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  1. LOL! That is funny as heck. Forgot about herd immunity. Good point. We have a niece in San Francisco whose husband was exposed to Covid. They both came down with classic symptoms in the week following. They are self isolating and doing really well, about recovered. Both young 40s. Since CA has severe testing issues, they won't get tested. Here in Wake we've been told to basically do the same should we suffer symptoms. So... How many silent cases are out there like this? Maybe a lot.
  2. Dang it, I lost the link! But I was reading an article by some of the most recent research with regard to asymptomatic cases. The medical community is settling on a 25 to 30% for asymptomatic cases. What does this mean? The death rate is lower. But it is still bad. These researchers were estimating 0.6 to 1.0%. 0.6% is still massive numbers compared to just about anything else. We're hunkered down. It is also getting apparent that anyone over 50 really starts taking more risk. Yeah, they said 60 before, but it is dropping to 50. I think KJUNKANE would call them "hidden co-morbidities like ischemia" Not a doctor, just acting like KJUN. With that in mind, I'm not really keen on going to any games soon until a vaccine is out. The wife and I are doing fine staying the hell away from everyone. We don't even go to the store except for outside pickup from online orders. I like my lungs. I want to keep them.
  3. I really don't know where this is going to go! But here are my guesses: 1) 2019-20 is done. No playoffs. Toast. Another rare blank year on The Cup. 2) The NHL, NBA, MLB will contract for quick turn around COVID testing. Each player will be tested on a regular basis, maybe before each game. However, this will ONLY happen after the current test crisis relaxes. Sometime this summer. 3) Next season will at least start with games played in an empty stadium. It may be the whole season. A premium may be required to watch the games live (in lieu of the in-person ticket) 4) When fans return, part of the security line will include a temperature check. I would expect this to be playoffs 2021. Fans will have to sign a waiver that they can still be infected despite temperature checks. 5) A vaccine will come on-line summer 2021. And for the 2021-22 season, things will start to appear normal. 6) There will be labor peace. Suddenly everyone will realize where the money is coming from.
  4. We were just a bunch of city kids getting surviving with the cheapest junk we could get. Having anything with a brand name was The Bomb. Our gloves were, uh, made by Grandma? Not sure, nobody had hockey gloves. Speaking of Bauer. Watched last night's game. Mac was using a Bauer stick. Have no idea why they dug up Jorge.
  5. Because Jorge is the last goalie to use a Bauer stick? I doubt that's true, but man, Warrior has made a name. Brings back memories of my childhood. We all wanted CCM gear. It was the "real stuff." I was so dang excited to get that wood and plastic street stick. I can still remember softening the plastic over the stove to get it some curve. I ended up wearing it down an inch with all the play on the streets of Chicago. Ah, memories. Seems like that's all we have these days. Or simulations. What? Simulations? BTW: I think it is great what Bauer is doing. Those are some mean looking face shields. Makes a lot of sense for them to do that too.
  6. OK. Sorry. I am wound up. What I mean was the 80% of us who have no symptoms or mild symptoms may not have as much concern about the hospital surge as we should. I'm just as guilty of using absolute language too. Sorry. And, another indictment of myself, I am assuming I will probably fall in the 80% of mild cases. But the more I think about it, I may be delusional. Sorry about this. These are tense times. Let's hope for hockey. And support local business as much as possible, ya'll. Don't order foreign *edit* from Amazon.
  7. BTW, tell you how much you don't know me. We've been desperately trying to support local and USA business, while still social distancing. It is difficult. We have patronized the pickup of local restaurants. We have not been to a big box store in 2 weeks. I have ordered some stuff online that I needed for a while that was all USA made. (Example: Weathertech floor liner for my car.) You don't know me and my concern for business.
  8. I have no problem? I have no problem? You don't know me. Take your indictment back. That's BS. I'm very concerned about business too. I agree with balance. I never said shut it down. I do have a comment about people sitting on furniture eating, however. That was my comment.
  9. Pamlico, if you let it run its natural course, there will be a huge surge of hospitalizations needed. Doctors will have to triage in an ugly way. "He's under 50, save him, he's over 50, put him outside under the tent in a chair and say a prayer." 80% of us won't care. 15% will sweat it out at home, hoping they don't need to call the hospital. The 5% or whomever who need the hospital will care. The mortality rate will surge. This is a possible outcome. It happened in 1918. You don't think there will be chaos if our mortality rate is unnecessarily high? BTW, sitting outside at the restaurant, while coughing on the furniture, risks the next patron coming by and getting it. That's reality. Oh, but you are fine, right? Well, there's mounting evidence that plenty of non-symptomatic people have been spreading the disease.
  10. NHL has an update. Answers one of my questions. As for the rest, confirms to me that NHL management is, uh, optimistic. https://media.nhl.com/public/news/13915?sf119618002=1 That's April 30, if you do the math, that they'll talk about it. May 15 to resume meetings, practice, etc. My gut feel is this is very optimistic. Imagine a player or two in the NYC area having to isolate. How will that work? Answers my question. Yep, they'll have to work with the NHLPA on going past July 1. There are other gems in there too, the most surprising being they think 20-21 will start on time even if the playoffs go into August. Read at your own leisure.
  11. I'm trying. My neighbor and I rarely texted. So now we are to help each other. Borrow tools and stuff. But now he's feeding me all these crappy articles I don't want to read. Trying to be neighborly but it will test my patience.
  12. Sadly, I think we are headed that way too. However, it makes sense that NHL have contingencies to start up over the summer, as we've seen, just in case they can do something like play to an empty arena. Fall likely won't be a picnic either. Good chance next season, or at least a huge part of it, is in jeopardy too. BTW, if they do attempt to extend the 19-20 season past July 1, 2020, won't it require extraordinary agreement among players and management to deal with the "year end" contract expirations?
  13. 1724 on Uverse. Another game Tuesday.
  14. 1724 on Uverse. Not the normal alt channel. Got it, and thank you!
  15. That's the rumor. Shortened season, similar to a lockout season.
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