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  1. the way he was playing when he was here last year, i would have traded him to.
  2. my wife thinks it is funny. i find it more what the hell am i watching, but it is far better than the heart burn commercial. i wanted to send a round downrange at whoever made that abomination
  3. well, i saw him shake it. i know you dont do that with a shoulder.
  4. i remember him(Lindholm) favoring his hand/wrist, not his shoulder, heading into the dressing room. as to the underated defense thing...yes, they have misjudged us. will that last for very long, no. use that advantage while you have it and steal some points.
  5. i like it. its better than trying to get onto the site through a browser.
  6. has lindholm looked so good in practice that he should be up with the big club? is it not setting him up for failure, kinda? if he can play in charlotte for a while to get up to speed, then why not give him a few games to get his bearings?
  7. im ex navy, so.... 1. there is no sipping a brew. 2. i will be manning the pirate ship moored up to rems island
  8. our tailgaiting will consist of shotgunning a 6 pack and going in.
  9. thankfully so. it was hard to get tickets to the opening game. seems that fans are there buying tickets, but it is detriot and we have a lot of transplants.
  10. i think signing Dvorak shored up a loose end that needed tying down something fierce. it seems that our defense and pk are coming along nicely, as opposed to the last few years. i am curious how much the offensive zone possesion and starts willl increase. i think it will trend towards the better. lets hope so, anyways.
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