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  1. I can't say it enough Caniacs... GREAT SEASON!
  2. Welp, I really would have liked to seen this series go at least one more game, because I enjoy watching the Canes so much. I'm not sure what it was, but the Canes looked a little unprepared for the all, but one match with the Pens. At any rate, this team has come from way back to win many games and make it Eastern Conference Finals - that's a hell of a lot to be proud of. Stand up out of your seat and clap, this team has pushed the boundries, and give your new coach the rightful respect. I have a feeling we will see you guys again Next Year. Until then, well played mates...
  3. I didn't say it "is" the end for the Hurricanes, it was an "if" statement. I'm just giving you guys a high five... Cus I think you guys are severely under-rated and I've enjoyed watching you play this season... And for the record, Crosby is not the only "great" player on the Pens..
  4. I don't think either team will "straight" beat the other team, if you are referring as if it's going to be a complete beat down. Both of these teams are excellent...
  5. You're not helping to give Penguin fans a good name around here, what the hell do you mean by "weed thru my balls" anyhow? I'm here to understand the Canes fans, and compare them to our own - not here to troll, that was a stupid comment. I love the Pens, but... be a little more respectful when you're in the house of the opposing team. You sure as hell wouldn't say that *edit* if you were sitting in a room with 40+ Carolina fans, hell I bet you wouldn't even put on your Pens Gear in front of them... This series is only just starting to get good, that last game it was goal after goal for each team, neither team could shut the other down - that's what I call GREAT hockey by two GREAT teams. So if you have nothing constructive to say, keep a lid on it or as the Canes fans say.. don't come here boasting with glee, and rubbing it into the face of the team that got beat. Respect them, they are playing very hard against us - and unfortunately for the PENS - will continue to do. This series is far from over, but I will say this.. If the Canes give up a loss in their own stadium, it may be the end... But I'm sure they know that and are ready to play hockey, the crowd can really take away, and add to a teams game.
  6. Penguins are definitely not the NHL's worst team, history has proven this. Not sure what else to say here, so I'll just move on to another post to read.
  7. I think there should be some type of prevention of "finger uses" and "curse words" during tv broadcasts of hockey. I have two little girls, that are only 3 years old, but if they were older and understood such things - I would not be a happy parent.
  8. There is always controversy in the playoffs, and I hope by the end of this series both the Canes and Pens fans can respect one another, and the teams.. of course. So far there has been controversy over two goals, one where MAF was knocked into the net, and another in which MAF's stick was knocked out of his hand and the goal remained. Then there was the hit on Cole by Cooke, which seemed accidental to me, but so did the Ovie hit on Gonchar the last series, neither play was suspended. This is playoff hockey, it's going to get rough and tough. But I admire the fans of the Canes, and the Canes as a hockey team, and of course the same for my home team the PENS. At any rate, this series is still very early so cheers to a Eastern Conference battle of epic proportions.
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