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  1. Not the greatest of endings, but still a successful season. Only four teams make the conference finals. Being one of the four is nothing to be ashamed of. My hat's off to the team for the effort given and the accomplishments made.
  2. I was a little disappointed in the crowd dispersing so quickly after the open net goal Saturday. I guess because there was at least one more home game, they didn't feel the need to stay, but since it was my last game ( I couldn't afford to do both games in this series) I was staying to the bitter end and applauding anyway. So you guys that are going, no matter the score at the end, please stay and give a standing O to a team that beat the odds and made the Eastern Conference Finals.
  3. Why all the droopy faces? We got 'em right where we want 'em...we're down 0-2, we played poor defense, our backs are against the wall, the Versus guys have written us off... We're just gettin' warmed up. Now's when we shine...when things look their darkest. Seriously though, I was pretty upset last night and kinda resigned myself to not being able to come back but as I was reading this morning's paper, my wife saw the headline "Canes down 0-2" or sumthin like that and she said, "Looks like the Canes are right where they need to be...with their backs against the wall...they'll win the next two." and I realized that she had a very good point. The Canes do seem to shine during adversity, so instead of pouting, I'm looking forward to a Saturday afternoon of tailgating and a raucous RBC crowd and we're gonna cheer our boys to a 3-2 victory Saturday night.
  4. I saw the kid give the finger...looked like he was giving it to Maurice. I kinda chuckled wondering if he knew his mom might be at home watching... I don't see a problem with it myself. It's better than beating on the glass or throwing stuff over. The worst that can happen is that the offending gesture might get caught on camera and underage kids at home might see it.
  5. It's a loss but a better start to this series than the last two, so I'm encouraged by that. Take away a couple of the those breakdowns and we'd be on the other end of that 3-2 score. Fleury was great but Ward kept the Canes in it as well. Holding the Pens to 3 goals, despite the breakdowns, is an accomplishment. If Ward and the defense can keep the Pens to 2 or 3 goals per game we'll be in every game but the Canes need to figure out how to score 3-4 goals a game, because 2 ain't gonna get it done. We might as wall settle in and enjoy a 7 games series again...which is a good thing. I think a long series will benefit the Canes...provided there are no major injuries.
  6. I wouldn't put any blame on Cam Ward. You can't expect him to log a shutout every game. The first goal might have been a soft goal, but the others had several factors involved. On the other end, though, it seems to me that Tim Thomas has stepped up some. He had some very good saves, there were several shots that, just a couple of games ago he would've given up the goal. Looks like he's settled down some. Plus he's getting more help. His rebounds aren't getting to our sticks like they were before. That is his vulnerability. Maybe it's his style of play, but when he makes the initial save, it looks like he so overplays it that he's in trouble if the rebound isn't cleared out. We've got to get in on those rebounds better. I think if the Canes can score early on him in a rebound situation, it might mess his head up a little.
  7. I was disappointed that they came out flat...I mean, game 6, you can clinch, at home, great crowd and...give up two goals early. It was noted earlier, and I agree, I ain't feelin' so good about game 7 in beantown. But, OTOH, the Canes have pulled out a couple of miracles already, so who knows. Never count em out. If the worse should happen, it wasn't a bad run. To play so well at the end of the season to secure a 6th seed and to push the 1 seed to seven games. Not a bad run. Just hate to see it end.
  8. I noticed that the refs let the post-whistle stuff carry on while calling more minor penalties than in earlier games as well. Calling minor penalties isn't controlling the game always. The refs lost control of the game as much as the Canes lost composure. Be it the refs or the Bs, the Canes got mind****ed. Getting suspended is my biggest objection to Walker's punch, not so much it being a sucker punch. I still think it was a sucker punch, but sucker or not, Ward set himself up for some kind of retaliation. I like that the fire was there and that they were standing up and taking care of each other. What would have been worse would have been if they had just laid down and taken the punishment with their heads hanging down. At least we know they were pissed off. Now regroup and channel that fire into the game tomorrow night. But at the same time, I'm not hatin' the Bs. They knew what they had to do to get back in the series and they went out and did it. Tomorrow night's game might be the best of the series. Boston has found their swagger and the Canes will want redemption (or revenge) in front of their fans at home. Get your popcorn ready...
  9. Boston is a physical team but hey, hocky is a physical sport. I don't usually get too upset about an occassional cross check or late hit as long as it doesn't impact the immediate play but it seemed as the game got later, that Boston knew they were in the Canes heads and they were gonna not let them forget just how physical they can be...and they got pretty physical. The Canes lost their composure late in the game, though I don't have a real problem with it. It's the classic message - "you got us this time, but don't rough us up because we can dish it out too" type of response. The biggest mistake was Walker throwing the sucker punch. No matter what led upt to it, allowing yourself to get into a situation where you can get suspended the next game is not smart this deep in the season.
  10. I keep up with the boards as a lurking reader, rarely post. I post so rarely that I forgot my sign in info and it couldn't be found through my current email address so I had to re-register. I just felt like congratulating the Boston fan and those replying to him for being civil towards each other. I remember trying to post with Edmonton fans back in 06 and people were so childish and silly that it put me off from trying to interact, one of the reasons I don't post much. Thoughts on the game, since I've been pulled back in... I didn't expect Boston to lay down and die...I mean they weren't one of the best teams all season to lose four in a row to a 6 seed. They are a good team. But the Canes didn't even show up, seems like. I was hoping after the first goal, if they could just get to the 1st intermission and regroup, but that second goal seemed to really hurt. Once they were on their heels, the Bruins could rough em up and keep them off balance. But, just as the Bruins re-grouped to not get eliminated, I think the Canes will re-group tomorrow night. They're a resilient bunch, look at the last series.
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