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  1. so its ok for you to troll but not them? i dont get this
  2. His line played all of 5 minutes last night, but he assisted on a game tying goal I believe. So he's useful. Against a Pens team that can put up 7 goals in a game, any secondary scoring is appreciated. Especially when the Primary scorers aren't really getting it done.
  3. nail on the head. send a message by padding out a 3 goal lead and trapping, not crashing a guy while he touches up for an icing call after the game's been decided and you lost. Glad to see there wasnt a suspension handed down. Many teams, including the Pens, have had players get away with murder this post season. At least its consistent.
  4. It's just par for the course this post season. The pens Chris Kunitz should have been suspended for the crosscheck to Varlamov's head in the crease. All he got was a $2,500 fine. I bet Donald Brashear feels like he was totally hosed when he got suspended with some of the *edit* that has gone off without a peep.
  5. You're making some valid points, but keep it civil brother! 'Canes fans are NOT Philly or Caps fans. I have been here...watching... They know their team. They know the opposition. While there may be the occasional conspiracy theorist that values articles on the Bleacher Report more than Sports Illustrated, for the most part there is no huge Crosby/Penguins/Betteman conspiracy theory's on these boards. Mostly level-headed fans whp know what being down 0-2 means just as well as we did last series going down against the best goal scorer in the league and a phenom rookie goaltender. Had two or three other caps players shown up in that series besides ovechkin and varlamov, we might be the ones with golf shirts on. Those two alone put us on our *edit* down at first, 0-2 going back home... Like I said, you made some great points, but save the attitude for the eventual game where we get straight beat by the 'Canes. Cause it's coming.
  6. just to note: the mid-season coaching change might have been what turned them around, it also might have been getting kunitz and guerin..... but if you ask me, the real turn around started the day Gonchar came back into the lineup after missing the entire season up to that point. They only lost 3 games out of 20 after Gonchar came back.
  7. Well, if Chris Kunitz got the exact same fine for Cross-Checking the Caps goalie Varlamov in the face at the end of a game, I can't say I am surprised. The NHL wants these teams to play it out, and are unwilling to step in and hand out suspensions when guys like Kunitz, Ovechkin, Cooke, and Bayda make obvious plays with intent to injur. Especially Kunitz and Bayda, who "sent a message" in the final minutes of a game.
  8. He must mean this article- http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/decock/story/1534746.html -which I think is a breath of fresh air in this "the NHL wants the pens to win and so do the refs" environment that seems to follow the Pens around.
  9. Satan and Fedotenko are gone. They were bit players all year and never produced to the extent they were wanted to. Guerin is sticking around Boucher is not sticking around Gill and Scuderi are going to be resigned Garon can leave for all anyone cares. Fail to see ANY 'hossa'-like departures.
  10. Bandwagon? If you haven't noticed, the pens are the fastest growing team brand in the NHL. http://ballhype.com/story/forbes_penguins_fastest_growing_nhl_team_brand/' target="_blank">http://ballhype.com/story/forbes_penguins_...nhl_team_brand/[/post] Sean Avery would like to dispute that here we go...
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