revenues included. I would love to see Jay Bo in a Canes sweater to go along with Cam and Staal as a dynamic core for many years to come, but if JR does that it means no $$ for a winger. So, I'll say no to this for now. If PK will put some of the profits back into the team, maybe the spending limit goes up $2 mil to about $53 million total. I would let Cole and Seids walk. Resign Rosey (1.6), Ruu (2.8), Jokinen (2.1), and Babs (1.5) ($8 mil total). UFA signings: Komisarek ($3.25) and D. Sedin or Camalleri ($4.25) ($7.5 total) Trade Kaberle and Eaves for later picks frees $3.6 mil. The following team sets up for approx. $52.9 mil Sedin-Staal-Ruu Whit-Cullen-LaRose Samsonov-Brindy-Bowman Walker-Boychuk-Jokinen Conboy Komisarek-Pitkanen Gleason-Corvo Wallin-Babs One of: Carson/Rodney/Borer/McBain Ward Leights If making all of the above re-signings and UFA signings happens to run over $15.5 total to say $16.5, then package Kabs and Samsonov (instead of Eaves) to free the $. (I would say Walker instead of Sammy but that would be too far fetched even for this thread). Only changes to the line-up above would be Eaves on the 4th line then and Jokinen on 3rd. JR has to see where this team is at. He knows that Conference Finals was a small overachievement. Now, he knows being a Cup contender is just a couple of moves away and he may have more cash. It will be an interesting off-season. Next season Walker, Corvo, Whitney, Wallin, and Cullen (and Kabs who I've already traded) are in contract years which will give room for JR to make moves at the trade deadline to fill holes for a Cup run or to make adjustments for the future if the season is not going well. (and no I do not think Wallin will ever waive his NTC.) It should be a fun off-season and 09-10 season! GO CANES!!!
  7. Yes, do not want to overlook this for either team. Bylsma and Mo deserve serious kudos. These were the two teams with the most points post all-star break in the East and the playoffs show that was no mistake. I'm never one to say surrender, so I'm willing the Canes forward. Will root for the winner of the East in the SCF. My wife's family is in the Wilkes-Barre area (Pens AHL) and they are happy to see Bylsma continue to succeed at the nhl level.
  8. This is the attitude! The Canes need 1 win right now, prove to themselves they can beat the Pens. Do that and there is greater confidence with continued desperation in the play in game 5 to get the series back to Raleigh for game 6. First things first, win each shift on Tuesday to keep the series going! And who knows what happens! You can't win 4 games at once, but 1 shift at a time it can happen! Focus on winning each shift in game 4 may help the guys address what I see as the main cause for the series standing, momentary lapses on which the Pens capitalize. The Pens are too good to have even a short lapse. The key moments, the middle 2 minutes of period 1 game 1; last minute of period 2 game 2; and last minute of period 1 game 3. Without these 3 key let down moments, I believe that the Canes would have at least 1 win. Now it's time to regroup and then go out and re-prove that the team knows what it takes to win deep in the playoffs! GO CANES!!!!
  9. Mo may insert Babchuk for this reason and being at home will control last line changes for his match ups. I'm hoping Mo has a few more tricks up his sleeve like he had for NJ and Boston. Tighter team play and a few wrinkles to get more pucks on net for the Canes can make a difference. Also, guarantee that Rowe will have the D playing better tomorrow night. Each time the D has looked sloppy in this year's playoffs he's gotten them to play tighter the next game.
  10. Using the "pay as we play" option, I've only been charged for the actual games played and only when they games become necessary. So, paid for 3 games in both rounds 1 and 2 and have paid for 2 games in round 3. Not sure why you've been charged the extra games and you might want to follow up with your ticket rep to see why you're paying for games that are not possible since the Canes are the lowest remaining seed in either conference.
  11. Agree on Ruu and Rosey for the front lines. I said it elsewhere. I hope our deep run in the playoffs will make it possible financially for the team to make a run at JayBo for the D line. I'd rather him with the Canes long-term than Cole but probably too rich for JR to pursue.
  12. This year's playoffs are based on this year's season ticket package BUT only if you opted to pay for the playoff tickets in March. This year's playoffs and next year's STH package are separate. It would have been possible to pay for the playoffs this year and not choose a STH package for next season. However, the deadline for that option has passed.
  13. Saw a vehicle parked in downtown Raleigh this morning with a Canes license plate and Steelers tire cover. Commented to my family that the person who owns the car better wear red to the games next week!
  14. Yep, a great deal. Thought it then, know it now. Amazing that I am paying much less than half of what the team is charging gate patrons for LLN seats for the ECF.
  15. Well, the Canes did it! And the ECF schedule is out. Are games 3 and 4 during your scheduled trip? You have a tough decision. Personally, I think I'd reschedule the trip for Labor day timeframe. Tahoe and San Francisco will be there to experience any time...barring disaster...but deep playoff runs only come so often and you cannot really predict exactly when. Just my .02 for what it's worth.
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