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  1. Hey I have 1 ticket to tonights game, sec 110 row Q, asking $30 for it.
  2. I'm really willing to make a deal on these just to see that someone gets to use them and they're not wasted
  3. I have 2 tickets for the 10/30 game against the penguins, the seats are sec 109 row R seats 11 and 12, I'm asking the face value of $75 a piece but I;m alos open to offers. you can message me on here or at gocanes6@hotmail.com
  4. added a few new sticks to my collection today: Cam Ward - Bauer, Manny Legace- Sher-wood, and I found a Tim Gleason Easton S19 that has Gleason 6 labled on it but on the tape it has a 4 wrote in sharpie so I'm guessing it was from the Olympics
  5. I have a small collection but i have a: Tuomo Ruutu autographed Easton S17, Eric Staal autographed Easton Synergy rookie stick, and a Chad LaRose autographed Easton Synergy i would like to expand my collection some if anybody has a Tim Gleason, Joe Corvo, Jussi Jokinen or the main stick i would love to find would be a Manny Legace as odd as that may sound. If anyone knows where I can get one of these please let me know. Thanks
  6. I'm extremely happy with manny and have even named him as my new personal hero and i have noticed a big improvement in his last couple of games and people can't expect him to step right in a fill cam ward's shoes or should i say skates but keep up the good work manny
  7. i live down in sanford and hardly a day goes by that im not wearing my canes hat or shirt or something and im still proud of the team and to call myself a fan and what really ticks me off was last night i was in section 308 and this guy was always putting the team down and didnt bother to say anything to his kid as i had to listen to him say the team was a bunch of losers over and over and also this one older man who at the end of the game stood up with his arms raised and shouted yeah we still suck. im sorry but to all the fans like this do the rest of us a favor and stay at home or sell your tickets to someone else who may wanna come to the game and once this team starts back winning dont jump back on the band wagon cause your support isn't needed.
  8. i was at practice today and does anybody know who was filling in for leighton
  9. is #2 the newer jersey with the red pin stripe or the older one without the stripe
  10. besides gleason and ruutu i would also be interested in a larose, ward, staal, jokinen, walker, or cullen
  11. oh almost forgot i would also be interested in a jussi jokinen stick as well and possibly a staal
  12. hey im new to this and was wondering if someone had the time could make a sig for me with gleason, ruutu, and larose it would be greatly appreciated
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