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  1. Thank you for this very classy post! It's one of the few I've read on here lately actually! Now, to the rest of the board. I've never seen so much hypocrisy on a board in my life. Canes fans on here making fun of Pens fans for being on this board while talking about how much they read the Pen's board. Canes fans calling Pens fans classless and obnoxious while saying nasty things about Geno's Mom and about the Pens players and attacking the city of Pittsburgh itself. A lot of Pens fans coming on here getting attacked when all they do is pay Canes fans and players compliments and just want to discuss the games. I could use the old pot and kettle reference but I don't think I have to! Like I said before, don't say you "welcome the opposing point of view" when all you want to do is attack people that give it, or attack people just for being fans of another team. Not saying these things toward everybody on here. There's been a decent amount of people on here that haven't been this way. Unfortunately, there's been more than a few that have. That being said, good luck in tomorrow's game. I know the Canes will come out fighting and probably play their best game of the series.
  2. Good post. Every fanbase has its idiots. I think it's wrong to judge an entire fanbase and even city based on some people that can't hold their liquor and can't control themselves. I can understand it being easy to do though, since those are the people that end up drawing the most attention unfortunately.
  3. Kind of reminds me of an old George Carlin act where he says to get beside someone while driving and just start waving at them frantically to pull over. Then when they finally pull over, just keep on going! Let them figure it out! It's not your concern!
  4. It's all that Iron City Beer they keep feeding the kids around here!
  5. It's just people that are jealous of Crosby and what he's accomplished. Those same people that run him down all the time would love to have him on their teams! In his rookie year, Crosby developed a reputation for whining and I don't totally disagree with it. I think the Flyers and their fans started all of that. He did whine about calls a little too much that year and take some dives as well. But, since then I don't think he's done any more whining or diving than any other player on the ice. I see other players in games whine all the time about calls and take dives and you don't hear much about it. They show Sid talking to a ref for 5 seconds about something and he's considered a whiner. He gets tripped by somebody and he just has to be taking a dive!
  6. Is that the commercial where the oven says to the guy, "put it in me" or something like that? Yeah, that commercial pretty much keeps me from ever wanting to buy a sub there ever again. It amazes me that there are people that actually sit in a room somewhere and come up with this stuff, and think it's actually a good idea. I'll go to Quiznos and tell the counter person, "Yeah, the horny talking oven in your commercial convinced me to buy one of your sandwiches"!
  7. The only thing we ever throw on the ice is hats if one of our guys gets a hat trick. That's the only thing I feel that should ever be thrown on the ice by a fan! And we play the extremely hated Flyers all the time too. If we can somehow resist the urge of throwing anything at them, I think the Canes should be safe! Then again, I'm saying this and you watch some moron will throw a terrible towel at Walker if he tries anything!
  8. Don't get me started on that! Yanni and Dane Cook both screwed things up! BTW, thanks to your mods here for not being p***ies and letting me register, unlike the Cryers and Craps boards! Don't worry, I'm not the trolling type! Just wanna talk some hockey. Should be a hell of a series.
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