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  1. Nothing to be ashamed of here. Not one single pens fan could have dreamed that the pens would sweep cause you were playing that well coming into this series. You were definately the best skating team we have seen in the last two Playoff seasons save for maybe detroit. Im sure this is only the beginning of many deep playoff runs for your team. good luck Canes and cane fans and have an awesome season again next year!
  2. As a Pens fan, I fully expect you guys to win this game anyhow. Pens always lose the first chance they have to eliminate a team, and the canes will be going beyond all out tonight. Either way a nice cheer would be a classy move on your part. Always support the home team.
  3. Exactly. human nature dictates that we naturally focus on the extremes thus every single pen fan who may have been out of hand would have been ten times more noticable than a hundred who didnt do anything wrong. every fanbase has a selection of noble honorable fans (except maybe philly, .................(jk)) , a selection of bandwagoners, a selection of out of control hardcore fans, and a selection of morons. Its unfair to judge all of them from any single example of the bad ones.
  4. If the pens close out the Canes, and detroit finishes Chicago then it will be very interesting to see how the coaching changes really affected these two squads. Last season the pens lost in 6 to the wings, But after the pens looked completely lost in the first two games, all the rest were 1 goal games one way or another. That means the pens, having lost two games by a goal each, were 4 goals away from the cup. In theory Hossa defecting from the pens to the wings should have made the wings much better than last season, but Staal, Crosby, and Malkin have all played much better this season and the younger talent around them have been at least as effective as the roleplayers the pens had last season. However, the loss of scotty Bowman, who last year scouted the pens for the wings and was instramental in formulating the initial gameplan that took the pens 2 games to figure out, may prove to be more troublesome than some think. Even more intreguing is the Pens coaching change, which moved them from Therrien's defense heavy conservative system that slowed things down and played into wings strong points (namely getting set on defense while the pens set up an offense, to Blysma's star driven attack first gameplan, which allows much more agressive behavior from the D and forwards alike. Also it will be interesting to see if Blysma allows gill to clear holmstrom out of the front of the net, last year Therrien was fully against any interaction in front of the net
  5. And by the way, if anyone had said about 2/3rds way into the season that these two teams would be the ones in the ecf they probably would have been laughed at. Very impressive achievement for two squads and coaches.
  6. teams from the carolinas are typically my second favorite teams since the carolinas would be my second favorite place to be outside of pittsburgh. I would have been fine had the canes taken out the pens, and who knows weirder things have happened than a team coming back from 0-3. Having said that, if the Canes do get eliminated, they still had a heck of a run this postseason. The team cant win a stanley cup every year and frankly getting to the ECF is no small accomplishment.
  7. The Pens have done this quite a bit this season. Even when Therrien was here they would at times get down a couple goals and he would begrudgingly turn them lose and theyd respond with a late goal or two quick ones. They have also often let the exact same thing happen to them quite a bit, though surprisingly they have a pretty decent record when it does. IMO trying to skate with the Pens has worn on all three teams they have played in the post season. Especially now that Blysma is keeping one of the top 3 centers on the ice 90% of the time, its very hard to consistanly play at the level it takes to keep up with the pens over the course of a period and or game or series. You can see teams getting tired at the end of periods and plain worn out by the third period. the lone exception may have been Ovechkin, but only because he simply doesnt play defense at all. There is a reason the pens and the canes have consistantly been able to come back from 2-3 goal deficits in the third period rather consistantly and that is the skating ability each has which wears teams down trying to keep up. the difference is whereas the Canes have one true young superstar to deal with the pens have 3 and have kept the pressure on the canes enough to have worn them down allowing these goal spurts. I dont think its something to be overly harsh to your team about. The pens have done it to Philly and Washington this postseason as well. They are just playing out of their minds right now. The Canes are a good team who just ran into a very hot team.
  8. The NHL should be handing out suspentions for this *edit*. Though I disagree about the above comment about eaton, clearly Cooke and Bayda should be gone for a game. This is going to one day lead to a star getting severly injured by a cheap shot late in a game. I think the fairest thing would be a suspension w/o pay for every game a player misses due to an intentional injury you give them.
  9. Pens coach Bylsma has been very effective matching lines so getting the last line change may help except that unlike the caps and flyers series, the canes have yet to find an effective matchup to exploit. Staals line had trouble with ovechkin last series, while Crosby's line was very effective against him. When the caps were able to get the matchups they wanted they won games, when they couldnt they were stymied. Forgive me but im not sure the matchups are that much of an issue this series. Honestly barring injury the canes may not be able to even this series unless their power play gets righted, because at this point the pens arent respecting it and getting way too many shorthanded chances.
  10. Im a big Pens fan, but if I were commish I would have suspended Cooke even if it was shin to shin. the intent was there... but then again, I would have suspended Ovechkin and walker last series. The NHL lets too much slide in the playoffs
  11. There are some shots a goaltender simply cant be expected to do anything about. Some rebounds cant be controlled, some screens cant be avoided, and some shots are just too well placed and fast to react to. Though I think ward has missed a shot or two you could reasonable expect him to save, overall he has made a lot of great saves. Id blame the team trying to play wide open hockey moreso than him. The thing is there arent many teams that can skate with or outskate the Hurricanes, but the pens are one of them. Unlike the Devils or bruins, if you try to play the stylke we have seen the last two games the pens will rack up a ridiculous amount of scoring chances and they have the skill to occasionally beat even a great goaltender.
  12. Let me clear up some points . first of all the pens in thelate 90's had a dillema, as previously posted owner Howard Baldwin, in a futile attempt to continue to assemble all star teams in the 90's, paid a lot of players major money that he simply didnt have. handing out Major Multimillion dollar contracts to a dozen of veteran players every year not only put the club in financial jeapordy, but also stifled development of talent in the organization resulting in Superstar talent like Markus Nasland Demanding a trade to get better playing time (they then put him on a line w lemieux to vamp up his trade value- little known fact) To get cash to pay for these move, baldwin agreed to a multi-million dollar payout to "fix" up meelon arena rather than get a new arena from the city like the steelers and Pirates did. A short term move that created a long term financial issue since mellon is simply not a prime revenue generating arena in the modern NHL. After lemieux retired and the team was financially unable to retain stars like Jagr, Francis, and straka, attendance dropped and The team was forced to declare bankruptcy due to its high debt. The team, even in its bleak years was generating revenue, even moreso than half the NHL, but had to pay back the massive debt from the 90's. (which the team did, even after bankruptcy... all the creditors got paid in the end) to do this they basically cut payroll for 4 years, until they were out of bannkruptcy. Point 2- Its not a well kept secret that even prior to the Lockout the pens management knew what was going to happen. The team had agreed with 9 other small market teams to not agree to any deal unless revenue sharing and a salary cap was in place. this allowed the pens management to go through with the salary dumping plan knowing that many big market teams operating with little care to the bottom line would not be able to sign all their talent after the lockout thus freeing up quality roleplayers and talent for teams with cap room Point 3- the pens were already trying to rebuild their defensive core trading for and drafting fluery, orpik, and Whitney in the cluch and grab era, but the also lucked out grabbing guys like Letang before anyone knew how valuable puck moving dmen would be in the new rules. Moreover, they completely lucked into Talbot, drafting him in the late rounds the year before he led major juniors in scoring and managed to sign him the night before he went back into the draft (where he would have been a first rounder) Point 4 The pens absolutly tanked the year before the lockout. Many media guys close to the team were not shy about talking of how the team thought it would have a shot at Ovechkin and if the league was locked out, that they would use the same draft order for crosby... what they couldnt have known was that Malkin would develop into a 5 tool threat and that losing out on ovechkin was actually winning. Having said that, they didnt try to tank the year after, when they signed a ton of busts and ended up with a lotto pick winning Staal#3 Point 5 for anyone who doent know, the crosby draft was not equal, three teams got 3 balls , another dozen had 2 and the rest had 1. The pens were tied for the best chance at winning it, but the rigged theorys are dumb because : A- the league really wanted him in new york, and every team got to send one guy to witnesss the drawing, which was audited by an independant audit group for validity.... (you dont think every other team wanted crosby as well) had this been rigged someone would have caught on, moreover Bettman was never that fond of Lemieux. look up how much Lemieux criticized him and his NHL and you will know those two cant be good friends at all. Having said all this, Im amazed how the team came together the way it did. Lots of luck and mistakes that turned out better than they should have.
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