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  1. That's been a theme on this board since about Dec 1. You gotta make sure your water bill doesn't go above 4, or else the extra charge will get ya in Raleigh.
  2. Playing the puck doesn't automatically wash out charging.
  3. Even though the announcers summarily decided it wasn't charging, I'm not so sure. Especially since he was engaged with another player. But charging is so vague as to "how far" the player comes to engage the check, etc.
  4. Form 3 lines in a box formation. Put fake instruments to face (hands will do for those not playing trombone). "march forward" two steps. We would have gotten it. Last year we went through Surge-Inflation, and it may be happening again. Keep it simple boys and concentrate on the game. Simplify the surge. We don't need the SFX crew to join in and turn down lights, etc. This is hockey, not surgey.
  5. The graphic was fun, but not exclusive to the surge. Pregame and in-between periods it was in action.
  6. This game was completely different than the Caps game. It is hard to believe the same game can be played so different. Anyhow, my take was: 55 minutes of "ho hum", 1 minute of joy, and 4 minutes of cheek puckering terror. Thankfully, Reims got us through the terror. Those last 2 minutes were nUtZ, but a lot of fun. The storm surge was potentially the weakest yet, since no fan around us knew what they were attempting. Mrs. finally figured out it was playing the trombones. OK, don't blame the boys for wanting to get outta here and get some rest. They deserved it.
  7. Yes, but. You can only play so long in your zone until crap happens
  8. Oh man, my life is moving too fast. Dang!
  9. Salt n Pepa Push It. Not 80s, then again these girls weren't even alive for Push It
  10. Illz has played some Police and Journey. I'd like to hear some Cars
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