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  1. This has been such a down right dirty, physical, and taxing series, I would be surprised if the winner tomorrow makes it 6 games with the Isles no matter who it is.
  2. I'll be there in spirit. Spent all my coins at Game 4. Let's go Canes. Force game 7 please.
  3. I thought I heard him say that. I wasn't sure at the time. The game is on in the background, and I was half paying attention during the intermission. Just a silly comment. What purpose does that serve?
  4. If there is any PIG Power left, please bring it. Maximum, maximum Pig Power. It's been a great season and I don't want it to end.
  5. They knew that was their game 7 and played accordingly. They did not want to go back on the road to try to force a real game 7. We did not match them plain and simple. Now it's our turn to play like it's game 7 buts it really is a do or die situation.
  6. Yea this sucks and it sucks to lose, but this just isn't that shocking to me. Maybe to lose this bad, but not the loss itself. I for one don't believe in playoff momentum. What happened in game 3 is exactly that. Two games ago. It had no bearing on game 4. Game 4 had no bearing on tonight. Just like this should have no bearing on game 6. They are all different. Look at when we won the cup. We got beat down in game 6 in Edmonton and we came back home and took care of business. Now injuries on the other hand do have an impact and I think we may just be battered and bruised too much to survive. I hope not. It's just starting to feel like we are running on fumes.
  7. Everyone loves to score first. Puts enormous pressure on the other team. We didn't. Man up Canes.
  8. Calm down. Looking wonky in game 5 on the road is not uncommon. It's still only one. We got this.
  9. Just one. I think everyone knew this game would be extremely difficult. Let's get it back. Stay the course. 1000 points of light. Again. Another PPG. We are better than them 5 on 5. Take it to them hard on the forecheck. It's our bread and butter.
  10. Told you. MacKinnon is no joke.
  11. Dude more injuries and a possible suspension? This is not good. I saw Marty hobble off at the beginning did he not return? I thought he did?
  12. Aaron Ward was nice enough to take a pic with us before the game. He was out front. But on a game note, I told Mrs Feeder I think our 5 on 5 game is better than theirs and when we can get the home Ice matches, they don't really generate squat.
  13. The Feeder family was in attendance! What a game! Our 1 yr old actually made it through the entire game.
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