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  1. Did mine too. Got slightly better seats. I thought I'd be pushed back since there was word of a massive influx of new STHers, and if those were 24 or full size, they'd suck them up. Maybe they went elsewhere to better sections. We actually moved into a previous full game set of seats because those folks moved up to a higher ticket level and different section. Nobody backfilled them. Call us lucky and happy.
  2. Rem: with the odds low, now's the time to place a bet*. Right? We know better. * - for entertainment purposes only.
  3. I see you have paid the tax on the island, and the deed is good and enforceable. Have you built the dock yet? 😜
  4. By pure chance, I tuned in and heard the last 15 minutes. Chills and tears for me too!
  5. You have to admit, though, that he had the best porn-stache during the Cup parade.
  6. Cap space issues for many other teams. PIT, for example, only has $1.6M left. This is why I don't get excited on July 1. The team has had a history of letting things play out and not get crazy on July 1. JW really isn't joking when he said Aho and his agent did them a favor. They got cap space certainty with that signing, allowing the next moves to take place. Here it was. Very nice.
  7. JW, anybody home? Hello? How's the cabin up in Ontario? Catching many fish?
  8. Good point. I think they will push for scale. I don't know where it would stop, first 5? If they do, it will get interesting. Some teams will "want their money's worth." Could be perilous for some player's development. Smart teams wouldn't do that. But we're ahead of ourselves. We'll have plenty of time to discuss such nuances during the next work stoppage.
  9. OK, I misremembered. I DO know Eaves struggled with us during his active shoulder. Mrs. wxray brings up the "almost original HWSNBN" with regard to that broken hand from the slapper. She called him "Bam Bam!" Blank stare, difficulty with language. It was kind of like: "Me is SNBN, I slap pucks. Hard. Get out of way!"
  10. Just looking at him, I doubt he is malingering. Back problems can just be a *edit*, that's all. Oh, and same for shoulders. We got Eaves during his issues. He got better after the team flipped him. Took years. If I recall, JW joined us with a shoulder issue? Am I remembering that? I don't even want to talk about Rask. Probably should be another HWSNBN... Shoulders and backs: not compatible with hockey. Proceed with extreme caution.
  11. Yes I did. Initially, as a young man. This is very personal and close to me, so pardon my talk here. I expect a remkin-esque post coming... Short version: any team looking at a player who has admitted to persistent back pain better go into this eyes wide open. Back issues will take players down. The list of players in every sport is long. Many of the mighty have fallen from issues of the spine, our most important supporting structure in our body. Elite athletes will deny the issue because the stakes are high. This is natural. You assume it can be fixed with training, so you deny. Even nobodies like me will deny it because, well, denial is easier than surgery or some other treatments. Long version: "back issues" can compromise a huge set of issues that range from trivial to life threatening. Trivial is the "tweak" most of us have felt after lifting that is simply a muscle strain. Although it feels like you might die, the reality is after 4 or 6 weeks, you'll be fine after the strain subsides. Life threatening is an issue like multiple mylenoma, which is actually a blood cancer, but typically presents in spinal pain and fractures. Almost all of the back pain is of the muscle strain variety. People go to the doctor expecting the worse, only to be given a sheet of instructions for exercise and posture. Guess what, that usually works! Even if it persists, the insurance folks will force the patient to go further, with physical therapy or other treatments, before considering an MRI or surgery. Time and strengthening of the muscles helps. After a few months, it usually is no big deal. Some people are more susceptible than others to muscle issues. For most elite athletes, they get the treatment they need from the trainers, including targeted exercises that improve muscle tone with balance. A good example of this is the Cane's own Cam Ward. For a period there (a few months), he admitted to struggling with back issues. It hit him out of the blue. But through training and treatment, he pulled out of it. Of course, these players also have the benefit of early MRIs to verify the issue (something mere mortals won't get due to cost). Elite athletes also get the guidance and training to balance their core muscles, hold posture, etc. We all wish we could get this kind of training. Trainers want to keep their athletes out of the typical "back problem" patient who works in the office. Office work is the worst for the back. We should all have trainers in the office. No joke! There's another set of patients who have minor structural issues in their back. That's me. Exercise and therapy is a HUGE help to control any symptoms. However, the patient is now at risk for further damage. We heard this time and time again about Erik Cole. Payton Manning is another example. They played, but with some managed risk. That risk could lead to a sudden end or implosion of the career. Probably not anything worse, although in Erik's case, the neck was involved so that's always a huge worry. To the elite athlete, this can be a problem for their long term success. I did the exercises and stuff but blew off the extra risk. In my defense, I didn't have an MRI because they were too expensive and not indicated for back patients unless you were off the charts bad, like suffering incontinence. This was especially true 25 years ago. In retrospect, I would have done things differently if I had know about the structural issues (mostly disc related). I would have never, ever, jogged. I would have limited my lifting, etc. I basically slowly ground down as my discs had many "mini-ruptures" over the years. When I finally couldn't sit, or stand straight, they let me have an MRI and it was a bit of a horrorshow. Much of this could have been limited if I changed my behavior. I was lucky in that a minor "clean up" surgery worked for me (laminectomy, discectomy). Tiger tried the same but it didn't work for him since he still wanted to play with explosive twisting. He had to resort to ALIF (a topic for another post) that is an excellent, but much more complicated surgery to fix structural disc problems. So that brings me back to Laine. What does he have? We don't know. It is private. Perhaps it is all muscular, and he just keeps retweaking. But why? His trainers should be on this like flies and dog piles. I get very concerned when it persists like this in a young man, like it did with me. So has he blown a disc? If so, that lasts with you forever. Take "elite" and knock of maybe 2% of effectiveness after you've been cured. Instead of the "top of the elite", you just moved to the "bottom of the elite." Keep having issues and you move to "best players in the league." Next step is "average." Ultimately, if he has degenerative disease like Ryan Callahan and myself have, you really, really have to limit what you do in life. Period. But we don't know and I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth. I HOPE it is nothing but tweaked muscles. Beyond that, we do know what it did to Tiger. We do know what it did to Ryan Callahan. Any team looking into him better find out the full story. I'll end with a few quotes from Callahan that support my view of how a chronic back injury sneaks up on you, like it did to me, and probably Tiger. https://www.nhl.com/lightning/news/ryan-callahan-opens-up-about-back-injury/c-307941612
  12. More proof. Ryan Callahan, Henrik Zetterberg. Laine is just blowing it off. Young macho men. I've seen this before, including from myself. 18 months of a chronic issue raises red flags. You can't blow it off. Ask Tiger. Ask me.
  13. Even better is to go back further, to The Move. Check out The Move's version of Do Ya. Although, I have to admit the unedited version of Do Ya by ELO is great. Much more polish than The Move version, but still very authentic. Bev Bevan all the way. No fake drums on any of those cuts.
  14. The on-line silly season as begun. The GMs and players are actually off to their cabins and fishing, for the most part. Meanwhile, the nerds on-line can't handle 6 solid weeks off so they start getting silly and conjuring up all kinds of madness.
  15. I guess we'll never know exactly how passionate he felt about this. You are right that perhaps some of the words many are using here are more volatile than what he said. The point is that he disagrees with the words that came out of the MTL camp. Consider it a pure business decision if you will. But TD is a firey guy so I'm sure he felt something, especially noting that agent had "no credibility" in his comments which "might not have been true." Calling the process a "waste of time" is ironic since DW said it will now save him time from further negotiations. Either way, I'm over this and we're splitting hairs. This will be signed, sealed and delivered soon. Time to move on. Aho's play next year will say everything we need to know. I doubt the fans will boo Aho, and they shouldn't. I'm pretty sure, however, there will be some boos for MTL when they arrive for that first game. https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/article232186637.html
  16. TD did appear miffed at the words that came from the agent.
  17. Aho had to like the up front money too. That's gotta be key since it guarantees a big payout if a lockout occurs. So, like you say top, it is business and he used it to his advantage. Similarly, Bergivan weaponized their own lockout mess against the free spirit TD that pisses everyone off in the Great White North. That upfront payment wasn't just to hurt a small market, it is part of what is going on to entice players to stay based on a looming lockout. Contracts are already being let out that way with good negotiations (i.e. not offer sheets). So, the owners are biting each other's butts based on their lockout history. Nice job by the agents to weaponize the threat of a lockout against the owners.
  18. Right. The actual tax difference on $8M versus $21M in one year are minimal. All the bracketing and other surcharges have taken effect and are essentially the same. (Maybe not in the future judging from certain political talk, but for the current law.) The front loading and ability to put that money to work immediately is a good point from a player's standpoint. I think the possibility of a labor lockout is more important, but, yeah, getting your money now matters as you can put it to work.
  19. I found that word swap to be brilliant. 😀 It's a parody of parity. There clearly is more here than wanting a good player. This was an attack of rich on the poor for sure. And I don't mean TD. I'm talking teams of course. For the last 20 years the Canes have been a pain in the butt to the "rightful inheriters of mother hockey.". Their occasional insurgencies need to be put down. This was a salvo in that war.
  20. Spent the day in rural flooded out NC (hurricane Florence) fixing houses as a volunteer. Come back and it took me 1 hour to read this! I'm absorbing this and may comment later when I'm back. All I can say now is WOW! PS: people are still hurting down here. Don't forget them. We got it good in Raleigh.
  21. Yep. Verified. Very interesting these moves, they are.
  22. Cap Friendly shows Darling bought out by Panthers. Still verifying...
  23. Sullivan is degree one of JRs sphere. V is now degree 2. So, I'm agreeing with ya, just talking obtusely.
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