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  1. Anyone going to the STH BBQ/Cook Out today?
  2. Hey dogbutler, I went to the booster table inside and the ladies there didn't know who you were by the name dogbutler. LOL Our family is going to join the boosters. My daughters and I had a great time at the Carnival. Of course we had to go to Gerbe's table, (he is my youngest's favorite), even though she has already has his autograph two or three times! The things I do for my kids. Had a nice little chuckle with Eric Staal, first time meeting him, nice guy. We also made it to one other table, the one with Gleason. Needless to say it was a long day, I was exhausted, but it was so worth it.
  3. CamsMom


    Yeah what he said! Welcome! I'm a former Northerner as well. I've been a die hard Canes fan since 2004 when I moved here.
  4. Still waiting for ours. Maybe they will show up tomorrow ON my bday! What a present...oh wait...I paid for them myself.
  5. Thank you! I do really want to get in this time. Last time I was able to go, my daughter and I were next in line and a PNC employee told us that was it, no more where going through from us back. We went to do something else and next thing I see, the people that were behind us were getting autographs, and the people behind them, and so on. Apparently there was a miscommunication somewhere. We were pretty bummed. I wonder why they picked this time as well. I feel bad for those that have to work and can't make it. That's a long shift B-Cash! Perhaps we'll meet you! I'll just go up to everyone there and ask which one of you is dogbutler. lol
  6. Typically how early do people start lining up for the wristbands for the autograph session?
  7. We should get our tix just in time for my birthday. I wouldn't mind if they were hand delivered by Gerbe, Khadobin, or Harrison. Just say'in.
  8. We selected our seats. We are in 305 E. Where is everyone else? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? *crickets chirping*
  9. You can add my hubby and I to the 300 section for the 12 game plan. Full season is just too much to try to get to every game for us. Interested to see how the pick your seat works. I'm trying to remember which seats we have liked in the past. Would like to sit near some fellow STH.
  10. Thanks for the info. I'm sad to say that plans have changed so I wont' be able to go. My favorite Aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago, and now within the past three days it has been discovered that she has a brain tumor and the cancer has spread to her heart. So instead of Caniac Carnival, I'm going up north to visit her. That is more important to me of course. I hope everyone has a great time and someone give E. Staal, and Ruutu a high five for me.
  11. GiGi this will be my first time in awhile too! I'm so excited that I finally have the time off of work and can attend! I have a question about the wristband process also. They start giving them out at 10am. How early should we get there to get in line? I'm assuming a couple hours early, is that accurate? It's my birthday weekend and all I want is to meet my favorite team and get autographs! Oh and winning to be in a photo with them would be awesome too! Counting down the days until the season starts! Go Canes!
  12. Hi! I've been here before, but it's been awhile! I'm considering buying season tix and have a question for other season ticket holders, but wasn't sure where to post. I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong place. I just want to be sure I understand the ticket voucher part. This means if I buy say the 12 game plan, and it says I get up to 2 vouchers, I get two additional seats. Is that for every game on my plan? Do they get seats next to me? I obviously have never purchased season tix so this is all new to me! Thanks in advance for any info and assistance!
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