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  1. Mrs. Spy Hunter's first comment was where are the flags. Despite going to games for 10 years with me, to this day the only icing she understands is what's on the cinamon buns. But she knows what the flags are because they are unique. Kinda makes you wonder who comes up with this stuff.
  2. Pretty sure the 13/14 discount has been 10% since the first round of cancellations The interest increased from 3% at the start lockout (9/16) to 5% with the first round of cancellations (10/4), which would be an increase from 4 beers to 6 beers on a 5K balance to this point Of course 10% next year means you are getting nothing against the 12/13 reg season for your troubles. FWIW once they started selling tickets for 05/06 they offered a 20% discount on top of any existing discount and interest you had prior to 04/05, it will take at least that to keep me around after 13/14, since again for 12/13 reg season they are offering........nothing
  3. Knowing whether they printed tickets or no would be a valuable clue as to how they were hedging their bets on the likelihood of a lockout.
  4. Your observation is a complaint that has been echoed by others, primarily in the mezzanine, for years. At least this year they stated that limitation in the renewal brochure. However, rather than make things easy on themselves by stating that exchanges and vouchers won't apply for the fanzone due to the extreme discount, they ramble on about it and bury that policy on the bottom of the ticket pricing page. Why they list this on the pricing page (which has no other references to vouchers or exchanges) instead of the STH benefits page (where they talk about vouchers and exchanges) is equally puzzling but after dealing with their ticket and marketing folks for 10+ years you just kinda expect things to be illogical. Your suggestion about providing an allowance against a higher price point and their response just continues that theme.
  5. We asked for and were assigned our regular seats in 127
  6. They'll be a sign in table at the VIP/Box office area. You don't need your postcard, they will have a printout of the appointments. Just give them your info and grab your paperwork From there you will be directed to the arena club or similar area for a briefing. That lasts a few minutes, then they will send you to the arena bowl. Even if the arena club is full, there probably won't be but a handful of folks in any given section. There will be ticket reps in every section in the arena bowl, once you pick out your seats a rep will complete your paperwork and direct you back to the box office to turn it in. Grab a free hot dog or 2 before handing in your paperwork
  7. You are assigned a session based on your seniority, i.e the longer you have been a STH, the earlier your appointment. Since this is your first season, you will almost certainly be near the end As for whether you can do better than "Q", hard to say without some more information. For example, do you want an aisle seat? How many seats are you looking for? I have attended SAS with many friends who signed up for a 26 game plan in LLS and there have always been plenty of non-aisle options available in the rows around "Q", give or take a row. There have also been many non-aisle singles much closer. I doubt you would do worse than "Q" though, even if your priority is at the end.
  8. Anyone's invoice come close to matching last years? We locked in last year but our invoice works out to 44-45 games. Either that or they added in an really expensive ASG ticket. Or they goofed up my invoice again.
  9. On the STH Ticket Exchange Progam page (which links from the email you received), there is no mention of the 48 hour rule under PostGame exchanges. The requirement is only listed under PreGame Date Exchanges. The only other PostGame restrictions fall under the "all exchanges..." bold clause at the bottom, of which the only one referencing some timeframe is the 4 hour on gameday rule. So of course earlier this season, after the first such email reminder, I tried to do a PostGame exchange within the 4-48 hour timeframe. Was told I couldn't do it, and the Box Office person would not look at the web page. They told blew me off with some lame excuse about not being able to resell the ticket unless they had 48 hours...blah blah blah. I asked the lady at the window how you would resell a ticket for a game played 2 months ago. I'd really like to know how they would pull that off. Her response was I should trade in a voucher. Huh? And my friends wonder why I hate going to the box office. When I sent the same complaint thru the account manager, I figured I would receive an explanation from Karen. Two and a half months later I am stil waiting for a reply. Since the thread topic is issues with current year promotions, here's another one: I tried to trade in some vouchers for a future game when my family would be in town. I went to the kiosk around section 108. I filled out the game they would be at and turned in the request. The guy manning the fort said I needed to fill in 3 games. I told him I didn't have any use for any other games. He told me I needed to fill in 3 games. I told him if the game I wanted was unavailble, just not to bother. He would still not take my request unless I filled in 3 games. I finally just took the envelope, put in the vouchers, sealed it, and walked away. Next season there will be one less STH for them to worry about
  10. The N&O redid their website about a week ago, which broke your old links
  11. Goodberry's used to sponser the Birthday Bash....anyone recall if did they still do that promotion with a different sponsor, was a done without a sponsor, or was it just skipped outright?
  12. The voucher page has been updated to reference the 2009-10 season. There are no blackout days listed (as of this posting). Otherwise, the restrictions seem to be the same as last season http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NHLPage&id=26604' target="_blank">http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?servic...ge&id=26604[/post]
  13. The way things work right now, crashing another SAS after yours is about all you can do to see if better seats are available. If there are seats you want, but are unavailable during your SAS time, you almost have to plan to do this. I used to make sure to tag along with a friend attending a later SAS just to have the opportunity to scope out what became available since the earlier SAS I had attended. Paid off one year as the aisle seats I wanted, but were unavailable during my SAS, freed up after my appointment. I did not have any trouble getting my seats relocated during my friend's SAS
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