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  1. honestly i wasnt even thinking about it when i put it in my signature because hes 1 of my favorite players. i use this signature on almost every message board i use that allows signatures, I totally forgot about the whole Cole hit. i havent started anything or caused issues with anyone. ive been nice and polite minding my manners while here so far. im here to talk about the ECF not about what happened 3-4 years ago.
  2. everyone is making way to big of a deal about this
  3. lol i believe you are referring to Mars Attacks. they would run around shooting humans while saying "We Come in Peace"
  4. a little under 24 hours left. im gettin excited just waiting around. hows bout Detroit puttin the clamps on the hawks today? that series wont make it to 6 maybe not even 5 lol
  5. LOL if we are losing 7-1 at anytime this series i think ill just quit hockey all together
  6. haha i can do that. i totally understand
  7. PNC park is absolutely beautiful and its cheap as hell to see a pirate game so if people are in town for a few days and have some extra time they really should check it out. theres a couple lil bars around PNC park like 222,high tops couple others. then if you go to carson street theres bars up and down the street sp you have free reign of choice lol. There is a Pens bar right around the mellon arena i just can remember its name atm lol. Canes fans will more than likely be well respected and treated nicely. The only time ive seen pens fans get on opposing fans at a game or bar was philly fans. cuz theres nothing we hate more
  8. yea some pens fans have the feeling the pens are entitled to many things. and it does get quite annoying at times. i always try and stay on a level head and see things both ways. theres nothing wrong with the absolute homer who thinks he knows everything and what not, but when u get a *edit* load of them together its impossible to reason with anyone lol. I just feel lucky and am happy we made it this far. The pens are the first team to make the conference finals the year after losing the SCF since 1996. so to me that in its self is an accomplishment. As much as i would love us to win another cup i dont have unrealistic expectations.
  9. any pens fan who is already thinking about a SCF rematch is gonna be in for a rude awakening. This is going to be 1 of the toughest series to be played all playoffs. Carolina is a very mature, deep, consistent hockey team. they dont take a lot of penalties, they have a killer PK. probably the best goalie left the in the playoffs. and 2 D pairings who can handles the crosby/malkin lines. Carolina isnt gonna let crosby just sit around the net all he wants like the caps did. Im not gonna be shocked at all if we lose this series, and it really wont bother me to much. We had a horrible year so with the prospect of not even making the playoffs i became ready for the offseason 2 months ago lol.
  10. wow lmao i didnt even realize that. totally forgot about the erik cole situation
  11. lol? where is there vulgar language?
  12. pretty much. lol. our defense can be sooooooo good at time. but then our of nowhere (like MAF) they have a brain fart and forget *edit* they are doing. i will give them credit tho, besides OV they did a reallllly good job on everyone else. and in the Philly series they shut down jeff carter and mike richards for the most part. its going to interesting to see how they handle that Staal line u guys have
  13. yea thats exactly what i was trying to get at before. both of these teams have taken a totally different route to get here. carolin has had to play more conservative grind it out kind of games while the pens have just had to outscore the other teams. its going to be interesting to see which team budges first and starts changing the way they play
  14. i was talking more along the lines of style of play. philly and wash are more balls to the wall all out offense. up and down fast paced. NJ and boston played more of a defense first, grind you out, let you make the mistakes. i am by no means saying we played better teams or that ur competition was inferior.
  15. eh the devils werent very good so much. they were fallin apart twords the end of the season. broduer was a great but the rest of the devils we're ehhhhhhhh. now boston i give you guys all th credit in the world. they were good hockey team and u guys took it to them for most of that series. it seems like our 2 two teams have come 2 totally different ways to get here. we came from WASH and Philly, 2 of the best offensive teams in the league and had to get into a shootout most nights. you guys faced boston and devils who were 2 of the better defensive teams. its gonna be interesting to see who dictates the play and what kind of style we plays. Do the canes open it up and try and out score the pen? or can the pens shutout it down defensively wil 2-1 if they have 2
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