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  1. Sorry, but I would literally give up my first born child to ritual sacrifice before I would ever root for Detroit to win a single game.
  2. Thanks for the kind words, I guess. Not really interested in seeing the Wings win another Cup so hope your boys do what they have to do.
  3. It is what it is. Why stress over something you can't change? What matters is the Pens are one of the most threatening teams now because they have two of the best forwards in the league and a decent goalie. However, they are far from impervious. I take issue with the "effect" of this cause-effect argument; how they got "there." Where? Still haven't won a cup, started very slow the last couple seasons which is why they didn't even win their division this time. Sure, they pick their game up in the post-season, but I guess what I'm saying is I don't feel like you should complain about how a team became good until they are officially good.
  4. Interesting. Was just remembering that Jason McBain played a handful of games for the Whale back in the 90's.
  5. Cole an Ruutu will be missed but the Canes have guys who can step up. Jokinen has been quiet for a couple games; I think he's overdue for another game winner.
  6. Is he related to Jason McBain?
  7. Only losing by one goal in Pitt ain't bad, especially considering how well this team has done after losing the openers for the last two rounds. As for penalties, I live in Pittsburgh and see a lot more of the Pens than I would normally choose to and I can assure you that the Canes are going to get no calls this series. The officiating will be heavily in favor of the Pens.
  8. That anyone at all has picked against Crosby's team is a surprise to me.
  9. If nothing else, I think Canes Pens will be the more interesting series anyway. Both teams match up very well and pretty evenly IMO. I think the Pens are perfectly built to take advantage of all the Bruins weaknesses while defending all of their strengths, so I would predict a Pens-Bruins series as Pens in 5, maybe 4. So hope for the Canes for the sake of exciting hockey!
  10. Yeah, I think I'd heard that.
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