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  1. Meh. He hardly ever got us any Queso anyways.
  2. Good for Cam. Thanks for your part in the Carolina's only major pro sports championship, and for all the good times as a Hurricane. "Ward says nooooooooo" -Sleekfeeder
  3. Saarela apparently trashing the Canes organization.
  4. One thing's for sure IMO, at least you can't look at this team (on paper at least) and not say they are better coming into this season, than the team that went to the ECF. The committee has tried. If it flops. They tried.
  5. Hurricanes puck, designed around your belly button, with the center being the eye
  6. Ned is as ready as he will ever be for the big show.
  7. Winner. Go ahead and lock this thread.
  8. This roster is filling up...... Some of our yutes probably feel like they've been standing in the registration line for hours, and all that's left is that 7am Calc course with that really mean teacher that's hard to understand. Eesh.
  9. Random thought: Offers sheets are kind of like an alternative means and fast track option for player arbitration when otherwise not available. No? It's just that another team decides your worth and not an "arbitrator".
  10. So you're saying Detroit won't be sending out any offer sheets? That's what I'm hearing. Sorry, I'm on fire today. 🔥
  11. Oh they're not paying that dude, so might as well. Hey maybe we could trade him to the formational dust cloud that is Seattle, and Ronnie can name him co-captain?
  12. With the addition of Dzingel, one has to wonder.....does Aho go back to wing? Ehhhhhh?
  13. Crafty moves by the committee so far. Give up a little cash and moved prospect(s) along that weren't going to play anyway to build the offense up front and ink our goalie. Well done. Team "feels" better. Now let's execute.
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