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  1. I wont be bothering you anymore, sorry for the trouble. Go Canes!
  2. I wont be bothering you guys anymore, sorry for the trouble. Go Canes!
  3. I wont be bothering you guys anymore, sorry for the trouble. Go Canes!
  4. We understand and agree to all the terms/requests in there. We're going to change the password so our pal in DC can't make postings. He's still bitter. Good luck to each and every one of you Caniacs (yes, we are jealous of you). Good luck to the Penguin fans (over the summer, we promise, we'll root for the Pirates except when they play the Nats, Mets, or Phillies.) In the end, all of us promise to root for the Eastern Conference, whoever represents it. Next year, when the Canes play one of the teams we root for, y'all are invited to meet one of us for drinks before the game. (Even you Penguin fans; if *edit* Cheney can shake Nancy Pelosi's hand, then we can shake your's.) LET'S GO HOCKEY! LET'S PROVE TO THOSE WHO THINK THE NBA PLAYOFFS ARE GREAT WHICH SPORT HAS THE BEST PLAYOFFS AND WHICH TROPHY IS HARDEST TO WIN!
  5. Let's get some pictures of the playoff beards on here. How about some of the female fans who have access to this board judge who has the prettiest beard? I'm betting some of you on here (I'm looking right at the wife of my Caps fan colleague) have better beards than Crosby. Letsgocanes2009 will donate $20 to the charity of either the Penguins or Canes in the name of the best playoff beard posted on here as of Game 2.
  6. Hey now. Don't ever throw this year's Canes under the bus. A lot of what you are going to blame the Canes for doing (or not doing) is the result of the talent of the Penguins. Don't ever toss the Canes under the bus. Last year, at this time, y'all were trying to figure out how the Canes missed the playoffs. Now, this season is a gift; what a memorable run. Look at the teams they have come through and look at how they came through them -- NJ (some of us are still bitter about this, but we blame Brodeur; he probably focused more on taking out Roy and the Canes were just more focused and better) then it was Boston who was the best team in the East from week 1. The Canes players have shown nothing but character and toughness. Sure, they play because they love hockey, but that extra spring comes from the cheers of the Caniacs. Talk about a testament to the people of Raleigh and Canes management -- Maurice came back and he's not like Billy Martin (had to dig on my Yankee loving colleague here). What we're saying - get frustrated with them but never, under any circumstances, stop cheering for them. Y'all are part of one of the greatest Eastern Conference Playoffs ever. For a great example of what y'all should do at the end of the series, even if the Penguins beat the Canes, find out what the Caps fans and Caps players did for each other at the end of that atrocious Game 7. Even as the Penguins were destroying the Caps, the fans stood for the final 2 or 3 minutes cheering. After the handshakes, the team and fans cheered for each other. It was one of the classiest things I have seen at the end of a hockey game. (Oh, Penguin fans, see if you can get the video of Ovechkin's handshake with Crosby and his handshake with Gonchar. He was congratulating Crosby and giving him encouragement on the next round in a way that surprised Crosby with how genuine it was and he was apologizing to Gonchar. From what we know of Brind'Amour, Staal, and company, they are just as classy.)
  7. Nope, we're not the same person. Bob Erry supports the Penguins and all with the password to "Letsgocanes2009" support the Islanders, Flyers, Caps, Rangers, Devils, and Rangers. It sickens us to remotely think about supporting the Penguins just as it surely sickens a Penguin fan to support one of the aforementioned teams. Bob's just a good egg and we support good eggs even if they root for Satan's Little Helper... we mean Santa's Little Helper. (Freudian slip, our bad)
  8. The Penguins are part of the old Patrick Division (DC, NYC, Philly). The fans of each team have a strong tendency to flame each other's boards and ruin the fun conversation that occurs between people who are fans of the team. By "strong" we mean, it happens before and after every game and during series it gets especially nasty. Penguin fans have also had a tendency to engender a lot of wrath from the fans of teams outside old rivalries. Some of the wrath is earned; some of it isn't. Part of the fun of the message boards is for fans to bond the way fans do.
  9. Y'all, take care of Bob Erry here. We're pretty sure he posted on Caps and Flyers' message boards during the first and second round. He does have class and is knowledgeable about hockey. Just watch, he'll praise the Canes and Penguins just as fast as he'll br critical of both teams. He's fair and likes hockey. Plus, when you provoke him, he's got some great and witty retorts. If Bob shows up in Raleigh for a game buy him a drink or two. (No sarcasm here; he's a good egg.) As for the Washington fans and the urinal behavior, it did not represent the city well. Apparently, the Caps' owner was pretty angry at it. Bob, any suggestions for Canes fans as to places to stay, pubs to visit, and things to do in Pittsburgh? We strongly recommend swinging by PNC Park if you get a chance. It's one of the top parks in MLB.
  10. Penguin fan, thanks for this posting. We've been waiting for a post to analyze to show the good people in Raleigh what you are about to do. Sadly, you didn't pull all the stops out. Perhaps, after game 1, you'll help us out with a better post? Let's take this apart. Firstly, we see the claim of that, without using the word "we" implies "we". "It's nice to be playing a team..." Penguin fan, as you in Carolina will soon see, believes the Penguins are an extension of him (or her) and will juxtapose on-ice success onto himself (or herself) and will then use this to define their identity. So, be prepared for a lot of "we" beat you and "we're" better than you. Secondly, they will make as many references to beating another team as possible. "despises us [there it is again, unity with the team, even though Penguin fan doesn't play for the team] for beating them all the time ... I'M LOOKIN AT YOU PHILLY AND WASHINGTON." This is a good sentence. Fans of teams in the old Patrick Division don't hate Pittsburgh because the Penguins beat them all the time. We hate their fans because of their fans' behavior. What you will see, as this sentence hints at, Penguin fan takes more joy in watching the Penguins beat another team than they do in the joy of a Penguins win. As this sentence demonstrates, a Penguin win will give them the freedom and feeling of right to attack every resident of Raleigh (or every person who roots for the Canes) as being inferior to Pittsburgh, Penguin fans, and the Penguins. How do you handle this? Well, there is the Ted Leonsis method. But, that just annoys them and they hire attorneys to sue ownership. Really, we don't recommend the Ted Leonsis method, even though it drives them insane. There is the Philadelphia/New Jersey method. But, the judges don't really appreciate it nor will your probation officer. The "Ivy League Method" doesn't not seem to work as well as you'd think. This method involves nodding your head, and thinking, "when it's time to fire people on the line, we'll just look for the people in black and gold and 'take care of this.'" However, unemployment only seems to empower them; it gives them more free time to tour the world with the Penguins. They use their stimulus money to purchase more Penguins' gear and Penguins' tickets. Thus, we recommend you treat them like the Chicken Pox. Don't itch them (ie, reply), don't let it annoy you (the more you think about them, the more they get to you) and just let nature take it's course (the series will, eventually, be over and they will leave.). Penguin fans, can you cut and paste some of your greatest hits from the Flyer and Caps message boards for us? It will help us prepare the Caniacs. Thanks!
  11. Don't get us wrong, we empathize with what you went through with the Sabres and their fans. I'm sure it was painful. We're just saying, all of us have, in some way or another experienced the Sabres and their fans. We've also lived through the Penguins and their fans. Trust us, the Penguins and their fans are worse. Take what Buffalo and the Sabres did to you and then multiple it. We're sure you will only take so much, but you don't yet realize how much you will be given. The Penguin fans, when pushed to a corner, will come out fighting with blows as low as they can get. The Canes will only take so much but they won't do the things behind the officials backs that are needed to beat the Penguins. The Penguins, as you will soon see, are the masters of slashing when the officials backs are turned; masters of the dive to draw a penalty; and masters of playing dead like a European soccer player until a five minute major is called. Remember, Mario Lemieux is the owner and he sets the tone for the franchise. Their fans follow this tone to the letter.
  12. Sabres fan is the Durham Bulls compared to what you are about to go through. Some other advice, if you start seeing questions from 'long time Canes' fans about how to get tickets, where to stay, etc., don't believe them. They are Penguin fans seeking to invade your city. Don't cringe when you start seeing an enormous amount of Pennsylvania license plates and Penguin flags. Finally, many of the people with Malkin and Crosby Jerseys also have Red Wing jerseys, Yankee jerseys, Red Sox jerseys, Patriots and Steeler jerseys, Celtics and Laker jerseys in their closets. They will hit you below the belt. Be prepared to be accused of being bandwagon riders and NASCAR fans. Penguin fans aren't terribly creative in their insults and they tend to accuse everyone of being a stereotype they read about online. Here is the best advice we can give you as of right now: consult with the Dukies to get ideas on what you can and should do during the games. Whatever the Dukies think of, do it. We're sure they can find a creative way of getting under Penguin fans' skin, Penguins' skin, and Penguin management's skin.
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