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  1. Boy did these guys persevere last night. We had a LOT of great offensive plays that either were thwarted by spectacular saves by Thomas or we were just unlucky as in that deflection by Rod that danced all around the inside of the net without crossing the line. Bad calls against us (although we got away with a few ourselves) but yet the canes overcame. This team is just plain fun to be a fan of. I have been an NFL fan for years with the same team and although they have good seasons, they NEVER seem to come together as a team and live up to their potential. The Canes are just the opposite. They seem to have every player in the locker room totally sold out for this team and it shows up on the ice. Let's do this thing two more times and bring that cup back home!
  2. Is it just me or does it seem to anyone else that whenever we are about to lay on a good check, the bruins have someone right there to pass the puck to. Whenever we got checked, the puck rarely was able to be passed to one of our players and was often turned over. Do they just play more disciplined? They seemed to be in better position quite often. To be honest, I felt that even in the games we won. The difference in those games was our skating and hustle and our ability to quickly capitalize on a mistake by them.
  3. That's exactly what I saw as well. Jussi's stick went straight down to the ice. It did not move in a slashing movement in any way. Chara is either the biggest baby or the worst actor ever. I hope Walker's suspension is short, for I fear a suspension will be coming.
  4. I hear everyone saying that this game is a must win for the Bruins, but I agree with smiling bob. This game is HUGE for us. As close as can be to a "must win". We win this game and it creates a HUGE advantage. Lose and we are dead even and heading to Boston. I don't think the importance of this game tonite can be overstated. Let's Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Where are these drops? The only schedule I've seen posted is for the devils series.
  6. All this talk about Boston not playing their game yet is silly. Watch them. They ARE disciplined. They seem to always have a man in the right spot to get the pucks that come out of a scrum. They always have a man in position to receive a pass. They move the puck beautifully. They ARE doing what everyone expected. BUT..... The only thing that matters at the end of the game is the score and the cardiac canes seem to find a way to make that statistic count. I love watching this team because they are exciting. They make things happen. They swarm to the goal and just when you think they are down, they create another miracle. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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