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  1. Hi I am here mainly because I am a big fan of Tom Kostopolous. He played a couple of years for a Major Jr A Roller Hockey team I GM'd. I have continued to follow his path through his career and he is likely one of the most under estimated player on the ice. Tommy is all the things that I have read already on this board. - He is a leader. He is funny - but not ha ha funny! - He does not quit and will often be the one with all cylinders firing even though he is losing. - He fights - badly, but he will never back down nor let his teammates down. - He knows that he is not the star but he is sure that he plays WITH them not AGAINST them, feeding, blocking, taking the hits and slashes and will always get up for the next shift. - He can be a role player or play an open style. - He will be there when the chips are down. No one had Tommy on their radar during his draft year...until the playoffs when he led the London Knights to the League Finals scoring 19 goals and 16 assists in only 25 playoff games. - He is of Greek descent and has a big following from the Hockey Loving Greek Community. Someone from head office should call the local Greek organizations/festivals for instant fans! Lastly, he is the kind of player that people love. Ask any broadcaster in the game. He is a scene stealer with his hard work ethic and over the top effort. Hopefully the Hurricanes will recognize this. Last years effort by the Canes was gutsy. It's a perfect fit. Sign Me....the Carolina Hurricanes newest fan. George Port Dover, Ontario, Canada
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