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  1. I'm a bad fan. I was so tired last night I completely forgot. I came to this board for my morning reading and decided to just plow through this thread to get a feel for the game. Ya'll are very entertaining. Nice job boys!
  2. Long trips are overrated. Short is better. Bonding comes from working through hardships, not long trips. Aho could do better. Line has created opportunities. Some concern about giving up goals. Likes Gibbons, proven guy played in the league, can be counted on. Doesn't take a minute off. Undersized, so he has to battle and I like that. 5-1 is great, but we can play better. All about the next game. Nino has been fine, lots of opportunities, just snake bitten.
  3. Uh, I'm just sayin'... Perhaps the Canes have a part in this too. I think they have a preference for weekends to get butts in the seats.
  4. Was at a wedding yesterday and got home just in time to hear a bit from John F. on the radio debrief after the game. He basically said if you gotta lose, this might be a good one to do so. Paraphrasing a bit, he said it should bring them to reality and perhaps light a fire for the trip. We'll see. I missed his Aho comments, but man, that's harsh about the pressure. I hated hearing the old "He's working too hard and putting too much pressure on himself" for E. Staal. I really don't want to go through that again. Hopefully, Aho can find his game soon. Maybe a road trip away from the fans will help. We'll see.
  5. San Jose also comes to mind for mind blowing seasons resulting in playoff bow outs. Let's not get ahead of ourselves yet. The season is nowhere near stupendous. And remember, the Canes had 112 points in the Cup year. They actually faded pretty badly at the end of the season which may have been a gift of sorts.
  6. Yep. I added the final point total to the chart. For the Canes at least, if they are not at least NHL 0.500 at the ten game total, they are toast. Last year the team took 9 games to reach 10 pts, so they were ahead, and it still was a struggle. So, yeah, nothing wrong with good starts. But then there is 2007-08...
  7. Just a little fun tabulation of how long it took the Canes to reach 10 points over the years under the new no-tie rules:
  8. Didn't participate during the game because I was too tired to pick up a keyboard. My takeaways. - Svech is ridiculously dangerous out there. Other teams have to respect him for his forecheck and shot. Turns out he has mean playmaking skills and their respect for the other aspects of the game have opened up his playmaking game. - New guys! - Aho and Nino: they are mad at themselves for not participating enough on the score sheet. It will come. They have motivation. - Mrazek continues to be good enough. Maybe not all world, but good enough for this team. I'm not going to completely ding him on Johnny's shot. - Johnny's antic of blowing the smoke off his gun probably led to some motivation for the Canes - Pesce's interview was eye opening. "Management (yes, he included them all) is letting us (D) play up their in the weird areas." I've noticed that when that happens, the F's have had discipline to cover for the hot D boys.
  9. Right, and some heart attacks are not infarctions. I agree that the "hernia" term is a dumb down for the masses. I find it confusing. This term popped up fairly recently and is pretty bogus. Glad the team is using the "core" term. At least "heart attack" gives an overall general term for various conditions causing critical issues with the heart. Overloading the "hernia" term on something not a hernia is bogus. I'm not a doctor, but as an engineer, this kind of dumb-down thing would get on my nerves in my field too. For a while, everything was a "microchip". What the hell is a microchip anyway, says an engineer.
  10. That may have even been who they spoke of. Can't recall. We have one thing going for us. Medical advancement. Sports docs have advanced techniques. They've learned more about core injury repair. It does give me some pause to think they can't even agree on what to call it, though. (A lot of docs hate "Sports Hernia." Probably the same guys who don't like heart attack and have to refer to it by M.I. or some electrical disturbance thing nobody can pronounce.)
  11. Absolute must read!!! And the photos are classic.
  12. Finally a few West teams beat the East. Canes slipped to league #2 with EDM going first due to more regulation wins. Otherwise the records are identical. See, those overtime wins will kill us!
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