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  1. Good luck against the Wings. Bring 'em down!
  2. Pretty much what you guys said... Thx Canes for another awesome ride. Can't wait for next year!
  3. If I hadn't broken my hand I would have been there. Oh well, place still sounded pretty loud to me.
  4. I will be cheering as hard Tuesday as I did for every other game. That said, I'm proud of this team and proud to be a Caniac. Heck of a run to get here.
  5. lol thx guys. the dedication part is that it was supposed to be mon. but i reschduled for wed in case i would be to groggy for the game. typing w/ one hand sucks!
  6. Have not been posting, broke my hand on friday night.....all i can say is that i fully expected to lose these two cuz the canes cant win a series w/ out giving me a mild heart attack. Soooooooo lets wrap this up boys! Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I watch here in CB in front of my 60 inch flat screen. I like not having to drive after a game. If we do go to 7, I might go join some friends who go to a place called the blackhorne. If there turns out to be a 7, pm me and I will tell you where it is. I will be the only one in a jersey.
  8. lol I'm in. Where better to watch a Hurricane than at the beach?
  9. I am soooooo jealous of you guys that got to go... but beyond that, thanks for making it louuuuuudddddd!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I would assume he is speaking of UNCW, but I am not sure personally.
  11. lol I like Tripp. What can I say.
  12. Super *edit*. I love the comments though. "Yes in the south we have pig pickens, we like Nascar, and we have southern accents, but in the north you like chowder, you like lacrosse, and you have funny accents too. We come from different areas, but we both like hockey, and both just want to enjoy the game. There is no room for articles like yours on nhl.com or any website. You and NHL.com should be ashamed of you article and what it stands for." "Great comedians are something to behold when it comes to their routine
  13. I couldn't agree more.....I think I'm going to start playing again, I need to find out when the ameture leagues start back.
  14. Definitely! Born and raised in Raleigh, live in CB now and I love it. I do wish I could make more than 5 or 6 Canes games a year. Two of my best friends knew nothing about hockey (one is from NJ, the other from Philly- just thought I should point that out) and since I have gotten them watching, now they can't stop! Hurricane fever I guess.
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