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  1. I'm sorry I didn't mean that I was showing him that stereotypes are often misleading and wrong (As in because you dislike rap and am from NC that means you are a racist - Negative stereotype which is just as wrong as saying all rappers solicit violence and drugs). And saying that the Hurricanes don't want to support this rapper because all rappers are involved in drugs, beating women, and murder is indeed a negative stereotype. Maybe I'm reading the article wrong but it would seem this guy did indeed comply with the cease and desist orders by changing his website and they are suing him now because his album cover shows him in a Canes jersey.
  2. No no, I was just stereotyping because you dislike rap. And Beniot didn't just die he brutally murdered his whole family. He was on steroids, in fact most wrestlers use steroids (drug use). Personally I don't even like Rap however I just find it in bad taste to look at a Rapper and automatically assume "Oh he must be affiliated with drugs, beating women, and gang related violence". Just as I would find any negative stereotype in bad taste. I mean he was rapping about a hockey team, you think that is going to boost his street cred? Rap is a venue of entertainment just like wrestling.
  3. Then you don't read the news. Google Chris Benoit. Like I said before nice Stereotyping... You bring a great name to North Carolina Grand Dragon. And people don't take rapper seriously, please tell me last time that a rapper was accused of beating a woman, killing eachother, or killing a cop. Their music is solely for entertainment purposes, just like Wrestling is. Your own argument says it all, if rappers were real about what they said then there would be fatalities every other week.
  4. They don't want to be attached to the rapper and yet they played it at games and used it in commercials... hmmm. One of the Canes biggest icons is Ric Flair who represents a "sport" which consists of pure violence, sex, and deceit. And sorry but a rapper singing about a hockey team just doesn't seem like the thug type, nice stereotyping though... On another note though on songs they play at the arena of questionable content... Almost ever game after we get scored on they play a really obscure song by The Used called "All That I've Got" and I have never heard anyone mention it or maybe just no one notices it but sometimes they let it play for like a minute and it get's to a part where the singer says "So deep that I didn't even scream *edit*". It's obscure, I used to listen to the band years ago which is why I know that but they definitely do not bleep it out. Anyone ever notice? Someone in the booth must be a real "The Used" fan, they use their music all the time. Heres a link to the song, you will definitely recognize it. Just fast forward there is a long entrance. ''> ' target="_blank"> [/post]
  5. That song is 100 times better than that god-awful "What's the name of your team" song. Though I'd probably rather hear nails on a chalkboard for hours than that song for just one second. Shame on the Canes though, this guy doesn't seem to be asking any compensation, he is not suing the Canes. He just looks like a fan who wants to be affiliated with the Canes and ties that into his music. The Canes are suing HIM for compensation, pretty low brow move... Are the hurting for money that bad? The article says "the franchise has been damaged by the unauthorized use of trademarks.", I'd really like to know what "damage" has been caused. How much money do they even expect to get?? I think they are going to be hurt far more from the bad publicity they are receiving right now, I've never heard of this issue but I googled the name of the guy and tons of pages came up with people stating their dislike for what the Canes are doing. I would bet this guy is even happy this is happening because everyone seems to be on his side and he will get far more publicity as a rapper from this lawsuit that he ever would without. What a joke.
  6. My recommendation would be to call about 2 days ahead of time and ask them. I'm sure they will be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for!
  7. Mostly Meth or Crack... Though I must admit I still can't seem to get the buzz I'm looking for. On a more real note I'd be more than happy going into the season with our current roster if they are planning on swinging a deal at the trade deadline with a team that is not going to make the playoffs and have a UFA that will not resign with the team (Frolov or Kovalchuk). Please!
  8. Going out on a limb here with a bored-to-death-induced crazy idea... 1) Leave the team as it is 2) Play a good enough season to lock into a playoff spot 3) Trade for Kovalchuk at the trade deadline when Atlanta is far out of the playoffs and know they will lose Kovie to Unrestricted Free Agency anyway 4) Hello Stanley Cup Kovalchuk would have to be crazy to sign an extension in Atlanta and he will probably be the hottest player around at the trade deadline, Atlanta will have to deal him to bring back something for him just like they did Hossa a few years back. He will be picked up by some team and that team will be amazingly set for the playoffs. Plus at that point we could afford him as we would only have to pay him for the remainder of the year (About $2 million or so) and usually about that time of year we are just about the only team in the league good enough to make the playoffs with that kind of cap room.
  9. I think Cam is a great goalie, he is just still very young at 25 years old. He could very well easily develop into a top-5 goalie in the league, he has the skill which is obvious by how great he is consistently in the playoffs where the true stars shine. I just think in the regular season he goes on slides because he is still learning how to deal with having a bad game. Sometimes things just don't go his way and I believe he lets it get to himself too much which is quite normal among goalies. If you look at the difference between who I would say are arguably the top 5 goalies in the league (Brodeur-37, Lundqvist-27, Luongo-30, Backstrom-31, and Nabokov-34) and Ward is just 2 or so more seasons of experience to get that consistency and elite goalie mindset. Marc-Andre Fleury is the same way (24 years old), he is a pretty good goalie (Although I would pretty confidently say not as good as Cam) but he definitely has had some horrible slides every year since he became the Pens starter including last season.
  10. I'm excited to see how he turns out in the AHL, he is such a fun goalie to watch with his unorthodox style. He was pretty amazing in the OHL (2 consecutive goaltender of the year titles) and his highlight reel is just ridiculous, pure athleticism.
  11. Did anyone watch the "Ward's Best Saves" video? Do they even know who Cam Ward is? The opened it AND closed it with shots of Leighton skating around without his helmet on and half the saves they showed were indeed Leighton. They need to do a little more research
  12. I think assuming Jokinen/Samsonov/Larose we're third line wingers that any one of those could step up on the top-2 lines easily. Samsonov played first line most of the first half of last season alright and Jokinen showed enough promise in the playoffs to warrant a chance. Larose probably would be better off on the third line but it seems he has a ton of chemistry with Cullen. I think Boychuk and Bowman are gonna put on a good show in training camp and they will also be solid call-ups to get some top-6 experience and fill gaps if injuries occur.
  13. 1. Washington - Maybe if Varlamov can keep up playing real well, goaltending always seems to be their problem. 2. Boston - Assuming they can keep Kessel, will fall lower if they can't. 3. Pittsburgh - Will definitely lose steam with the loss of Sykora and Satan. Guerin is getting old. 4. Philly - So many good young stars still getting better (Richards, Giroux, Carter, ect) 5. Carolina - Goes without saying, we play our best when underrated. 6. Rangers - Good addition with Gaborik, I think he will finally stay healthy for a season. 7. New Jersey - Always a contender but they lost a lot more than they gained. 8. Tampa - I'm predicting a good year from Tampa, especially if they can pick up Tanguay. Stamkos will have a great year, Hedman will be playing, and Lecalvier/St. Louis should help out. ---------------- 9. Florida - Who knows they might make it finally this year. 10. Ottawa - Another close but no cigar. 11. Montreal - I'm thinking their smurf line will turn out bad 12. Toronto - At least they won't get scored on 13. Atlanta - Kovalchuk counting down the days, how amazing would he be as Staal's winger (dreaming) 14. Buffalo - Maybe they will be better if Miller can stay healthy and Vanek shows up. 15. Islanders - They are on the Pittsburgh plan, suck horribly for 3-5 years... get the overall first/second pick in each of those years... collect superstars. Our division sure looks a lot tougher this year though... Washington, Tampa, and Atlanta all got a lot stronger and Florida could be much better if they pickup a good forward and Horton has a better season.
  14. Varlamov will most likely be their goalie but he won't be nearly as amazing once everyone figures out his weaknesses and tendencies. There is no possible way they could pick up Zherdev without making serious cap moves though, they are currently $1-2 million over cap...
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