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  1. Ovie has done it again. This time, he sent Brian Campbell head first into the boards. He got a game misconduct, which was his 3rd of the season. Ovie said, it was a slight push and he didn't think it would be much more than a 2 minute penalty. Last count, that would be 2 Boarding penalties and 1 knee on knee penalty, which caused him to earn a 2 game suspension. Time for Colin Campbell to get some intestinal fortitude and bring down the hammer on Ovie and his rough house tactics before someone gets seriously injuried. Here is the video of Ovie's hit on Campbell. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/recap?gameId=300314004
  2. I need at least 2 more teams to join...I got 4 teams already but would love to have at least 6 teams.
  3. I think it absolutely awesome how our other athletes are there supporting the Hockey team and are getting into it big time. They are just as nervous as we the normal everyday fans.
  4. My heart is beating fast. Talk about the "Never give up attitude" well, Team USA just showed it. Sid the Kid should be known as Sid the Choke. Another break away and another miss opportunity.
  5. Team USA has found their heart. Did someone put a target on Luongo because the USA is having target practice.
  6. Nice Hit Brooks. Heatley almost has a seat on the bench of Team USA.
  7. The pressure is on Canada. They are playing in front of their fans and they are expected to win it all. Interesting stat...Miller has made 103 saves and allowed 8 goals. That is not counting the many blocked shots our defensemen have gotten too.
  8. I am getting butterflies in my stomach and I am just watching at home. This is like a playoff type atmosphere.
  9. The question needs to be asked, I am being serious and not dogging on UNC, will UNC miss the NCAA Tourney for the 1st time in a very long time? I believe, honestly, the only way they will get in, is they have to win the ACC Tournament. Probably 3 teams total out of the ACC will make the NCAA tourney, maybe 4 if we get lucky, Duke, Maryland, VT and possibly Wake Forest. Who knows what the ACC Tourney holds, we might have an upset and an unexpected team win it all, so we can't count anyone.
  10. Joni and Tuumo gave a very good account of themselves, except that one play that Joni had, which he apologized for. That was so unlike him. I watched last night's game, the one scary moment was when Tuumo got a stick in the throat area. He played hard every game and that pass Joni fed to Olli, that was just plain SICK. Of course, we are used to that here in Canesland. These guys have nothing to hang their heads about, they are returning to Raleigh with Bronze around their necks.
  11. Considering he was the 14th pick in the draft, in the '07 draft. I bet the other 13 teams who bypassed him are kicking themselves for not drafting him now. The only pressure he has on him, is the pressure he has put on himself. I drafted him in one of the fantasy league I am in. There is talk he will make the big club out of ST. I can't wait til the season starts.
  12. You ain't the only one who is nervous about this game. I wish 3:15 would get here.
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