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  1. I have the following Priority Lounge area tickets for sale, asking $75 per ticket: 3/25 7:00 pm vs. New York Islanders Sec 106 Row Y seats 3 and 4 4/10 7:00 pm vs. Washington Capitals (final home game of the season) Sec 106 Row X seats 3 and 4 These tickets are $100 (not including fees) face value at the box office but the physical tickets I have do not have a price on them because they are exchange games from nights we missed this month due to travel and a voucher redemption game. Heather
  2. I am a season ticket holder (I know. Kill me now.) with 6 lower level center ice premier (priority lounge area) tickets to the NYI game on Tuesday April 23. Section 105 Row R Seats 9, 10 and Section 105 Row Y Seats 11, 12, 13, 14 $50 per ticket. (Face value for row R seats is $110 each but there is no face value on the row Y tix as they are trade-ins from a missed game.) I can break the 4 in row Y up into sets of two if you aren't looking for four seats. Please contact me (Heather) with any questions. Thanks!
  3. Live in downtown Raleigh, on the Peace Street side of DT, but am in different parts of the area throughout the week... Cameron Village, North Hills, PNC Arena-area are all possible meet up places. If you like, shoot me an email at heather_sangerATyahooDOTcom and we can discuss possibilities. Thanks!
  4. No, still technically available. Have gotten a couple of responses to my Craigslist ad but haven't made arrangements with anyone...
  5. I have two tickets (which I obtained using STH vouchers so there is no "face value" listed) for the game on Thursday night vs. Habs. $50 each Section 107 Row S Seats 3 and 4 Thanks! Heather
  6. Have two tickets for sale, $50 each. Section 105 (priority lounge area) Row WW Seats 9 and 10 These seats are right on the blue line on the side where the Canes save twice. Post here or PM if interested. Thanks! Heather
  7. Here's what's left: Wed March 21 vs. Panthers Sec 122, Row S, Seats 8, 9 Asking $50 for the pair (Face value - $85 per ticket) Contact with any questions...thanks! Heather 919-600-0619
  8. I have two set of tix for tonight's game available: Sec 105, Row R, Seats 9 & 10 Sec 105, Row G, Seats 4 & 5 Asking $25 per ticket. Contact if interested (comment, PM, or since it's late notice you can also call/text to 919-600-0619)...thanks!
  9. These are my STH seats and I refuse to put them on Ticket Exchange for an obnoxious Slugs fan to buy... SEC 324 ROW J SEATS 11, 12 (dead center ice) As a side note, section 324 is nearly all season ticket holders so we very very rarely have opposing fans sitting there. Last BUF game, there was one but she was the wife of a Canes fan so nothing to worry about there. Anyway, hoping to get $30 each for the tickets. Thanks!
  10. So, I know this is a shot in the dark but I wonder if anyone recorded/DVR'd/Tivo'd/whatevered the ASG weekend festivities and still has them? We were there for everything but I recorded it all to watch later and re-live the magic However, we left for vacay right after and because I record too many freaking shows, the DVR got too full and auto-deleted all the All-Star stuff! I asked Mike Sundheim if there were any plans for a DVD but he said the NHL owns the material and has never done anything like that before for ASGs. Anyway, if you have any ASG weekend memories preserved and would be interested in helping a sister out, please oh please send me a PM. Thanks!
  11. My husband and I were the two in Red Sox hats! He's from Bah-ston
  12. Yeah, if you read the intro to the article (especially as it appears on the PD homepage, with the pictures "after the jump"), that was what he intended people to think. Honestly, it even took me reading a couple of them before I realized it myself. Yes, I'm lagging a bit today I quite like Matsy's do...very Jimmy Neutron!
  13. Wysh calls out Matsumoto for worst "headshot" of the 2010-2011 season: The 10 most regrettable headshots in the NHL
  14. Really wish we could make this trip... Hope plenty of Caniacs are able to represent! And regarding this: Seriously? Have you been there this time of year?? It was absolutely gorgeous. Have a look at the photos in the link below. Does that look "dreadful" to you? http://myheezyfasheezy.blogspot.com/2010/10/what-happens-in-hel.html
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