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  1. Sorry for any confusion. Joni is planning to return soon. Ruutu was skating and doing drills, but I have no update regarding his return to the ice.
  2. Saw Joni at the STH party yesterday. He was skating with Ruutu, and I was able to speak with him during the autograph session. He said that he's "feeling good" and hopes to be back soon. I asked "how soon", he just smiled and said "soon". I was impressed with his interaction with the fans. Good guy.
  3. Can somebody please offer their thoughts regarding the forwards? Which players may be ready to compete for a spot with the Canes next season? With free agency looming, it would be nice to learn which of the younger guys may step up. Thanks.
  4. While he wouldn't be my first pick, Jeff Halpern would be much better in that role than Saku. I would prefer one of these guys as the 2nd/3rd C, and they all made less money than Saku last year: Matt Cullen 32 OTT $2,800,000 Tomas Plekanec 26 MON $2,750,000 Matthew Lombardi 27 PHO $2,350,000 I'm not saying the money or interest is there for any of them. These are just guys that I would prefer over SK.
  5. While I cannot opine as to the price, I agree that Vaananen and Kalinin are 2 of the most intrguing d-men currently available. If JR truly believes he will lose both DS & AB, I would like to see some interest thrown at those two. I think they both have huge upsides. However, I have yet to read anything that mentions the Canes talking to them.
  6. While I agree with some of the others that would like to see Vaananen, what about Dmitri Kalinin? I admit I have yet to read of any interest from JR, but why not? Yes, he may have some injury concerns, but he could be a top 4 guy. He's only 28, relatively physical, and he made just over $2M last year. Carolina has to be an upgrade over Phoenix, right?
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