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  1. Mckee is a short term insurance policy. If he contributes his somewhat typical 65 games then the Pens got a heck of a bargain. Gonchar - Orpik Letang - Eaton Goligoski - Mckee/Lovejoy That is a probably as versatile a defense corps as you will find in the league. I haven't seen much of Lovejoy or Mckee so I can't really speculate on them, but the other five are terrific puck movers even though Gonchar gets all the publicity. Letang and Goligoski are really going to open some eyes this year. There is a ton of offensive talent in those two just waiting to explode. They also drafted 4 defensemen to replace Gogo and Lovejoy who will almost certainly get line spots in Pittsburgh barring some prolonged terrible play. So where do you guys think Seidenberg will end up? Will JR still try to keep him or is he going to be a Canadian next year like half the other free agents?
  2. That's the way it is right now. I think most GMs budgeted their contracts with the assumption that the cap would go up over time and give them some flexibility in their payroll. Now that isn't going to happen and players need to find a situation they are comfortable in and just get whatever money they can. I was thrilled the Penguins were able to keep Guerin (50%), Fedotenko (18%) and Craig Adams (17%) at reduced rates. Being able to sign Jay Mckee who last was making around 4 million per year for a tidy 800k is also looking pretty good for Ray Shero. Don't feel bad for Mckee though, the Blues are still on the hook to him for 2.5 mil this year, so he is really making 3.3 total. It will be interesting to see where Seidenberg ends up now and what kind of contract he might get.
  3. You can't have him yet! We aren't done with him. And the feeling must be mutual, because he took a 17% pay cut to sign a 2 year deal with the Pens. Adams is a terrific player and the Penguins are lucky to have him. He is like having a coach on the ice and best of all he finishes his checks! I was very pleased when the Pens resigned this guy as most thought he had earned a decent raise with his performance in the playoffs.
  4. All you hear when the Pens are playing in Washington or in Philly is the "Crosby sucks! Crosby sucks!" chant. It gets pretty old after awhile. Especially while he racked up 12 goals and 10 assists against those teams in the first two rounds of the playoffs this year. There was such a big contingent of Pens fans in Washington and you could hear them over the home crowd with a "Crosby scored! Crosby scored!" chant a few times during the series after Sidney goals. That brought me a smile because you have no idea the amount of animosity between the Pens, Caps and Flyers. It's pretty crazy. I never really understood why teams chant opposing goalie names as much as they do. There is a big difference between allowing a soft goal or giving up a goal that a goalie really had no chance on or had little chance to stop. I think I would prefer it if home teams chanted the defensemen names if they hang their goalies out to dry. At least that would be more accurate.
  5. You are right, there are a few names on there I wouldn't mind seeing in a Pens uniform. Paul Mara or even Sydor again. The Pens have about 2.5 mil left under the cap last I checked. Mara would be a decent replacement for Hal Gill. Gill is slow and was exposed for that once in awhile on dump ins. Not too bad though. He was invaluable as Fleury's personal bulldozer in the playoffs. I can't tell you how many times he politely "removed" Holmstrom, Franzen and Cleary out of the crease during or after the play. They never really seemed to want to mix it up with big old USS Hal Gill.
  6. I was always fairly happy that Pronger was in the Western Conference. He is widely regarded as the dirtiest player in the league. He fits the Broadstreet Bullies mindset perfectly. They definitely paid a steep price to get him. Lupul was lazy at times but two players and two first rounders is pretty nuts for a 35 year old defensemen. Long term I think this is a terrible deal for the Flyers. In the short term it's going to make them much tougher to play against in the playoffs. I am not sure their cap will let them get Bouwmeester after this trade.
  7. The Pens were red hot heading into the playoffs but Carolina was the hottest team in the league at the time in either conference. New Jersey was in a major slump losing 8 of their last 13 games heading into the playoffs. Boston has had a pretty good history of choking in the playoffs since 1972. The Flyers had 6 twenty goal scorers on the roster and the Caps were playing good at the time. Both of them have a nasty, physical playoff rivalry with the Pens. Complete mutual hatred. I was praying for the Pens to get either the Devils or Boston instead. I guess it turned out alright. I did get to use some of my favorite hockey jokes. You can't spell Ovechkin without choke and also how much I would miss Scotty Hartnell because players with http://www.flickr.com/photos/14093186@N07/3213732408/' target="_blank">permed, jheri curled orange mullets[/post] are few and far between. The Canes had Boston and Jersey and won both series on the road. To say either of those teams were better than the Canes is nonsense.
  8. Thanks. I don't feel bad for him. Every player signs with their team for a chance to win the Cup. His just happened to get more headlines due to the situation. He was a free agent. There's no reason he couldn't sign with whomever he wanted. Some Pittsburgh fans think the way he left the team was the problem. The Pens GM used early free agent signing time trying to sign Hossa instead of other players. I put that more on the GM than on Hossa. He could have put a deadline in place or allocated his time better in the negotiations. Hossa definitely hurt his value with his playoff performance though. He will probably lose years off a deal and millions off his annual salary. Not to mention a decent portion of the Detroit fan base is making him a top scape goat for the loss.
  9. The Flyers and Caps were fairly physical at times, but the Ducks and Hawks are much more physical. Detroit certainly had a tougher route to the finals than the Penguins. The West can keep sending battered teams to the finals and that's just fine with me. I'm an eastern conference and North American style hockey aficionado. I expect the Hawks to get really good in the near future. That is nuts about Lidstrom's injury though.
  10. The best MAF moment from after the game was during an interview someone asked him what he was thinking during the last second swarm of players around him. He replied "I said "Oh s#@t". And the guy doing the interview responded with a quick "Fair enough". He looks really exhausted in post game interviews and I think he needs a sammich. He seems to lose 10-15 lbs every playoff season. You are right, his face is all teeth when he is so thin.
  11. Sykora doesn't fit well with Bylsma's system. Satan either really. I would prefer they go elsewhere and we get some guys willing to finish checks. Talbot has taken Sykora's line spot, and I don't see that changing. There are several prospects in the minors waiting for playing time and I'm sure they will get every opportunity. Garon, Boucher, Zigomanis..... I am pretty indifferent towards them. I think Garon will get the chance to be a starter somewhere and leave. Gill might not get any offer more than he was already making. I would like to see the Pens keep him for around his current cost. Scuderi is due for a large pay raise. He is solid for a stay at home defender. Guerin and Adams would be nice to keep if the price is right.
  12. Thanks. Malkin had an outstanding playoffs and was a solid contributor with 8 points in the finals. He was as good a pick as any. Fleury would have been a good pick also. Heck that might have helped his confidence, but I think the Cup win in itself will silence the critics for awhile. He is a terrific goalie. He makes it an adventure sometimes but he was rock solid when it mattered in the games they needed. When Bylsma came in they were 5 points out of a playoff spot. The team was getting healthy too (Gonchar, Ryan Whitney). They responded by going 18-3-4 to finish the season and lock up the #4 seed. Trading Whitney for Kunitz and picking up Guerin and Adams gave them a terrific mix of talent, grit and experience. I loved watching this team. They were so versatile. Talent, speed, defense, physicality, goaltending, special teams..... they could win any game in just about any style of play that was needed. It will be fun to see what's next for this team. They are still very young. Talbot 25, Fleury 24, Malkin 22, Crosby 21, Staal 20. Ray Shero has 18 million in salaries coming off the books from UFAs to work with. Guys like Guerin, Satan, Sykora and Boucher will either take decent pay cuts or not be around. Of all the UFA's I would really only like to see them keep Guerin (reduced price), Fedotenko, Gill and Scuderi. I have also heard rumblings that a few players might be willing to restructure at a discount in exchange for an extension (Gonchar). Ray Shero is an excellent GM and I can't wait to see how he improves this team in the offseason. Maybe they can afford a big name winger like Hossa?
  13. I hope you are right. About the outcome, not necessarily the score. If the Pens win say.... 8-0 like they did to clinch the Stanley Cup against the Stars in 1991 I would be fine with that too. I have been sick the past few days and I'm not sure I am feeling up to an OT game. Very few are picking the Penguins to win and it would be nice to see the good guys win again despite being the underdogs. The Staal-Kennedy-Cooke line scored both goals for the Pens last game and they could very well be the secret weapon to winning the game.
  14. Yeah they aren't calling much these days. It sucks. When I first saw the Scuderi play I thought it was karma for the Zetterberg game one incident where he covered the puck in the crease but the replay showed that Scuderi never actually put his hand over the puck. The puck was pushed back to his left skate before he could get his hand over it and Fleury covered it there. It was nice to see the Pens hitting from the drop of the puck. The best way to beat the Wings is to hit them every chance you get. Fleury was clutch with that save on Cleary at the end. I can't say that I have a good feeling heading into game 7 but game 7's are always a roll of the dice. I think it's going to be a heck of a game. Is it Friday yet?
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