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  1. Mental mistakes gave the penguins all 3 goals. 1) loss of situational awareness. (end of Penguin penalty) 2) Dumping the puck off too shallow to change lines. Announcers actually called it a "turn-over", which gives an idea how pathetic a dump-off it was. 3) Delay of game penalty. Ward almost stopped the shot, but not quite. Dump penalties have to stop. Carolina created more opportunities with their play, but were unable to capitalize. Penguins were much more opportunistic and won a game they probably shouldn't have. There are some positives to take into game two, so even though a loss, no where near the no-show that Game 1 of the first two rounds were.
  2. Conventional wisdom states that the team to win a best of seven series is the better team. While the Bruins were arguably the deeper team and more dangerous team, remarkably enough it was the Hurricanes that prevailed in game 7. The other overtime game in this series was Game 3. By many accounts, the Bruins were fortunate to take the game into overtime. With that said, I feel Game 7 was the most evenly played game of the series. With Carolina showing up to games 5 and 6 like they were a
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