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  1. They are aware of the earlier incident and allow the "policing" to occur on the ice, usually just one instance. The refs for this series will review issues between the teams from both regular season and this series. This type of situation happens all the time during the regular season and hockey players openly acknowledge that they take numbers and do not always retaliate within a single game, that's part of the game.
  2. Let's remember that it was Seids who cleanly hit Beregeron during the regular season game in Boston that gave Beregeron the concussion and put him out for quite awhile. Teammates remember those things and may delay retaliation. Refs are usually aware of those types of situations as well and, if this is an isolated incident with Dennis in this series, let it go as there was no penalty months ago to Dennis (of course, rightfully so). Being in the playoffs just gives a bit more exclamation to Lucic's message. However, if another liberty occurs against a Cane without a call, someone or several guys need to get dirty right back and show they won't be pushed around. Not that that's what I want to watch, but if something happens again without the Canes retaliating they'll begin to get pushed around and out muscled on the ice and that will not lead to winning games. And that is what I think we all like to see, Canes Wins!
  3. Farm system is correct. The Canes system is consider 26th out of the 30 team's farm systems by Hockey's Future. Basically, there is Sutter, Boychuk, Bowman (the 3 fwds), then McBain, and Murphy and little else to get excited about. Why not both JayB and Corvo? That could be great, but it would likely be a Canes payroll issue. Why Corvo specifically? He'll be 32 in June with 1 year left on his contract. The rest of the D is younger with more career upside, especially Babchuk imo. If JR could get good future value for Corvo while separately bringing in a serious top pairing D-man, the team might establish a core to be a contender year in and out without sacrificing the future. The team as I see it this year is solid. With a JayB added to the core, the team could be formidable for sometime, even with the Canes spending limits.
  4. Again, won't disagree. IMO 3 top flight guys in their mid 20s forms a core to place the pieces around for years to come, not yet an overload in stars but it is what I consider the max and right mix. Adding an elite D-man would provide balance across positions for the Canes. The other team player pieces are where JR brings in his Jokinen's and Sammy's to solidify. IMO, to have a solid Cup contender, today's NHL is built this way. Ex: Pens, Caps, B's, and Wings (Wings may soon be top heavy and falter for it)...should I bother to say Sharks? Yes, want this to continue. It takes time. Canes are very thin at D in the system. Bringing in 1 UFA for D along with making a trade to bring in future talent would build for both next year and beyond, imo.
  5. I agree with all that you say here. Corvo is a bargain and why I think the Canes could get solid prospects or picks for him who in a few years would fill in and not cost what the vets cost. I like Corvo, I just like JayB more. And yes, it's fantasy to think JR would go high end. My team configuration is based on seeing that if the Canes basically let Cole and Seids walk they could go after a high end UFA even with their payroll limits. Making an intelligent trade could only help in that pursuit and filling in the depth of the team. What I like about Staal, Ward, and JayB is that not only are they elite at their positions, they are durable. IMO durability adds great value for the player and position.
  6. Agreed, except I think that it will be either Sutter or Boychuk with both being natural centers and bowman a natural winger will be on the roster, just a guess.
  7. Boston and Carolina are very different markets with similar attendance. This season, Boston ranked 16th in the league in attendance (17,039 avg.) and Carolina 20th (16,572 avg.). Capacity at the venues is similar, B's 18,620 sellout and Canes 18,680 sellout. Go back to last season and the Canes were also 20th in attendance @ 16,633 avg. and Boston was 26th @ 15,384. My opinion is that it is the difference in management between the two teams that leads to this situation. The steady approach of the Canes and not sure what you call Boston over most of the last decade. Boston is a more natural hockey market compared to Carolina- they are one of the original 6!- with college and high school hockey big in the area and Boston is a larger metro population, so there is greater expectation for what attendance "should be" in Boston compared to Carolina. Their attendance should grow next year and beyond, as long as their management takes an approach more like the one of the Canes and maintains continuity with their incredible core of players. The Canes also have a bright future, especially if we get to the playoffs with more regularity. So, here's looking to bright attendance futures for both teams and for not tearing one or another city down when situations are similar although for much different reasons.
  8. The Canes regular season revenues were up this year due to the increase in ticket prices. From what I've heard, the team was pleased with the results. The playoffs only make the situation better. STH sales will be a factor, but player payroll should have some ability to increase above this year's number. This year the team targeted about $51 mil from what I could tell, so maybe $52.5 is there for next year. The Canes are around $38 mil tied up for next year already (includes Sutter and Bowman on roster and Conboy's 1-way). Bring back Ruutu @ 3.2, Jokinen @ 2.1, Rosey @1.6, and Babchuk @1.6 and fill a D-spot with McBain/Carson/Rodney for a total of $9 mil and the team still has 5.5 mil to spend. I think it is essential to bring back Jokinen, a utility guy like that who can play on any line at any position is extremely valuable. The decision with the remaining 5.5 would be to go after a top line forward or d-man. I'd go after Bouwmeester. Trade Corvo for picks or prospects, our system is sparse after the 3 fwds, McBain, and Murphy. Corvo is $2.75, added to the $5.5 above, that's $8.25. Use 6.25 of that to bring in Jay B. and that's a $50.5 mil payroll that includes Staal, Ward, and Jay B. Also leaves $2 mil below my projected Canes cap for other off season moves or mid-season deals and some wiggle room for the following off-season when Ward will be RFA. Imagine a team with a core of Staal, Jay B., and Cam for the next 5 years . Would Jay B. come to Carolina? I don't know, but the Canes could be a team that would jump in the running although it would be uncharacteristic.
  9. when he mentions that he played goalie talking to player parents (the staals is a double)
  10. Much agreed. Tripp can be annoying, but he's like a goofy and ultimately lovable kid sister and Forslund's reactions to Tripp can be great broadcasting.
  11. I'll say Chara, he likes size (see Staal). Although you can't go wrong if you guess a goalie either...because in case you didn't know Tripp played goalie, but not at the level these guys play at...
  12. Ward v. Luongo with the Cup at stake, that would be a series to behold! I am still awe struck and beaming from the Shock at the Rock. Cannot believe the Canes pulled it out, and against Brodeur! Good luck to you and your Canucks against Chicago.
  13. Consistency from D-men not named Gleason Maybe Cole, Corvo, and/or Babchuk on the score sheet.
  14. How about "Just in Time" Jussi because his goals have all come at just the right time...game 4 .02 to go, game 6 took the air out of NJ, and game 7 shocked the Devils.
  15. Depends on what you want out of going to the games. Personally I'd go 113 to be closer to the action. I sit LLN and it's great. Club level has some advantages, but the crowd seems louder to me in the LL and I feel more connected to the action in the LL compared to when I sit in the club level. Just my opinion though.
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