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  1. I agree with you remkin, that shopping the scrap heap is not a long term solution. But i would rather have JR and his bargain hunting style then Glen Sather and the New York Rangers- go into rebuild, only to sign veteran talent (Holik, Jagr, Gaborik), and utterly fail to fix the actual problems his team had. Having said that, in principle you are correct, but i would not want to pin my hopes on "that free agent". Lets just build from within. The talent we currently have is something that most teams envy. I say sign some role players, but not a guy who is brought here with the intention to totally revitalize our team. Let the prospects do that.
  2. Go for the best person available. No ifs ands or buts. Even if we have a million of that person, if it comes down to a good d man and a great forward, fo with the forward. Or vice versa. But if I were GM< i would not go for team needs, but for the best talent available
  3. next season on opening night win we could always bum rush the ice
  4. Allright, this is getting absurd. I am sure that no one here will disagree when i say that, while playing with Staal/Ray on the tope line, Jokinen is an absolute goal scoring machine. He plays almost like Teemu Selanne, getting into the scoring zones undetected, taking that pass/rebound/misplay and whacking it in for the goal. When playing with Staal/Ray, Jokinen can do this, because the other team denotes most of their atention to the aforementioned two, and because they have the ability to get in the zone, and set up play so Jussi can work his magic. Playing with Suter and Ruutu, who are "go in, do damage get out" type players (to me at least) is totally counter productive to what the Juice can do. Which begs the question; Why is he on the Second line, and not the first. A- The coaches do not see Jussi's potential as a goal scorer (I call this one- he is leading the team in goals right now and has not scored in forever) B-The coaches are trying to throw games, but moving Staal/Whitney off the top line is too obvious C-The coaches are trying to spread the scoring around, so that the opposition does not have to only focus on the top line (which was a problem with Juice/Staal/Whitney) D-The team is going to resign Jokinen this offseason, and they do not want to pay him gargantuan amounts of money, esp. with Staal inked for so long and so much. Hence, they are limiting his productivity (YAY Tin Foil Hat and Homer Glasses) I for one do not understand why LaRose gets the call up before jokinen, which leads me to believe that they are looking to spread around the scoring. But its not working. Move Jussi to the top line NOW so he can hit that glorious 30 goal plateau! To me, he has proven to be that top line winger we so desperately need
  5. Quick atlantis, take it back! You have obviously jinxed my favorite player! (or maybe its the playing on the second line, who knows?)
  6. [quote name='MarkyMarkNC wrote: playwithpride']Eric Staal may rack up points but it drives me crazy to see how many game/plays he just mails it in. He is not a leader and I just can't understand why you would make a C out of a guy like that. If he is the future (gulp) then put him in a position to win, don't ask more than he can give. I would rather have the other Staal because he appears to care and plays hard all the time. Does our Staal score? Sure. Does our Staal grind in the corners and race down the ice? You will answer no if you are honest. He seems to be motivated for a game or so and then just cruises along for another few. I wish we could trade him for a guy with a little fire who was willing to earn his wage EVERY game he plays. I thought this was a Defensive Rant thread, not an Eric Staal Rant thread. Its because the moderators got sick of all these we hate "insert whipping boy here" threads, so they made it so that you had to post 30 times before you can start a thread. Three things 1. A lazy staal is still far and away the best player on our team 2. I dont blame him for phoning it in, assuming he is capable of doing such (which i doubt) because there is no way we are making it to the playoffs this year. 3. On Team Canada, they had scoring talent coming out of their rear ends. The Carolina Hurricanes Organization does not. Thus, while a Team Canada can have Staal in a physical, checking role, the Carolina Hurricanes Organization needs him to score. Which he does. ALOT Dont trade Pitkanen. Using only the fact that i have watched every game this year, I conclude the Pitkanen is our best defensmen on the ice, most of the time for both teams. Please stop beating a dead horse, and pick a new whipping boy. I think Picard is starting to come into style
  7. Guys- you realize that if Joni Pitkaten (avg. ice time against Boston 27 minutes) played with the energy of, say, Picard (TOI, 15 minutes) starting at the begining of this season, then he would have been dead by thanksgiving? Honestly, its not that hes lazy, its that he knows he has to conserve energy- you dont go full tilt every shift if you have to play 15 more that night. I understand that last night was upsetting, but blaming Pitkaten is blaming the wrong guy. We traded all but two of our defenders that started the year with us! Last night, they played like a D-Corp. that had only played a couple of games together, which is true! Just because Pitkaten conserves energy and is our #1 d-man does not mean he is lazy
  8. I say do almost everything necessary to get the number two pick- then we will either get Hall (1st line winger) or Seguin (better Matt Cullen). Im leaning towards Seguin, but thats for another topic. Resign Pitkaten and Jokinen to identical in length contract extensions- they may take a discount to continue to play with each other Offer Whitney a 2 year, 3.5 million deal. If he doesnt bite, let him walk Offer Samsonov as trade bait Ask Rod to retire- we signed the contract, and if he feels the need to fufill it, then so be it Shop Dwyer and LaRose (get rid of one, pref Dwyer) lines for next year (assuming my dream comes true and we get Seguin) Jokinen-Staal-Whitney Ruutu-Sutter-Cole Bowman-Seguin-Boychuk/Tlusty Samson/Osala-K-Stop-LaRose With this we have three very good scoring lines, as well as a gritty energy line with some scoring promise
  9. your probably right, but the thing is, there are only around a dozen players in the league right now who can do the things they do without talented teammates. DONT END MY JUSSI PARTY!! Hat trick tonight!
  10. [quote name='Portisfreak wrote: caniacbeej']As bad as the bottom tier teams are which of them is going to be willing to trade away their early pick. I don't see this as a year where much dealing will be done to get more picks. All those teams IMO will want to keep themselves in the top 3 or 4. I'm sure they feel they need immediate impact player from their draft position. I had to think about this a bit and came to the same conclusion. Look at the Oilers and Leafs: Especially with their latest moves they are in a position where they have to add a serious franchise kind of forward. Looking at the draft, where there are Hall and Seguin at the top, both teams WILL keep their picks and go for one of'em, there's no way they would give up on it. The only thing I might see is that one of the teams will get out of its slump, and lets say maybe the Islanders would move into 2nd draft position. That's where I could imagine they could move their pick because they may be looking for a defenseman instead of a scoring winger. Still, our pick maybe too low at the end to land a guy like Fowler, as we continue to gather points. Sadly, I think we'll have to be pleased with whatever 1st round pick we will get in the end, without too many hope to move up whether by trade or through the lottery. But, maybe, we could acquire an additional mid 1st round pick by giving up some of the deep picks we acquired shortly, I think that's the most realistic and still very good scenario.I agree with this assesment, but i also think that JR is going to move heaven and earth to secure the number 2 pick. Its just a vibe, but i think that JR really wants Tyler Seguin bad. And i agree- from what i know, Seguin is like a mini Matt Cullen! Just a vibe though, i cant back it up at all (cept for the obvious preference we give to Plymouth Whalers in teh draft- Crhis Terry, Michael Jordan, Chad LaRose)
  11. JUSSI WATCH!!!! Jussi Jokinen is just a mere 5 goals away from hitting that great standard of 30 goals. Just thought I would bring this post back to the top, b/c Jussi is now far and away my favorite Cane. Also, Jussi is only 8 goals away from matching the best goal production by one Justin Williams. Go Jussi! Bring to us what JWilly left
  12. I think there is a good chance we will get it... Bettman promised us a game within 5 years at the begining of the decade. Plus, he wants to spread the NHL down south- what better way than an All Star Game?
  13. For some reason, all the Finns that come here have great sucess. Its really great! I am confident that Jussi is the new winger for Staal. Jokinen is smart enough to slip into a position where the other team wont notince him because they are focusing on staal. Look at his goal in the Panthers game; Both defensemen and the goalie saw Staal, thought "Oh !@#$" and tried to block Staal. Im rambling, so basicllly i am very excited to see Jokinen/Staal next year, flooring the gas pedal By the way, do you have any reason why Jokinen was snubbed for the Finnish team> No one here has any clue why that happened,but most are really P.O'ed about it. Thanks
  14. Assuming that Ray Whitney will be traded for a top prospect and a first round pick, then the two prospects I would be exuberant to see wear a Canes sweater are Matt Lashoff (Tampa Bay) or Simon Despres (Pittsburgh). Both are well developed prospects projecting to be Top-4, shutdown D0men (though Lashoff has some offensive upside). Here are their hockeysfuture links Despres http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/simon_despres Lashoff http://www.hockeysfuture....eams/tampa_bay_lightning
  15. Cullen Sabres Mar 3 Whitney Pens Mar 3 Yelle Blackhawks Mar 2
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