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  1. Unfortunately, Legend, Brind'amour has already announced he is sticking around and despite never saying it directly it has been made pretty clear that Mo will be staying as well along with Francis if he wants to. Cole and Kaberle leaving need to both happen though in my opinion, because you are right: Staal desperately needs some help.
  2. I have always loved Cole, but lets just tell it like it is...The guy put up 19 assists and 2 goals in 35 games and was a -2. He had 8 of those assists in two blowout wins against Tampa and the Islanders. That means he had 11 assists and 2 goals in the other 33 games he played here. He had no points in the NJD series, and 2 in the BOS series. As the 'Canes went down the stretch, Cole got worse. In our final 27 games, Cole had a whopping 10 assists and 0 goals, 4 of those assists coming in the Islanders rout. The guy is awesome and I have always been a fan (I have a Cole jersey for goodness sake) but if we are going to be honest with ourselves those numbers are substantially worse than a guy like Brind'Amour (24 points after Cole's arrival, including 9 goals) who was playing at best 3rd line minutes. I don't see how you can take a guy who put up those kind of numbers while playing for a contract and expect him to be a top line player, or even a second line player. We all love Cole, and I know everyone is going to argue with "but he hits people and takes up space in front of the net and etc. etc." but in reality the money would clearly be better spent elsewhere so that Staal can get some help from someone who will actually produce.
  3. Not sure if this is right markymark, but from what Mike Maniscalco said yesterday on the radio it seems as though Babchuk only has two options: 1) Go back to Omsk for a year or 2) Play for the 'Canes without much, if any, of a raise. I like his upside, and he put up solid numbers this year as I mentioned above. I think he will be important to this team either as a player, or as a trading option. Keep him!
  4. I would say it is likely that LaRose and Ruutu both are resigned. Cole's future seems a little more up in the air, Seidenberg will probably end up elsewhere, and Babchuk will probably be sticking around. Lets assume for the sake of conversation that Cole and Seidenberg both don't come back. That leaves us with: Centers: Staal, Cullen, Jokinen, Brind'Amour, Sutter Wingers: Rosie, Ruutu, Whitney, Walker, Samsonov, Eaves, Bayda Defensemen: Gleason, Corvo, Pitkanen, Babchuk, Wallin Extras: Conboy has a 1 way deal, and you have to expect that at least one more of Dwyer, Ryan, Boychuck, Bowman, etc. will be around. So, as others have said, the obvious needs would be a solid second pairing shut down D man as well as someone to put with Staal as a scoring threat. As far as D men go, assuming we are looking to pick one up in free agency and not via trade, my list of players to choose from in no particular order would be: Bouwmeester- too expensive and likely not really an option at all...Mattias Ohlund- I like this option, assuming he does not cost us too much. He has solid size, was a +14 for Vancouver, and isn't too old...Hal Gill- Perhaps a year older than I would like, but adds some obvious size to our defensive corps and team in general which I would greatly appreciate. He doesn't bring much offense, but was a +11 this year...Paul Mara- Good size, and a relatively young guy compared to the rest of the free agent market. Admittedly I do not know a ton about him though...Mike Komisarek- Again, adds some size and would probably be an option...Ossi Vaananen- Another 6' 4" guy with solid numbers. Might be a little cheaper than some of the other options, but I'm not sure...Scuderi, Zanon, and Montador would be possible options as well, with Montador and Zanon perhaps being more economically possible...Then there is always the option of trading, but I do not know who we would try to deal for. In terms of a scoring forward...I like the option of Mike Cammalleri- 39 goals and 82 points last year, and would definitely be a help on the power play (19PPG) which we could definitely use. Only 26 years old as well, however would be another small forward added to an already small team...Marty Havlat- Slightly bigger than Cammalleri, and a solid scorer in his own right with 29 goals and 77 points. Probably not quite the type of firepower that we are looking for, but as a second tier option I wouldn't mind seeing him in a 'Canes uniform...In my opinion the Sedins would be out of the question because they will want to stay together and there is no way we could afford both, but if somehow we could lure one of them away I would be interested...Other guys I might be interested in although I doubt we would have the cap room for another forward signing would be Comrie or Sykora...And finally, what about Viktor Kozlov? I know he was a Capital, but the guy would bring us some much needed size up front and is not a complete oaf for his size. I wouldn't want him as the winger to pair with Staal of course, but I think he would be a solid addition if there is any way we can afford him alongside another winger. Thoughts? Obviously, I know very little about our cap room and the salary cap situation of the NHL in general. As a now 5th year young hockey fan, its nice to be on this board with some fellow Caniacs and hope we make some moves next year to improve this team! I would hate to see a repeat of '06 where we elect not to change a thing and it ends up setting us back for a couple of years. This team obviously overacheived, and if nothing is changed we will take a step back next year in my opinion. Lets go 'Canes!
  5. I have never been a huge Babchuk fan, but the guy had 16 goals this year and 35 points. That is a very solid scoring season for a 5th or 6th defensemen. Not to mention at a +13. The guy probably deserves a shot next year if we can sign him to a decent deal. Those numbers are solid, despite him noticably looking lost out there sometimes.
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