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  1. This is funnier than the Tom Dooley song spoof. Well done.
  2. With all this talk, now I gotta go to YouTube and watch Boom Goes the Dynamite again. .... OK, it was a dull as I remember.
  3. While Forslund is one of only a handful in the bubble. Big advantage for him. I think he got this honor because he is "teamless".
  4. Seriously. You could see the will to fight just melt away from the Rags after the Aho undressing. That's how you protect a lead: make it larger.
  5. Because he used it at such a key time, and the end result was awesome, I'm all in on "Dear Gussie." My initial reaction was 'gotta go,' but I've warmed up to it. Great moments create "great" catch phrases. 😇
  6. Beard will keep going. This will be my longest beard in my life. Come on boys, I wanna be Grizzly Adams.
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