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  1. Main takeaway for me is how much cushion they keep adding for teams already near the cap. We keep talking about how teams are going to face a cap crunch X years from now, but stuff like this keeps providing relief.
  2. Stealth-ch1

    In-Season 2018-2019

    The injuries to Fleury and Pesce probably didn't help. Right when Pesce's name was in the rumor mill, he's hurt. Hard to trade away your depth at the exact moment you need it to field a lineup. That being said, Nylander seems to have always been a long shot, so hopefully they're talking about someone else from other teams if/when the Nylander saga doesn't break our way.
  3. Stealth-ch1

    In-season trades and player moves

    Pretty sure he only went down on a conditioning stint, so we had to call him back up by a certain point regardless. Seems they tried to sneak him back through and it didn't work.
  4. Stealth-ch1

    In-Season 2018-2019

    Zykov claimed by the Oilers. Darling clears.
  5. Stealth-ch1

    What should the new celebration be named?

    I'll be honest, I don't care how elaborate they make the celebration because it means they won. Winning is good. Too many variations of celebrating is a good problem to have.
  6. Stealth-ch1

    Canes @ Blackhawks Thurs Nov 8 8:30 PM

    This, to me, is why I'd move Svech up to the 2nd line (or 1st if you believe the silly whiteboard) with Staal. He may not be a perfect fit for a "shutdown" line, but he'd have to try pretty hard to do worse than Williams in that spot.
  7. Stealth-ch1

    GDT: Canes @ Bolts 16 October, 7:30 PM

    Must be nice to start the season with 4 (5?) straight home games...
  8. Stealth-ch1

    Looks like Jack Cambell is a beast

    And yet most (if not all) of them have done so in the playoffs as well as during the last year's regular season on numerous occasions. Some of those teams haven't even played 4 games yet, so stating their goalie hasn't made 4 straight starts as if it's some sort of measuring stick of their value/talent is an incredibly worthless argument.
  9. Stealth-ch1

    Traverse City 2018: Sept 7-11, Stacked Forwards

    Columbus prospects taking plenty of liberties so far, really physical early... Canes scored but refs didn't catch it, so another tough break. EDIT: They somehow went back and corrected it without the benefit of replay. Really bizarre chain of events, but it ties the game so I'll take it.
  10. Stealth-ch1

    Goal Song

    No worries, seems Petey Pablo won.
  11. Stealth-ch1

    Trade- Jeff Skinner to Buffalo

    As bad as Buffalo has been lately, there was essentially ZERO chance they would be trading a potential lottery pick. Not thrilled with the return either, but I had no illusions the Canes were going to get a 1st from any team that wasn't already a proven contender.
  12. Stealth-ch1


    My gut tells me this is an indication Jeff had no intention of entertaining an extension, here or elsewhere, and he's fully intent on testing the UFA waters next summer. That'd make him a pure one-year rental. Still worth at least a little something, but far from full value. Better to get something than nothing I suppose (see Isles/Tavares), but hard not to be disappointed with the return. Puts more pressure on trading Faulk for at least a pseudo-replacement.
  13. Stealth-ch1


    This is what I keep coming back to. Certainly not feeling super confident about our tandem, but I'm not sure bringing in any of the other guys out there would've gotten me to that point. Grubauer was the only one I could've felt comfortable with, but Washington had no interest in trading him within the division.
  14. Stealth-ch1


    I'd have to dig through Twitter to find it again, but yeah, we offered the same deal Colorado did (2nd for Grubauer + Orpik) with a better 2nd round pick. Washington turned that down.
  15. Stealth-ch1


    Tavares to Toronto appears to be done.