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  1. Pre-season or not----shoot out or not----ANY day we beat the Caps is a good day ! Lindholm, Nash and Gerbe were the scorers ! (And Gerbs and Skinner in the shoou out) GO CANES !!
  2. Won our first pre-season 5-3. Skins with 2 goals, Nordstrom, Hainsey/Staal ?tip-in, and an empty netter with 2 sec. left. We'll take it ! Good to listen to Chuck again, but I'd rather watch it.
  3. Well-----while I don't start GDT's, I always make sure I comment once or twice on each one, because I watch all the games. I plan to keep doing that. (good play or less so) Here's to a great fun season. GO CANES !!
  4. I've been reading the boards regularly---but have been quiet all summer. I love the GDT's, but have always hated starting them. Good option to use M.Smiths to start if no one signs up. Looking forward to a new season ! TSA- glad to see you back. I wondered where you went. GO CANES !!
  5. The Sens just clinched a spot---so either Boston or the Pens will sit it out this year. I dislike both so it matters not to me---but it gives me a chuckle.
  6. I feel so badly for Cole---I know he wanted to make another playoff run. But I also think he has been lucky to have played as many years as he has been able to, after that initial injury, (and thus earned as much money for his families future) I am a " glass half full" sort of person.
  7. I think Skinner is having trouble working consistently in BP's system.
  8. Rem--I think the answer to your first question will become evident next year, as RF will need to decide about re-signing E or letting him go.
  9. Blue devil58--How do you define "production" when you talk about Staal, Staal, Skinner, Semin and Gerbe? I think Gerbe has given us his all the whole year. He who is ht/wt compromised has to work twice as hard as others-----and he has. I don't think he has ever been projected to be a great finisher, or a sniper, but his goals have come at opportune times. He also creates havoc in front of the net, and he is fast and tenacious. Not all worth to the team shows up on the score sheet. As to E. Staal--I see a difference this year. I did not see the petulant poutiness and rampant taking of frustration penalties we saw last year. He seems to be embracing the structure the coach is building, and I think he is working more into the leader role in his willingness to clearly work to develop some of our young ones. Again, these things, in terms of worth to the team, do not show up in his goals. Is he worth $9 mil? Don't know--but I guess we will when it comes time to renew his contract , if it is renewed. Jordan was never projected to be a high goal producer. His worth to the team is that he is a great defensive forward---and holds other teams big shooters off the score sheet night after night. Skinner, Semin--yes problems this year. As to the coach teaching more offense--- BP has been consistent in pushing for more net front presence. Our younger guys and the fourth line seem to be more regular in doing that.......hence we have gotten some good secondary scoring this year. Some on this board seem hung up on the size of some of our contracts. Past management made those deals. We seem to blame the players.? ! ? We need to work on the D next year since we traded away half of it. Okay--I will shut up. Got wordy---end of the season, and we are bored!
  10. I think if we see Lindholm (only) as a bright spot---we are overlooking the largest bright spot, THE COACHING STAFF : Peters has done what he said he would do. He has hammered his style of play, his system if you will,-without apology. He has held guys accountable, and benched or cut ice time, like he said. Roddy has worked hard with the PP and we have seen improvement. The D coach has the PK humming. The goalie coach helped Cam turn around his play--most noticible the glove side. BP has already formulated thoughts about each player going forward, and I think RF will listen to him and work with him. I would also add---Rask, the pickup of Nesty and Faulk"s improvement as bright spots. Just my $.02
  11. Tough crowd-----so we trade our best players if we get an offer----and then wait another 3-4 years of re-build to get playoff ready? What do you think that will do for the fan base? The whole re-alignment has been stacked against small market teams, especially in the East. I am all for changing the "culture" of JR. But that effort has to be balanced with having skill on the team. If we try to build that from the draft and bit pieces, that will take time. Look at the Oilers. Key veterans are needed to balance out with the young, skilled up and comers. I am glad smarter minds that me, and maybe some of you----are working on the long term plan.
  12. The coach is instituting a good system and makes players accountable. He has them playing a great brand of hockey that is fun to watch again. (No one expected Jordan to be down for 1/2 the season but it impacted our standing in wins/losses in the early going.) Except for Semin---all the negativity about the core group is very strong on this board--- but I disagree. (Would like to see Semin's bloated contract gone so that we had funds for another piece or two.) Other than that, I fail to see the wisdom of trading players just for the sake of "doing something". Unfortunately we got rid of a great defenseman, and I think replacing him will be more difficult than we think. But he was offered a chance to stay and didn't take it so RF needed to get something for him, and he did. I am not in the camp of trading Cam or the Staals--that situation will play out next year as Cam's and Eric's contracts wind down. So I voted for #3 in the poll above.
  13. I have not commented on this thread lately. The "frustrated fans" who bail on the team will be back on the band wagon when we start winning. Given the burdensome nature of some contracts------and the length of time the organization has tolerated mediocrity, I think we need to back off and cut RF some slack. It will not be until the beginning of his third season (2016/17) where we will see his long range plan start to take shape. (# 12 and # 30 will be at the end of contract. Semin will have more time to resolve issues once and for all, one way or the other. Skinner will mature and play better as a teammate and defensively, or will be traded, etc.) But RF has hired a good coaching staff--including the goalie coach--who are beginning the process of accountability, faster starts, better special teams etc. We see these things with our current team playing more consistent and unified and fun to watch hockey. I think Bill Peters is a coach with a huge upside! The scouting group has expanded---so no matter where we end up in the draft selection, I think we will get better picks than we have in the past. Bottom line--while this thread is trending in a short sighted direction, focused on who to trade now and what draft pick we get this year----I see lots of positives for the long haul. That is just my $.02. But what do I know? GO CANES !!
  14. There was an article on NHL.com about a week ago where Bettman was addressing "relocation rumors", and he said there were no relocations coming in the foreseeable future. He specifically mentioned Arizona and Florida (no mention of us) and said they were staying where they were. (Article was in NHL news around Monday Dec 8 or 9, about the time the Ottawa coach was fired.)
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