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  1. Power of the Pig!! This is a statement game. Make a statement.
  2. I better see how much money I have in my piggy bank.
  3. That Williams goal just felt like one of those "watershed" moments that you go back and watch, and get choked up when you're watching the Championship DVD after the season is over. Incredible.
  4. Power of the Pig!! It's time to send a message to the rest of the league. "We are here to win, and win big." No nonsense. Let's play 60m and get the victory. With ~10 games left until the playoffs begin, it's time to start rounding into form. These games should start to be dress rehearsals for the real deal. I'm really excited about tonight and I'm sure the team is as well.
  5. Tomorrow is a HUGE magic bean game. Can't wait.
  6. Your boy Babcock is gonna get "the can". I'm callin' it.
  7. Yeah this one has been a bit of a slop fest but whatever. 2 pts are 2 pts. Let's finish strong 💪
  8. Lookout! Skinner on a back check!
  9. You mean long term or sent back down?
  10. Power of the Pig!!! I'm ready tonight 🐖.
  11. Why are we talking about starts in a game of this magnitude?
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