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  1. While doing his "morning after" radio today, Chuck Kation happened to see Ruutu getting coffee. Said he was limping some and was then on his way with Pete Friesen. Probably for some treatment. Chuck also said that in speaking with Friesen last evening that some injuries look worse than they are when they happen. Hopefully (reading between the lines) we may see both players next game. I suspect we wont know much till tomorrow or Thursday when the players may skate.
  2. Very few picking the Canes. A monkey and a few others. Nothing different from the past. They all want to see the "darlings" in the finals again. I feel differently. It'll be a fun series to watch. Goooo Canes!
  3. Anyone in nhl.com's playoff challenge? I'm currently 28th out of nearly 90,000. Still have a chance to win.
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