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  1. Flyers fan. My best bud from elementary school was from PA and introduced me to hockey. It seemed all I did was play hockey on N64 or my dads PC, and then I picked up Ice hockey too. My favorite players from back then were Rod and Recchi. Needless to say i was stoked in the 05-06 season when we aquired mark for the cup run. But once the Canes moved to Greensboro and then onto Raleigh I became a diehard canes fan. My family has had season tix every season, and we would make the hour drive every other night to see the canes
  2. Of course I expect them to make the SCF! They're my team, im upset whenever they dont make it. At the same time i know how hard that road is and right now if we lose to Boston I wont be too torn up about it. I am proud of what this team has accomplished, even if we don't get the cup.
  3. Wow, I completely forgot how horrible that commercial was. Goodness.
  4. Oh and just look up Youtube vids for the last two goals. after staal's goal there is a girl behind him screaming "F You" and giving him the bird. I thought it was pretty funny.
  5. Ive been watching the Games on NHL Center Ice Online all the way from NZ, and I seriously felt like I was having a heart attack watching the Canes for the first 15 minutes of the third. I thought my left arm was going numb to be honest. My facebook updates went from my status during game 6 > a prayer to the hockey Gods > cursing the canes for using too much fancy stick work and telling them to just shoot > to celebrating. Crazy game.
  6. I can't take credit for this one as I believe I read it off the NHL.coms postgame ariticle. "Miracle on Mulberry St" - The prudential center is located on Mulberry Street in NJ. I like it.
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