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  1. No surprises here. This whole team was pretty banged up in the ECF. Not saying that's an excuse, but just sayin'.
  2. This is sad news. Bummer. Guy just has had a rough go at it.
  3. I mean, do you let Mraz go? He seems like a heart and soul guy, but it is a business after all. I personally think he's good enough. Not elite, but good enough. But, if you factor in all the games McE won for us, Ned probably won't do as well, then we probably don't make the playoffs. I'm not sure what to do here. Maybe one of them will make the decision for us. This is certainly the most critical and difficult decision of the offseason.
  4. This goal tending conundrum is one tricky situation.
  5. I see your trepidation with that kajun and I know many will disagree with me here,but if trading for a 25 goal scoring puke is what gets us to hoist Lord Stanley sign me up. Again everyone hates Marchand and rightfully so, but if he can stay inside the lines look what he can do. Guy totally and utterly threw our Captain off his game, whom we needed to be clutch during the playoffs. All players have downsides including this one. I just hate to think teams now think they may be able to take liberties with Ferland gone. Now if we think there would be personality conflicts or locker room issues then NO. But clearly he can be effective.
  6. We have to make sure to get Hamilton signed too (the pig I mean). Gonna miss seeing that little dude every other day on TV.
  7. Enough with these little flip wrist shot from the point. If they wanna block everything make em earn. Blast everything as hard as you can.
  8. To me I change the lines up here. Give Ferland more minutes. Nino is cold as ice. Stack em up. Do something different.
  9. Are we just being out coached on. The PK or what? What are you guys seeing. This is unreal.
  10. Boy we just cannot crack their code tonight. Boys look defeated. IMO looked that way most of the game. This is not the Canes I know .
  11. Power of the Pig!! Let's go Canes!! I know you can do it. But if this is it, then this is it. It's been a pleasure gentlemen. 👍
  12. Curious to see injury reports once it's all said and done.
  13. I don't think it's personnel as much as it is strategy. It's boring, bland, and predictable.
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