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  1. And for anyone still claiming Marchand has cleaned up his act, WALOC... He's still pulling the same stuff he always has, he's just not getting called for it.
  2. That's the sort of BS the league needs to clean up. If you call the first one, the player has a lot less reason to feel like he's got to police things himself. Real easy for us fans to say he just needs to skate away, but refs letting it go is what gives teams like the Bruins a reason to see just how much more they can get away with. That's when guys get hurt and folks then turn around and wonder how we got to that point.
  3. Because it's the Bruins??? That'd be a major and a series-long suspension if it were a Canes player. The bias continues to be ridiculous, to the point where I'm starting to doubt whether or not our boys will have enough to overcome it...
  4. Stamkos broke one of the most basic unwritten rules in hockey: Never touch a trophy other than the Cup. Stand there for the pictures, but NEVER touch it. He touched the Presidents' Trophy when it was presented, so this one was really over before it ever started.... 😎
  5. You're kidding, right??? Cam was the textbook definition of being ridden like a rented mule most of his time here.
  6. Talk about a guy who knows he's probably gone if this goes south, so it's not like he'll be around to clean up the mess.
  7. Wasn't the last game against the Devils the one where Williams got called for the phantom goalie interference? The call against Nino was huge and likely cost the boys at least a point. You obviously never know how things will go with that much time left in a tie game, but the push from the Canes looked to me like it would've been good enough to at least force overtime, possibly more. Can't win them all, but tough to swallow yet another game where a bad call had such a large impact on the final result.
  8. I'd take 50/50 right about now... Seems we're closer to 20/80, maybe worse.
  9. Fleury back to Charlotte, so hopefully that means we've got guys healthy (minus Staal).
  10. Probably just calling him back up now that they're out of their break. Was only sent down to keep him playing in Charlotte during the bye week.
  11. Can't take too much credit. Living in the Des Moines area these days, so I've been able to follow them as a partial STH. Wild have fallen back a bit lately, but for awhile at the beginning of the year it was them and the Checkers at #1 and #2 in the league. Still my dream Calder Cup matchup since they don't play each other in the regular season.
  12. Murphy was a solid veteran presence in Iowa, but they've got an abundance of RD (to the point where he play on the left last game). Makes sense for them to swap a RD for LD, but can't honestly say that I expect much to change for either team after this one.
  13. Maybe just as importantly, making up 7 points would also put them at 2nd in the Metro. Not saying they will, but with the Pens, Caps and Bruins all sitting at 50 games/60 points, that gives the Canes more targets they can catch if a team above them falters. Edit: Gaining 6 points ties them with any of those teams, 7 puts them ahead. Too early to worry about tiebreakers just yet.
  14. Main takeaway for me is how much cushion they keep adding for teams already near the cap. We keep talking about how teams are going to face a cap crunch X years from now, but stuff like this keeps providing relief.
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