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  1. I wont be bothering you guys anymore, sorry for the trouble. Go Canes!
  2. Are they going to send Walker out there again to sucker punch someone? By the way, you can keep trying to IP Ban me, or just do it for real...I can set up proxies all day long
  3. I wont be bothering you guys anymore, sorry for the trouble. Go Canes!
  4. I wont be bothering you guys anymore, sorry for the trouble. Go Canes!
  5. So, Penguin trolls, get out of here with this pooh. This board is for discussions of the Hurricanes and Penguins, not another forum to bash Washington, Philly, New Jersey, Ovechkin, and anyone else who dare speak ill of the greatness of Pittsburgh, the Penguins, Sidney Crosby (hallowed be his name), Mario (Peace be upon him), you get the picture. Take your blinders off, it was no different than the Cooke hit on Cole ^^Even though I make total sense here, Im sorry for ruining your PGA thread with arguments between us Pens fans. Good luck the rest of the series.
  6. His last name sounds like Fleur-de-lis. I'm sure he didn't pick his nickname...
  7. Pens defensive zone coverage needs to improve. Too many active sticks in front of the net leading to scoring chances. (i.e. the Ruutu turnaround shot and subsequent save by Fleury) I thought the Pens power play looked very good...a ton of chances, just couldn't beat Ward. Overall, I'm not concerned with too much in the Pens game right now. Jordan shut down Eric pretty well last night. I think if the Pens can continue to get that matchup, it will be a long series for the Canes. Pens 3rd line had a couple of very nice cycles down low that led to scoring chances. That will tire out the Canes quickly
  8. I don't disagree at all, but to the extreme that he has his right leg "planted" allows him put all of his momentum into Gonchar's knee. It's a dirty hit, plain and simple
  9. He's sticking his friggin right leg out right into Gonchar's knee...how do you not see that? That doesn't come anywhere close to "leading with his shoulder" And I'm not arguing the Cooke knee on Cole, it was dirty, but to say Ovy's wasn't dirty, that's just idiotic
  10. He set up Guerin wide open in front of the net...if not for a great save by Ward, it would've been 3-0 Pens. He also set up the game winning goal. Crosby wasn't the deciding factor, but he definitely showed up to play in this game. I agree, that was a great hit by Cole on Orpik and a dirty knee on knee from Cooke to Cole. I don't think he'll get suspended for it, but if he did, given his track record, I wouldn't be shocked. I don't think there was anything to review, at the time that LaRose still controlled the puck, there was a blatant interference call on Cole. Team that took the penalty controlled the puck, hence, dead play. Fleury did play amazing. I thought the LaRose goal was a soft goal. It was a nice criss-cross play by Cole/LaRose, but Fleury gave up a softie between the pads. The goal at the end of the game was questionable. I thought Eric Staal could've been penalized for knocking the goalies stick away, but that's a judgement call that is tough to make with everything that was going on at the time. Actually, that is Fleury's game. His willingness to never give up on a shot has earned him accolades in this league. See Round 1/Jeff Carter.
  11. I agree that it was a blatant knee on knee...then again, so was Ovechkin's on Gonchar, and we all saw how that turned out
  12. I can't imagine tha Canes fans are going to blame the refs like the Caps/Flyers fans constantly did. Pretty incredible to think that the Caps can blame the refs when they were outplayed in the entire series. Some people just couldn't see the domination, espeically later in the series. Let's Go Pens!
  13. Good Luck Canes...this should be a great series Let's Go Pens!
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