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  1. Well written sure, but highly partisan. If Pittsburgh were the team nursing injuries, Albom would be blasting them for whining and not being "real" hockey men. I never got over disliking him over the drivel he penned in the '02 finals.
  2. We changed the tailgate food away from Char Grill. We said Char Grill worked for two rounds, but the ECF demanded more. We were so wrong...
  3. Please don't underestimate the revenue producing power of controlling the arena, a major reason the franchise came here rather than Columbus. That said, two years in Greensboro and many dark nights at RBC certainly take their toll. The Coyotes deal was only 1% of the sweet terms the Hurricanes brokered. Plus NC State needed a new venue, and Raleigh needed to correct the thirty year civic center mistake downtown.
  4. Borrowing from Saturday Night Live... The three step plan: 1) Shoot 2) the 3) puck! Way too much dancing around, looking pretty. They're skates, not ballet shoes. All the other "issues" such as knee to knees tend to resolve themselves among the willing participants as the series trundles along, no worries.
  5. Chasers Bar.....thats really the only sports bar on the island. Chasers is a good option, though lots of Boston sports related trinkets in there. After crossing the bridge onto the island, take the right at the traffic light and Chasers is a couple of blocks down on the right. Just don't confuse it with Chasers Beach Club, on the beach, and you'll be fine.
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