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  1. That's a nice idea. I thought I heard a proposal to put a clock in the corner that would include PP time. I think they had some sort of prototype on the Winter Classic in place. They could add a red light there too when the clock stops. Not sure the clock thing will happen. After all, precious advertising space would be taken away.
  2. wxray1


    If his head hurts today, keep him off the ice. For his sake, the the franchise's sake, let him heal.
  3. A hybrid is possible too. I.E., Aho was in the midst of one of his classic slumps when the knee injury occurred. That created a tailspin effect for the rest of the season. (small slump) + (knee injury) = DROUGHT
  4. Exactly. Same for golf -- unless you chip and putt every shot. For every rush, he's always looking for -- and passing to -- a friend. He doesn't look confident shooting. And who knows, maybe we'll find out there is more wrong later. In any case, this is it, an upcoming elimination game. I don't know where this will go, but it has been a heck of a ride, and just as importantly, this team of playoff-less players finally has experience under the belt. That's hugely important for guys like Faulk, who if he stays with the team, will be a future playoff leader.
  5. I tried listening to Maniscalco on the radio. The biggest problem was being 30 seconds ahead. Mike is no John or Chuck, but he hung in there. I'd prefer that over the fawning crap from the NBC broadcast. Why is the TV delayed 30 seconds? I mean, at one point, I heard a very loud "f ... off!" between players. If it is for bad language, they are not doing a good job. Anyway, throw this away and start over. Depth is definitely hurting. Gritty vets like Nook matter, don't they?
  6. Not mentioned at all. The only thing that matters is the grave injustice of TJ being out
  7. Canes have their issues but geez man someone shut la Peirre up please
  8. Although I'm not having as much schadenfreude as you guys, I did get the creeps last night when watching the game. They showed a pre-game interview with BP, and it brought back a certain kind of PTSD feeling. Something about his look, his hidden sarcastic answers, etc. It really rubbed me wrong. A season with Roddy has been so damn straight and uplifting. I can see why Roddy has the support of the team. He's a straight shooter. Edit: Wow, EyeOfTheStorm and I basically wrote the same thing at the same time. I agree with Eye.
  9. Pretty sure they will give him a few "hellos," legally and hard. If it goes bad for the Caps, it could get ugly. But I think Fogs and the Canes will be ready for it. From Fogs standpoint, what more can you ask for? You are a rookie, your game has come alive back to where you started the season, and you nearly single-handedly are under the skin of the world champs. That's both unnerving and incredibly satisfying. Fogs is now a somebody in the league. And it isn't just this hit, it is his playoff production and incredible energy. No more anonymity from here on out. John is an elite pro. He will be neutral. OK, maybe 52%-48%. He's done this before and been very good, showing emotion on goals for both sides, etc.
  10. wxray1

    2019 Playoffs

    It has made for a heck of a fun 4 months to be a fan. We've waited so long for this, with only little runs of false starts through the years. This year, this is the real deal. Yeah, there's that. We'll see how it plays out.
  11. It has been a LONG time since the Canes got under another team's skin so thoroughly, including fans, players and coaches. Very, very nice. Guys spit out the candy and are now spitting nails. Love it.
  12. wxray1

    2019 Playoffs

    Not implying anything! I'm just a guy in the stands, I don't follow our depth like you guys. I just find this whole thing interesting. No agenda from those words! And the playoff thing is not a sarcastic comment. Vellucci, Waddell and The Committee are smarter than me.
  13. wxray1

    2019 Playoffs

    Ah yes, AHL playoff experience. I remember people mentioning last year that could come in handy...
  14. Yep. Had the binoculars on him the entire time. During play, that leg was being favored. After play, he did the figure-8 compulsory drill thing and just used one skate the entire way to the room.
  15. wxray1

    2019 Playoffs

    5' 10", 200lbs. No NHL experience. Interesting...
  16. Folks, I re-watched the last 7 minutes or so of the game this morning. Brought back good memories. I gotta tell you, the energy was crazy. It felt like we helped lift the team beyond the non-calls. The last 2 minutes was "everyone stand up and cheer" time. And the boys shut them down. And when one got through, Petr ("Petr-Petr-Petr!") came to the rescue. Many, I have so much chuff on me right now I need to take a shower. Just crazy good stuff!
  17. Disruption. That is the word of the game that comes to mind. What I saw was incredible defense. Our D disrupted so many chances at the right time. "D" included forwards too, even Aho. I don't know where this will all go this year, but what our coaching is doing with this team can only lead to good stuff in the future. It is bright! Mrs. WXRay couldn't go tonight, so I invited a friend. I guess that means extra beer, so perhaps I'm a bit rose colored? All those images of seeing CC downing Crown got me thinking that was the key to enjoyment. BTW, I think I saw CC and company on the grass as we drove in. They seemed to be in full-on tailgate mode today. Anyway, back to the game/series. (Beer talk ahead...) I suspect our depth may hurt ultimately, especially of Fogs gets some sort of slap from the league. But, people, come on! THIS IS WHY WE CRY ABOUT MISSING THE PLAYOFFS. Holy E.D.I.T., these games have been off the freekin' rails!!! I am chuffed, buffed, and stoked! What a friggin' experience these 2 games have been. This is why we come. More please. Oh wait! I have a ticket for Monday. Woo hoo!
  18. At the game. Watched Martinook closely. He put Zero weight on that knee at end of game. Literally skated on one skate. He is severely impaired.
  19. wxray1

    2019 Playoffs

    Holy crap! TB had The Cup on display during the outside pre-game party of Game 1. So they touch the President's trophy, and invite The Cup to be displayed on the grounds. Fatal! It is a bit of a joke about superstition, but seriously, this Cup display thing says a lot about the bravado and entitlement attitude. It is the Playoffs. Everyone has a chance. Nothing is free. Nobody is ordained in the first round.
  20. We were one of the West lot debacles. We got rerouted to the East which I never go to. So, I'm very glad we rushed early to make the "6:30 - Be In Your Seats" time. I guess the fake PR worked. Otherwise, we might have been late to puck drop. Parking took us 45 minutes instead of 5. But "Be in your seats" at 6:30? Why. That was 12 minutes before warm up started. Just tell us the truth next time.
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