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  1. Win win. YouTube cancelled my FX sports so I can't watch anyways. And Gives th Canes time to heal.
  2. WOW! So will the current President Trophy holder be the Stanley cup champ? 🤣
  3. Ruh roh. I'm sure there is much truth as to the severity of the situation and it merrits a high level of concern. No doubt. But part of me also believes there is alot of fear mongering going on due to our societies' morbid obsession with the end of times, and zombies (for the sake of ratings).
  4. Several games tonight with playoff seeding implications, and valuable points on the line, on tonight's scoreboard. Like to see the 'Nucks hold serve at home for starters and us WIN, and WIN BIG.
  5. Turbo off the top line? Not criticizing, just curious why ya'll think so? Is there something I'm missing?
  6. More help tonight. This is being served up on a silver platter for us. Can we take advantage?
  7. And getting pounded. Talk about not starting on time. Yeesh
  8. These guys better start playing EVERY game like it means they get to the dance, or sit at home in April.
  9. I want to see Dzingel with Trocheck and Foegle. Don't ask. I just do. Edit: Let me back this a little. I think Staal, McGinn, and Nookie have had abysmal seasons IMO. You could throw Nino in that as well. I get the big body checking line thing with Foegle/Staal/Nino, but he has a nose for the net with speed and size. Gritty. Reminds me of a poor mans Cole. Dzingel has actually amassed a decent amount of points while being on the "4th line" quite a bit. He clearly has skill. Any takers?
  10. I thought Trocheck demonstrated some flashy stick handling stuff last night, and had some good chances. Looked decent and I think he will be a good fit once he gets comfortable. But what do I know he may resent the trade and request to be traded in the off season.
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