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  1. Since Rem will get an itchy keyboard trigger, I had to capture the moment of glory forever. Here's 20,000. Yeah! Got to do this two ways just so we don't lose it.
  2. I've heard rumblings of considering 5 in 7. So, think like this: play M-T, off W, play Th-F, off Sa, play Su. Insanity. BTW, I think that's a trial balloon to see what kind of pushback will occur from the players.
  3. It's a little frenetic. Sometimes I like the passion. Sometimes not. But really, can someone get cff a keyboard fix? That space key has been out of order for over a year now. I know, I'm the 100th person to mention this. We need a gofundme or something.
  4. Thought the same. I'm guessing that John wanted both. A reduced Canes load and an increased national load. I think Doc did that in the last years. We're not getting the full story on the dispute and non-renewal of JF's time here.
  5. I don't know. I do know that back in the day, Kevin Westgarth used to run along Spring Forest in N. Raleigh and wasn't shy about showing off his looks or who he was. I swear he caused some accidents from the ladies gawking.
  6. The organization's decision made the organization look like a headcase. I really don't know what "they" were thinking. It was a damaging decision.
  7. If I had a few bad concussions, I'd be a head case too. And I do not mean that as some sort of joke. I'm sincere in that to the outside world, I'd look like I'm acting weird due to increased personal caution. I think professional contact sports are going to have to continue to deal with this concussion issue more seriously. I expect continued changes to sports in the future due to this issue.
  8. One reason we are unlikely to attend until next fall is this. Even with a vaccine, it will be partially effective (from what we hear). We need enough of the population to get the partially effective vaccines to finally crush the transmission chain. That won't happen overnight. And even if two different doses are recommended, it won't happen soon. And even if you tried to get it, they will block you, I'm pretty sure, until everyone gets a chance. And as much as I love my fans, I find crowds like this to have complete disrespect of others. Shoving, pushing, getting in the way, yelling, etc. Mask or not, doesn't matter. People will be going if they feel sick. They won't care. They paid good money. And I know this because 20 years ago I was that guy. Came down with the flu and toughed it out to go to the Panthers game. The one guy next to me kept wanting to high five me. I'm like, "OK." I wonder how his case of the flu was that year.
  9. For the fans. They'll probably start with the players if they see progress with possible fan attendance, even if that's an increasing scale as time moves on. You still have the USA-Canada issue. Should be interesting!
  10. Progress is going to have to happen with this graph. Right now, it isn't happening. And then you have Canada which has stricter lockdowns. And then you have NY, with ... well, I'll leave my opinion out, but they are currently strict. The league has a mess on their hands with regard to inviting fans into the arena. Looking at trends, it is very hard to imagine a massive turn around in 10 weeks.
  11. Will the skilled players sync and amlify or fight against each other and cancel? Time will tell. Who does Adams have coaching that team again? Remind me.
  12. TD wouldn't pull out some fine print and stick it to us, or would he? Agree about the statement with signature.
  13. And for most players, this would translate as: "Oh my God, the Panthers? Oh no. There goes my Cup hopes. But hey, at least the weather is nice during the season and you can't beat the tax situation. So in the case of the Panthers, it usually comes out as "At least the weather is nice." I remember in 1997 listening to the games on the radio with the associated interviews between periods, and I think it was Gary Roberts who kept repeating the mantra: "At least the weather is good." I had to LOL because I knew underneath he wasn't very confident in the team.
  14. We all know what a CFF is though, don't we? 😉. And Kjun, I'm sure you must throw around terms like "MI" in party small talk, no? 😀 Personally I thought he was talking about Jimmy Hendrix. I had no clue. I once caught myself talking to a friend about "VLAN over WIFi". Her eyes glazed over and she says: "I have no clue what you are talking about."
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