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  1. Trade him straight up for Pietrangelo. He's gonna be a UFA also.
  2. This STeven Lorentz kid is having a pretty good season down in Charlotte. He, Geekie, Kouk, Gaut, Bean. All good choices for a "look" IMO. -Sleek
  3. FACT: This team is a different animal with JW in the lineup.
  4. Just go out, attack early, play hard, try to limit mistakes. Try your best to score first. If not, shake it off and keep skating. You have to start somewhere. The wheels feel like they are falling off. There is still a TON of hockey left to play. You can't play the rest of the season in one night, nor are you going to win every game.
  5. Last night was the perfect example of insult to injury. Ya gonna go lay and egg and get pounded in a big game, fine, whatever. To go get beat up and lose a key player and the game really stinks.
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