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  1. I think top spot in the East again is a great incentive to beat the Rangers. Hopefully we win in regulation and open the door for you guys to get in. Remember, I know exactly how you guys feel. We went through it last year, when it took a last-game shootout win to get in. There was an awful lot of "Don't make it in, you won't go past round 1, save us the money" from me & a lot of season ticket holders. No one expected the Flyers to come up just two wins short of a Cup, but they did. I had a thread in Welcome New Members with an intro, but part of it got lost in your forum switch. Quick intro: Lived in Chapel Hill summer '01- summer '02. Watched Carolina have that HORRIBLE, not make the NCCA Tournament season and the Canes make that playoff run into the Brick Wall of Detroit. I know barbecue is something you eat down there. I still manage to get to Crook's Corner every year or so. I remember when Bojangles used to be good.
  2. Get one at home. Get a second one at home. Ride that momentum and steal one away. Come back home and finish it. OR Lose one at home. Which would probably lead to: Lose a second one at home. Unless Pitt wants to finish it at their home. That gives us a (not really) win and avoids the broom. It takes FOUR wins to move on, not two like some people seem to think. It is now entirely up to the team. They need to step in front of the mirror and decide if they want to play for another Cup or give up. I saw my Flyers give up. It's not a pretty sight.
  3. Not even on a Dirty Water Dog. But I have two words for you, Don Pepe. I have to go figure out how to watch the game. I get the other PA team on Versus by me.
  4. And a burger & fries from Char-Grill please.
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