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  1. does COACH Paul Maurice not count? He was a player once i guess....so.....there.
  2. Back before Moe was fired, he lived right across the street from my house. Took martial arts with him too. His wife would give out schedule magnets for halloween. My sister used to have Craig Adams come into her coffee shop all the time. i think an asst. coach lived in our neighborhood too.
  3. ^ i agree that we aren't yet "tight knit" yet but it is not just the State fans. What are our colors? Red, White and Black...correct, well to me there isn't anything more frustrating than seeing "carolina" blue shirts and hats or other stuff through out RBC. I understand this is the same place State plays bball, but they don't need to prove their fanhood by wearing team gear completely unrealated to hockey. Yes few duke fans do it too and other fans occaisonally, but mostly it should be Canes jerseys/colors and maybe the other NHL teams. I admit State fans do it too and they should help buy Canes stuff, but at least the colors are the same. If you hate red, wear white or black, buy a home alt. jersey. So everyone is to blame here, not one group. Back on topic....we could always do the tride and true half and half chants. One side throws out "LETS GO!" to which the other retorts with "Hurri-canes!" Gets the place loud and easy to follow if your half of RBC says something and raises their fist in unison.
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