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  1. Small amendment. Happy Wednesday. Better days ahead if they do continue to play like this, and score more.
  2. It may be. He bugs me a bit less this game. Actually, he made a prescient call on the Gardiner gaff: "He's going to have to be careful!" ... I started screaming having seen this before. And then, booof. Hey all, how about the play of Slavin this game? Anyone notice. Not just a play or two, but plays ALL NIGHT. And what about the faceoffs? Seems like Walmark won them all. I really hated to see Slavin's effort go to waste.
  3. The tide was turning at 50, but what's a few minutes between friends? Gardiner <stinks>
  4. The tides changed when the Canes were scored against shorthanded 3 times in one power play in 2010. Tides change. Streaks break. Tonight would be a good night for both.
  5. Glad for the win. But thinking to last night, for us fans, we got nothing. At least Tampa gave their fans real hope.
  6. That 6 on 5 looked like 8 on 5. Geez. Cardiac for sure
  7. Cirelli embellished which started it all. No sympathy from me.
  8. Wrapped with a bow. This went sour fast. Need to score here.
  9. Lights out play. Holy schmoly
  10. John and Tripp having some fun with this lead.
  11. From Bishop. That was a sweet goal. No stone hands there.
  12. I dove badly into a pool when I was 22 years old. Kind of hyper-extended my back a bit. I was never, ever the same. Culminated in surgery a few years ago (30+ years after the event). So, this talk has me concerned.
  13. Good info, since we were at the game and didn't hear Tripp. I had no benefit of professional commentary and massive replay, but live, the first goal against looked like a combination of confidence and strength on Petr's part. Stuff that can fade. Hope not, but. Confidence: he was backpedling into the crease. Strength: Grimaldi just outwilled Petr on forcing through his pads.
  14. Serious question. Does money factor into this? I.E., is the team close to cap? I'm not just talking cheapness, but rather league cap.
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