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  1. Forget the helmet or belts... how about some late 3rd period or OT wins.. instead of collapses?..just saying
  2. The compliance buyout clause ended last year. There is no more 2/3 buyout clause anymore: http://thehockeywriters.com/compliance-buyouts-nhl/ teams will be allowed to exercise buyouts in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 offseasons only. They are also allowed to use both in one year.]
  3. Yeah, remember the "sticker shock" when got that huge increase..IIRC the canes claimed the pricing for Conference/Cup finals was league mandated as to why so much.. who knows how true?..IMO nothing is better than playoff hockey so don't mind paying the increase.. can stomache that much easier than the crap been paying for the last 4 years Just wish the canes were more upfront and not treat us as Dupes, who cant think and realize they are raising, not lowering prices once again...We have an article the other day about Muller telling team, "the fans deserve better performances".. IMO we also need that "riot act" yelled to JR and the marketing "geniuses" of the Canes... but that will never happen
  4. Strong work!.. we are in the fan zone..we had some discount from 2 years ago that ran out.. so the increase to $13 is 20% for us.. not the normal 8% It just galled me they actually had forslund on air trying to claim they are lowering seat prices to make them look good, when in realiy the opposite is happening..as your numbers show. I'm really shocked at the gate price increases!! 40-50% after no playoffs for 4 years?? WTH?...while do not want to start rumors, only a team looking to move and use "low attendance" as a reason- IMO would raise prices that much after so many non-winning seasons. no other logical reason
  5. What the heck???... 3rd period of game and forslund does an ad saying the 2014-2015 season ticket prices have remained the same or gone down and to renew by march 31st!!.. The is very wrong, ou section went up 20% in price and have not heard of anyone having a decrease in ticket prices for their STH.. what is this latest game of canes mana gement??
  6. records since olympic break: Best post-Olympic win percentages TeamGPWLTOTLPts.Win pct.Los Angeles Kings8710014.875Boston Bruins9710115.833San Jose Sharks8610113.813Colorado Avalanche8620012.750St. Louis Blues9620113.722Dallas Stars7520010.714Minnesota Wild7410210.714New Jersey Devils7520010.714Columbus Blue Jackets8520111.688Pittsburgh Penguins742019.643Toronto Maple Leafs8420210.625Philadelphia Flyers632017.583Anaheim Ducks622026.500Calgary Flames844008.500Chicago Blackhawks633006.500Detroit Red Wings733017.500Edmonton Oilers733017.500New York Islanders733017.500Phoenix Coyotes944019.500Winnipeg Jets722037.500Buffalo Sabres945008.444Montreal Canadiens834017.438New York Rangers834017.438Vancouver Canucks834017.438Washington Capitals834017.438Nashville Predators734006.429Ottawa Senators623015.417Tampa Bay Lightning824026.375Carolina Hurricanes936006.333Florida Panthers826004.250
  7. think staal the better player/talent.. think sutter might be the better 'value" based on their salaries
  8. Finally will have some time this week to complete all the teams..think the "line: we are being fed is wrong IMO
  9. No suprise, team stinks and it's worse at the Arena. The one thing the last few years,I've been proud of the fan base is the do fill the building even when losing , but not anymore. The last few games, esp last night remind me of 1999-2000, when detriot, NY, toronto etc would come in, and the building would be louder for their goals than Canes goals.. thought we had FINALLY passed that kind of embarrassment, but NOPE.. It's back with a vengence now, and it really Sucks!. Karmonos and company really have some work to do , to get this back on track,
  10. As stated a few pages ago, I've done that also... what's wrong with also venting and discussing it with other fans also?
  11. some others: florida- get PARKING FREE w/season ticket! $85.00 nashville- $85.00 lower bowl premium phoenix- $87.00 lower bowl premium
  12. agreed, just bad marketing and not judging the market correctly, this is not a big city and big prices will be tolerated IMO
  13. You are correct, the canes can "market" it,by using the Avg. cost of tickets, and since they did that 'fan zone"( or whatever its called) for $9.99 for seats that were not selling anyway, allows them to advertise a 'lower cost"( even though many seats really aren't) and giving away those super cheap seats allows them a higher attendance figure than really getting if were $30/seat and not $9.99.. just another bait and switch marketing tactic IMO
  14. Sorry to hear that, we need more good fans like you in the stands, but do feel there are many that are reacting as you have
  15. Not a bad theory.. but IMO an unsustainable business model... it's why teams ned up moving because if the out town teams are playing bad also, those fans dont show( see how much less slugs fans showed up this year) and your arena sits empty most nights. The Owners IMO better care tremendously about the dwindling full season ticket holders
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