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  1. sleekfeeder

    In-season trades and player moves

    Well that replaces one of our highly touted " 5th overall" picks. I can't believe we only gave them Rask. Wow.
  2. sleekfeeder

    In-season trades and player moves

    Called that one. WOOOOO!
  3. sleekfeeder

    In-season trades and player moves

    Send him to MIN to go play with his brother again. Send Faulk with him, who was a Duluth Bulldog. Get Nino Niederreiter. Maybe take a contract. It all fits. Done.
  4. Look I'm not saying she's Uber hot. I'm just saying she's little temptress that sells b***r pills, and's what we have. (And of course inspirational) Everyone has different taste in women. She's ours Caniacs. Enjoy. BTW - How sweet would that be if she showed up at a game and sounded the siren, or dropped the puck? Instant standing ovation.
  5. Some ham is better than no ham.
  6. Hot or not, I think the entertainment she has brought to the group this season is something we will remember and the commercial is such a great euphemism for what the Canes need sometimes. Ironic that they always seem to play it during the second intermission when the boys need to "get up" for the third period no?
  7. sleekfeeder

    In-season trades and player moves

    I'm thumbsing up everyone because both good points are being made on both sides and I have no clue what the heck to do.
  8. sleekfeeder

    In-season trades and player moves

    Yea intangibles aren't measured on stat sheets. Hard to quantify and put into a "number" what he's actually worth based on that alone.
  9. sleekfeeder

    GDT: Preds @ Canes; 12:30 pm EST; 13 Jan, 19

    I may have it. Whatcha need buddy?
  10. You asked for it. You got it. Oh Marley Drug girl, it is the time of year where we and the team need inspiration of the highest degree.
  11. sleekfeeder

    In-season trades and player moves

    I have to admit, last night made me loose a little bit of faith. Contenders beat the teams they are supposed to beat. If someone hadn't watched any hockey all season, and tuned into last nights game, we made the Rangers look like the defending cup champions. We could'nt buy anything, and they stymied us at everything we were trying to do. Frankly I don' t understand it myself. I thought Slavin was particularly weak in many instances in our zone. In reality, I don't think we can expect this team to keep up at the current pace it has been at. As many have pointed out already, look how torrid a pace we have been at, yet only made up a few points. I'm almost in the sell Ferland for a ransom camp now, and I believe that's what will happen at the end of the day. AGAIN this year, same as last year, we have played chicken with the teams in the standings around us, and IMO, waited too long to go and add a player to push this team in the buns to give it that extra boost it needed. Mushy middle here we come. I think they will give out. I'm totally behind them and I wish this wasn't the case, but I saw this movie last year.
  12. sleekfeeder

    GDT: Canes @ Rags, 15 Jan 19

    Adios my friends.
  13. sleekfeeder

    GDT: Canes @ Rags, 15 Jan 19

    I don't even know if Marley drug girl can save us tonight 😫
  14. sleekfeeder

    GDT: Canes @ Rags, 15 Jan 19

    This is a stinky one. Bound to happen at some point. Oh well. One shift at a time. Maybe they can mount something.