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  1. Problem is they are picking the Pens in 7. Not gonna happen....cause we all know that The Canes OWN Game 7's.
  2. *edit* the media. They are nothing but a bunch of washed-up has -beens and a few never-was's.....trying to continue collecting a paycheck. They know no more than any biased fan out there....if they did, they would be making millions betting on the games in Vegas. Good thing about Hockey is that it is settled on the ice.....not by some judge or the media. The rest of the country will see what the Canes are really made of when we give the boot to Sid "The Anointed One" Crosby......until the next round, where we will again be out of our league. *edit* the media....*edit* the experts....just drop the darn puck and let's get in on.
  3. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ....hold on...let me catch my breath after reading this. Ok, got my composure and am ready...I jsut forgot how ABSOLUTEKY DOMINANT the Pens are.....NOT. Isn't this the same Pens team that was not even in contention for the playoffs until late in the season....just like the Canes. Took 7 games to beat a Caps team with poor goaltending and questionable defense. I know all of the talking heads want Crosby in the Finals....and have began all of the heavy doses this week. This is a gritty, experienced, and character filled Canes team. We want our backs against the wall....we play better that way. This series definitely goes 7 games...and we all know what happens in Game 7 for the Canes. Pens will be start the off-season wondering what could have been...as the Canes ride into the Cup Finals.
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