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  1. Looking at your avatar, I can just hear The Dude saying that, man!
  2. Fixed that. Please, hockey season. Start up. Now. My mind is off in the weeds.
  3. I was getting chuffed, and then some of you started popping my chuff balloon.
  4. So, one time I got a few of those little cereal box samples. We usually don't get them. Sweet stuff like Fruit Loops and Honey Cheerios. On a lark, I threw a Fruit Loops in my pocket for the game, to snack on. We had no kids in tow. The guard alertly saw the bulge in my vest coat pocket. "Hey, whaddya got there?" I took it out and showed him. No kids anywhere. He looks at me, a fat, balding old guy and started laughing and says: "Enjoy the game!"
  5. Well, out of the goodness of the Carolina Hurricanes, they are giving one (1) bag per season ticket holder account for free! Not per ticket, per account. What a benefit!
  6. Remkin has been chewing on that wild weed found on his island. 😀
  7. Can't see it, and can't parse what you are saying. "new aways"? OH crap, as I write it, thunder strikes me. New Away Sweaters. Got it. Good! Edit: I originally thought "new hallways". Ha ha. Got PNC construction on my mind. A few flags in the hallways is a good idea though.
  8. We're still fightin' that war, so the carpetbaggers haven't arrived yet.
  9. There was talk ... and talk... about expanding a deck of restaurants over one of the sides. I think the south side, where the courtyard is now? The idea was to have restaurants attached, and to have outside seating areas that would be controlled access during games, i.e. ticket members only. The restaurant(s) would be open at other times than games too. It all sounded like a good idea and all. But. They did try the "dance party" in the current indoor restaurant idea one year. That fell pretty flat. The complaint was it really isn't what they want to do. I did enjoy the outside seating when we went to a Panthers game years ago. For the Canes, there are a few good months one both sides of the season where this would be nice. And especially, ahem, if they make the playoffs. The Mudcats opened Cattails Restaurant in the off season for many years. I think they gave up on that and stick to game days now. But come on, it is Zebulon!
  10. So a guy comes to the hockey boards and instead ends up in "Contract and Labor Law 101".
  11. Thank goodness Youtube commenters are top cream quality analysts.
  12. Not allowed. It falls under the same rule that genies have: "You cannot ask for unlimited wishes as your first wish." It is interesting though. I wonder if general terms are required (i.e. minimum year), or if they could come up with a short term contract.
  13. They have lawyers, contract and labor law in Canada too. Who knew?
  14. Great point. And I find myself both amazed and enraged at Elon, depending on the day. Good parallel. In retrospect, TD has mostly been straight with us. We've had periods of denial, kind of like: "No way he can do that, he means something else." But, no, he meant it. This is a change from the smiling faces of most management that are only trying to screw you. (To quote from the great Norman Whitfield song, "Smiling Faces Sometimes.")
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