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  1. ^^ Also ....my El Camino has a broken wash machine in the bed . I've recently "aquired" several penguins and will keep them trapped in the washing machine with a 10 lb bag of ice,case of natty light and peach moonshine on the way to the RBC . Once we get there I plan on burning a few wooden pallets and tires taken from my front yard and grill those suckers to show my love for the Canes and my intense craving for BBQ'd flightless waterfowl. So all you Pens fans keep a look out for the shoeless hillbilly with overalls , straw hat , moonshine , a rusted out camouflaged El Camino ,a broken washing machine , an open fire , and a paper plate with yummy BBQ samples!!
  2. So.....there is STILL a game tonight then , right ?? I wasn't too certain about it after the Saturday let-down, the long weekend , sifting though pages of folks whining about Pens fans , etc.. Just want to make sure a FEW Canes fans are still planning on showing up and supporting this team tonight ...or is the Raleigh Craigslist going to be overrun with tickets today ? This is still THE local hockey team , right ? It's either going to be one of the best games of the year or the last ! Regardless this team has achieved more in the past 2 1/2 months than MOST of us though possible and we should extremely proud of what they've accomplished. Supporting them , regardless of the situation and odds are a part of the package . I know the team still has fight and faith in them ...do the fans ? Lets go Canes !!! Lets go Caniacs --we still have a home playoff game this evening !!!!
  3. Exactly !!! Walker's fist was the victim here ....the polite thing would have been for Ward to remove his face from the area ASAP ! Maybe you could fine Ward's face ?
  4. Actually Nash ....they can submit DNA evidence at this point and possibly bring in a few eye witnesses to the stand that can provide testimony supporting any alibi : " Errr ...judge ...Scott Walker COULDN'T have thrown that punch because ..you see ,we were eating Chowder @ Legal Seafood . Yeah... thats right, he was with me your excellency !! "
  5. ^^ Sure the NHL would like BOS vs PIT ...and for all you conspiracy theorists out there ...its another $ellout @ the RBC !! Seriously : What can possibly be argued during the hearing to overturn the suspension ? Done deal if you ask me <_< BTW: Just read on Boston.com blog that A. Ward flew to RDU this a.m. for additional testing locally . They are also JUST as upset about the viscious slash by Jussi that will be reponded to by Sasquatch ...errr.. Chara tomorrow night . Not even certain if Jokinen connected on that (?)
  6. Unfortunately ---every time I STAND for my teams in the playoffs I'm told to sit down by some soccer mom who has spent the day at the salon getting her nails done for the game so she can twitter with greater efficiency and check her facebook between intermissions ! ( BTW: I have nothing against Soccer Moms--just the ones who spend 10 minutes watching the game, sipping box wine , & texting all game telling me to sit down )
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