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  1. Good to see the "Ray Whitney-like" antics make their way back to the Canes. Makes things more fun. Good for them.
  2. Lots of big East on East matchups tonight period. Let's hope for regulation finishes.
  3. Methinks the Canes are going to have to make room for that gentleman.
  4. There's been some bad shifts from that Nino line. They seem to get hemmed in every time.
  5. Snipe away. Plenty of great goal scorers never hoist Lord Stanley. Ask Marcel Dionne. At the end of the day, he's not a team guy, and that's what Brindy wants to build a team around. I would say Brindy can take solace in the fact that he's building a team around guys that buy in, not ones that stand around hailing a cab so they can pad their stats. Brindy wins. So much winning.
  6. Ha! How'd you guess!? Maybe I should. I did give him that name after all. Awww now I feel bad.....naaaaaaaa.
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