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  1. No reason to feel awkward - just show up!!
  2. PunkyB would rock.... Wonder what ever happened to Soleil?
  3. The understatement of the year right there....
  4. WOW.. just WOW.... What intensity the whole last period and OT. That game was WORTH watching, which is tough to say when the 'Canes aren't involved!
  5. The footage of VAN cs. CHI they're showing on Versus is HORRID! It looks like film from the 80's...
  6. Nah - if you were, you'd have a Bruins logo for your avatar Lord, I apologize, and be with the starvin' pygmies.....
  7. I'd rather listen to my non-hockey knowledgeable neighbor do commentary than Versus...... Forslund keeps it pro and unbiased, but he's the only one capable of that.
  8. Given the hot topic of the last few hours, what a fitting name SP!
  9. They just replayed this on VS.... Lucic definitely jumped and left the ice!
  10. I didn't have the luxury of replay at that point But when I first saw that last night, it sure didn't look clean. Should I kill the thread?
  11. Found it - max 150 pixels high. Not posted on the "My Signature" page, I had to dig a big further into the rules. It has been corrected - thanks!
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