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  1. it would most likely seem with the exclusion of mention of Ruutu, Kostopolus, Alberts, and Ward that they wrote this a month ago....but yeah...it's the NHL talking about the canes, could we expect any better?
  2. thanks for the video, and I agree with you... with .2 seconds left...it's gotta be in there..
  3. Atleast they got him and not LaRose like they had previously throw around.
  4. So you'd still be against it if it saved you mad cash on tickets...or it if allowed the Canes to have a Few more Million in the budget to grab some great players? I don't know how I feel about it really, but if it did either or both of those things, i can't said I'd argue. I never mind them on Soccer in Europe and around the world....
  5. Overrated? A physical player who was #2 in Scoring for our team last year? Doubtful
  6. I know we probably needed the money enough to buy him out. But for some reason this just makes me sad..ha
  7. after seeing Aaron Ward for a few minutes at The RBC Center for the Hurricanes Family thing I can only really think of one thing to say.. Scotty Walker, i Salute you. Not because of the sucker punch or anything like that, but seeing Aaron Ward in Street clothes, the man looks like he could Benchpress a Cow....so for Walker to go at him like, knowing that mini-Hercules was going to be seeing him in the name game, deserves a tip of the hat. and yes I'm glad Aaron Ward is back
  8. Hahahahaha, please tell me this is True. If so I want him no the team so bad. We'll just have to put security on watch for big Shaved headed dudes with Beards in the stands who might be plotting on him
  9. Around 6pm Ward was doing a TV Interview over by where the Chalk drawing was going on. Ha, even though I'd already heard about the trade it took me a minute of two of standing near him to be like..oh year, thats Aaron Ward.
  10. I'm a little disturbed that our main problem isn't even listed in the Categories. We should really add another Goaltender for a new offensive scheme called the "Double Tender" It's where you take out 1 Winger and play two Goal Tenders at the same time. It's all the rage in the Middle-East Hockey League right now. We won the cup because we had a new style of play no one had seen before right after the Lock-Out Year, I'm just thinking we need to bring this Double Tender style over quick before those pesky Red Wings steal it.
  11. I think Aaron Ward and Scott Walker will just Hug it out and everything will be dandy. I mean, i'm sure Cam was happy to have his Father back on the team and was probably ticked at Walker for punching his pop's during the playoffs. But now that rift will be mended and all will be well. I think maybe our final signing should be bringing in their cousin Hines as an enforcer. But thats just my opinion and i'd love to hear others.
  12. Ah Dancing Granny, yeah we can throw here in if we a Top 3 D-Man....
  13. basically the answer is Eaves, Babs, Stormy, and Tripp Tracy for a good D Man....I think this solves all our problems on so many levels.
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