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  1. Sorry as a Pens fan I have to add a reply. The Pens made the playoffs 11 straight years. From 1990 - 2001, in that time period they won 2 Cups('91-'92), Won the President's Trophy in '93, made 2 ECF trips('96 vs Florida, '01 vs NJ, yea they lost both but....). So it's not like they were bad. It's very true, they did suck *edit* from '02 - until the Drafted Crosby BUT....take in consideration that until Mario Lemieux bought the team, they had Piss Poor ownership in Howard Baldwin(Mr. I'm gonna change the logo to that Pigeon/Corporate logo... after winning 2 Cups with the Skating Penguin, Mr. I just want $10million in Arena upgrades over a NEW Arena(before the Steelers got Heinz Field and the Irates got PNC Park)....what an azz face!!!!!) Can you tell I don't like him.
  2. Good game. For a minute I thought the Canes were gonna tie the game. The dump in, that took a crazy bounce was scary, that's the kind of stuff that Fleury has a tendency to allow to get past him. The Pens can really control a game when they want to BUT at the same time they can just look lost and uninspired. I too wish that the Ref's would be more consistant with the calls. After the Caps series I went and watched Pens/Devils game 6 from the 1991 Playoffs, HOLY COW ! Guy's would tackle each other to the ice/hook/slash and nothing would get called. Now if you sneeze on someone the wrong way, Ref "A" will let it go BUT Ref "B" will call it. Well here's looking forward to game 2. Good Luck.
  3. I'm curious as to if any of the old rivalries from the days in Hartford have carried over or has too much time passed? Montreal and Hartford alway's seemed to play in the old Adams Division playoffs. Boston and Hartford?? Kinda like it was a given that the Pens an Caps would meet in the Patrick Div. playoffs
  4. Thanks! I know they were trying to make the game more TV friendly but geez...LOL! I like the Snoopy/woodstock pic!
  5. Hi another Pens newbie here(geez another one...LOL). First off just want to send a Congrats on beating Boston. I've been a rabid Pens fan since 1980. My pap was a season tic holder and he took me to my first Pens game as an 8th Bday present and I've been hooked ever since. Yes I'm a Pens fan BUT I'm a fan of the NHL first and foremost. I enjoy a wide open north/south 7-6 game as much as I enjoy a 1-0 defensive struggle. I'm basically here for some good Hockey talk and to get the POV of opposing teams fans(good natured ribbings are expected...LOL). I do have one question though and I'm hoping a long time Whalers/Canes fan can provide me with a definite answer. I admit, I was P'od when the Whalers first moved to Carolina(not exactly a hockey hotbed back then) BUT you guy's/girls have really impressed me over the years! Anyway, my question is this. If my 36 yr old memory serves me correctly(if I'm wrong please correct me) when the team first moved to Carolina, I remember hearing a Q&A session with long time Whaler Kevin Dineen. One of the questions was "Why does the puck glow on the TV but not when I attend a live game?" Is there any truth to that ??? or am I just getting old and senile....LOL! Here's to a hard fought series(with the Pens winning of course...LOL). Thanks Caniacs!
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