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  1. Well, I definitely am not counting the Canes out after the first few games. There were points where they were dominant and, had they gotten a few more bounces (especially in game 1), things would be different. However, I think that Crosby and/or Malkin (whoever is not the main focus for your D) should continue to get chances. I am confident (or at least hopeful ) that the Pens will be able to steal one at RBC. I'm sure your fans will help the team, though; lord knows people at The Mellon are almost disgracefully quiet sometimes! At least you will have Coach Bill to bring your team bad...er, I mean, good luck Did anyone on here make a trip the Pittsburgh? There was a small group of Canes fans near me at both games and it looked like they were largely ignored, even when they stood up and cheered loudly after Canes' goals. Just curious
  2. Hi! (I know, I know, I'm sorry...another Pens fan ) Maybe the reason so many seem to be registering here is because you guys are actually civil and it seems like hockey is discussed here (GASP), unlike on the Pens' board... Anyway, I can honestly say that even if the Pens lose I will be OK with it. Our teams are similar in that they were the two hottest leading up to the playoffs, so I think they are the two that deserve to be here. The series will be, if not decided, then at least heavily influenced by goaltending--which you guys should be happy about, haha, although I have hope that Fleury can play better than last series. You also likely have the better Staal (hey! We have one too--they're brothers! Did you know that?!? If not, you can look at my screenname, and the Versus announcers will remind us all every couple minutes so that we don't forget. /sarcasm Seriously, I'm putting my over/under on any Staal mentions at 47, although that may be too low if the series goes for a while). Speaking of Versus, I saw people wondering why no games are on NBC. It could have something to do with the whole "big screen outside the Igloo" issue, if you guys heard anything about that. Basically, lots of people watched the games last year on the lawn outside the arena, and the Pens even opened the arena for an away game for charity. Well, this year NBC said they weren't permitting the Pens to do that, and "weren't aware" that the Pens did it last year (even though they had cameras out there showing the crowd during games). Needless to say, Pens fans weren't happy and started an anti-NBC email campaign to them and their sponsors, and were discussing if it was a home game on NBC, whether the Pens could use a feed from the Jumbotron (inside the arena) instead of NBC...etc., etc. May or may not have had anything to do with it, but with that and their biased/grating coverage, it doesn't upset me one bit. And about Cowher--it doesn't matter if he was lucky in the regular season; as I've seen other Pens fans say, Cowher is a pro at losing big Conference championship games at home. You guys can have him!
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