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  1. With the addition of Dzingel, one has to wonder.....does Aho go back to wing? Ehhhhhh?
  2. Crafty moves by the committee so far. Give up a little cash and moved prospect(s) along that weren't going to play anyway to build the offense up front and ink our goalie. Well done. Team "feels" better. Now let's execute.
  3. Something tells me JWill is done. Maybe that last poo sandwich did him in.
  4. I think the Aho and Goalie situation being up in the air for so long probably delayed decision making on management and the players side (at least the ones that had Carolina on their radar).
  5. I keep having bad flashbacks of Lebron James'.."The Decision"
  6. Who's the Captain if JWill retires?
  7. Svechnikov/Gusev? Sounds like a match made in heaven.
  8. I wanna see the Canes take it to the next level. Let's go win the Met.
  9. Other than JWill, No. If he retires I'd look for another added Veteran if available. Other than that, I think they roll the dice with what they have.
  10. Did you say you wanted to play in Montreal? ✅ or 🚫
  11. I personally would like to hear Aho give some "insight" on Bergevin's comments. I know it will never happen though, unless a reporter gets the onions to ask that tough question. Even if it does, I'm sure he would have a very PC response, which would dance around the real truth. Would be nice though...just sayin'. I agree with most in saying that Bergevin twisted Aho's actions into verbal confusion to stir the pot, equating the notion that signing an offer sheet from a particular team automatically means you WANT to play for said team.
  12. Now trade him to Boston LOL!! Habs would love that.
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