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  1. http://drpeppercaniac.blogspot.com/ This is a link to a one time post. It's a short nonfiction piece I wrote for class this semester. I want to share because I know a lot of people are frustrated with our Canes right now and I understand that. I just wanted to lighten some hearts with a story about my first game, the excitement of the building and how the Hurricanes bring people together; I'll never forget Ron Francis's jersey retirement speech when he said the arena was the only place to find duke, nc state and unc fans cheering for the same team. awww.... ps- it's the first game at the ESA 10 years ago so the details are a bit screwey so please just roll with it. Though we did lose 4-2 against the Devils and parking was only $6.00!!
  2. I got in a fight with my hockey buddy during the first game of the season and we stopped talking. He forgave me last week but we haven't been able to watch a game together due to the fact that we live 4 hours apart now. and... I bought a Columbus Jersey and wore it the day the season started (but the Canes didn't play) and I wore it to watch the Columbus game... and well... oops! My bad ya'll
  3. I'm pretty sure Brindy still has this season and one more on his contract (correct me if I'm wrong). But if Staal isn't the Captain before then, I think he will be after Brindy retires.
  4. I'm interested in the november 27th game against atlanta. you can email me at dnpattee@gmail.com
  5. are they still selling the patches anywhere?
  6. I think it's time to start Leighton.
  7. oooh Snazzy! and they match his helmet haha
  8. woohoo! i feel smart. i did it with like a minute remaining. (so i'm a bit late) my hockey buddy and i made up a game with this. we go back and forth naming teams and if you can't name one in 5 seconds you have to take a sip of whatever you happen to be drinking. that's fun too.
  9. I kind of like it when we're the underdogs, it gives us something to fight for. However, I know most people still think that we're less than. I'm interested in what he has to say about us. I bet we're not in the top 5 though.
  10. Awwww... Hedican will always be one of my favorite Canes!! He was a great guy and I was sad to see him go. BEST OF LUCK BUD!
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