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  1. I'm perplexed. I'm away right now so I don't have time to read the interwebs, but, what the hell?
  2. wxray1

    2019 Draft

    Something happen last night? I was watching BattleBots.
  3. Well, by "get paid," I didn't necessarily mean 8 years at 8M. Mac was being paid at $850k, and in his career, his AAV has averaged around $700k. So what I meant was he is going to get a raise by someone, probably short term, and make more than he ever has at the NHL level. I doubt The Committee wants to participate.
  4. Mgmt has shot off #1 contracts a few times in recent memory that worked out (cough, cough) real well. As Pamlico said, we don't always agree, but do this time. Nice post.
  5. The goalies want to be paid. Can't blame them, especially Mac. Somebody will pay.
  6. Big money buys first class, and even better, private plane charter flights. So, no problem.
  7. Kahun or Perlini. Really? "Let's see if Waddell is totally clueless. Let's throw some trash out there and see if he bites."
  8. Earlier I looked far and wide for info on the terms. Couldn't find definitive info. Even if there was a contract, and I suspect there is for all coaches, it likely had an out clause. Especially on that kicks in after a time.
  9. Latest news rumors have Bales going to Buffalo. https://buffalonews.com/2019/06/12/buffalo-sabres-ralph-krueger-mike-bales-nhl-carolina-hurricanes/
  10. Agree, and perhaps I was being too veiled in my thoughts. Basically, I am purely guessing he is moving on because there is new management. These are not the guys who hired him. And it could be mutual. Maybe Dundon wants a coach that will accept 25% of the going salary.
  11. Have you ever had a new boss put in place and still kept working your job correctly? You didn't just punt, did you? He did his job, apparently well. This is the best way to give future options. There may be really good offers out there. Never a surprise after a good run that some seek better pastures as they are very marketable.
  12. I'm not overly surprised since this was not a Waddell/Dundon hire.
  13. Is Vellucci any good with the power play?
  14. Wait a second. He did say, "You got to enjoy it a bit." That was his one regret. OK, workouts start on Monday!
  15. Sounds like a lot of Chex fans at the Allstate. Nice! OK boys, you won the cup. Brindy says that workouts start tomorrow!
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