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  1. I'm having pretty good luck watching the games at home! We are 4-1 when I watch at home so I may ride this train till I need to switch it up! But if anyone is having luck finding the Canes fans, let us all know and we'll just takeover somewhere! Great win last night!
  2. I have been emailing with the people at Blackfinn at Epicentre and I was told they have all games on and that most of the bartenders are HUGE NHL fans. They said we would be more than welcome to come up for the Canes games and if we had a big enough group, make it into an event. I know it's uptown, but it is centrally located to everyone in Meck co. It does sound like there are more of us located in SE Charlotte though. I would be down for just about anything.
  3. I could probably get over to Boardwalk Billy's for a couple of games. Most of my group lives in the Mint Hill/Matthews area, so it's not that far. I was also thinking it might be fun to take over Beantown Tavern! I'm sure Donnie ( the owner) would love it! Keep up posted and maybe one day we'll fill up an entire bar! GO CANES!
  4. I hear ya meckcounty! I love Charlotte but the two things I miss the most about Raleigh are the Canes and the Wolfpack! Maybe we should get a Caniac club started up around here. I guess if anyone finds out where all the Charlotte Canes fans are watching games, post it here!
  5. I posted the same topic last night! I have a small group looking for the best Canes bar. One guy responded and said Fox and Hound at Birkdale was where he always went in 2006. I was hoping to find something a little closer to town.
  6. Thanks! My group may have to try it out. When I moved here in May '06 from Raleigh, I was told Dave and Buster's would have a lot of people there to wach. So when I show up, there are maybe 3 people there watching the game! Good thing I was able to get back to Raleigh for Game 7! Anyway, if anyone has been anywhere else closer into town let me know. If not, I guess it's Fox and Hound for us!
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