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  1. Thank god for the Celtics last night cause with the Red Sox getting rocked by the Indians and the B's forgetting they had a game last night in Raleigh, the C's saved us from the dreaded trifecta of doom.
  2. Gotta add 1 more thing, if there was 1 thing about the Hurricanes that kinda suprised me so far, I have to say its the hitting and physical pressure. The Canes have always had the reputation of being a fast but soft team where if you push them around and you can knock them off their game. Im impressed that they can play sucha physical game, and an effective one at that. The B's have been physical all year but havent been able to turn it up against the Hurricanes yet cuase they keep dishing it out equally if not more sometimes. Credit where credit is due, but I know my B's can be better. I just hope they realize this before its too late.
  3. Man, the Canes look look the better team right now an if the B's dont wake up soon they're gonna get steam rolled. My team looks shell shocked and like they've never won a playoff series before. I thought the B's would come out strong last night fight back but they bascially gave Cam Ward the night off and chased pucks all niht long. NESN covered your crowd and to answer the guy earlier, yes it did live up to all the hype. After the gwg, they panned the crowd for a long time and said the RBC is in a frenzy. Id like to believe the the B's are professionals and wouldnt care who or who isnt cheering them on but Im sure it helped your team. I read your Tripp Tracy thread and you'd get a laugh out of all the B's fans complaining about Edwards and Brickley almost sounding like cheerleaders for the canes players. Funny how annoying things get when you're losing. All that said, the B's played an awful game and looked like an AHL team yet pushed the game into OT. The better team won the game but the team that played like garbage came pretty close. Im so sick of hearing about the Staal/Big Z match up and maybe if they just concentrated on playing the game the way did all season they wouldnt keep getting sucked into playing the Canes game. I know my team can play much better but Im getting a little nervous about the Canes not letting them. You can tell which team has been there before and which team hasnt. Walker looks to have eliminated Ference from at least game #4 but my guess is that he's done for the series since they're saying it could be the same groin problem that kept him out for round #1. Didnt matter not having him against a pathetic Habs team but the B's are gonna need all hands on deck for this series. It aint over yet, I still "B"leve!
  4. Based on this season it seems the only team that can beat the Red Sox is the Rays, and the only team the Red Sox cant touch is the Rays. Could be a long season. Nice to see some Sox fans here. Crawford's 6 steals was unbelievable.
  5. Canes wanted it more and looked like they wanted to make a statement to the B's. Message heard loud and clear, we have us a series. Bruins maybe thought it would be another cake walk after humiliating the Habs but this could be a long one. Congrats and we'll see you for game #3.
  6. Great video, well done and awesome quality. I dont wanna see any videos like this against my Bruins
  7. You're in my head. Was just about to post exactly this.
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