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  1. Looks like someone's pressure relief valve popped. Welcome, JLenardDetroit, ... I think.
  2. Brian Burke did his usual XM thing this morning and pretty much downloaded on the players. He is also very concerned about small market American teams (guess who?) because something about the revenue sharing agreement could severely impact those teams in this bad revenue year. He also thinks it will play out this way. - The current silence - Back to the table, some more complaining - An agreement in December where the players take more deferrals - A few weeks for the league to get their stuff together - Players start coming back from Europe after Christmas - 2 week quarantine - Camp, etc. - Season starts around Feb 1 Oh, he also downloaded on the owners, but not about this current situation. More about expansion, dilution, etc. It was an interesting conversation, especially when he said Gord Stellek was "yapping" about playoffs and expansion. Very entertaining.
  3. Market black outs. And don't start babbling about VPNs and all that. I worked on those kind of products. I'm quite familiar with the tricks. But I'm retired and want none of that anymore.
  4. Ha ha! No, I didn't know your Ms. is a hygienist. We were discussing the vaccine roll out on another board, and someone listed front line health workers. Of course, EMT, nurses, doctors, surgeons, pharmacists all came to the top of the list. Then people started thinking deeper and then came physical therapists, psychologists, dentists and hygienists. The point being, there's a lot of front line workers in the health field out there. And then we have our retail front line workers... The point being, those of us in the back of the line have a lot of people ahead of us, and that's OK. What it likely means is no entertainment venues for me until next Fall. So it goes.
  5. Players and owners not talking since last week. It isn't going well. Players look pretty entrenched. I guess it will come down to how much loss the owners will take short term, weighed against the calculus of a lost season and its effect on the long term.
  6. At least our friendly, resident troll is losing his mind. Most people on the internet loose their mind.
  7. Many of these players are still nearly children. There's a reason rental car companies balk at renting to anyone under age 25. Many lived a life of being shuttled and taken care of by mom and dad, and then later sponsor families. They don't have a lot of experience or economic training. I would hope that the player reps have a bit more experience, and I think most do. Still, these recent shocks are shaking out raw emotions.
  8. Well, I'm not into getting it on the grey market. I worked in software for a career and saw my IP get stolen all the time. Not a fan. So even though I may resent the amount the boys are asking to get paid, I also implicitly agree to support the team through legal means of watching. It is too bad I just can't consume more car dealer, insurance and Marley commercials as payment. Really wondering why so many sports have had to go to pay TV. (The fact I even mentioned Marley shows that advertising works.) Which brings me to your point about betting. I believe you are right that it will support it. I would be happy to sign up for an account, as long as I don't have to bet. I'm not against betting, I'm just terrible at it and it gives me no joy. If the Bally tie in works correctly, that could subsidize the price. We shall see.
  9. The actual name is unknown. The point is Sinclair made a deal to put the Bally name on the property and include a betting element. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-18/sinclair-is-said-to-rebrand-sports-networks-with-bally-name TV is a bit of a mess right now. Sinclair bought the FOX RSNs (regional sports networks) from Disney last year, and things have gone downhill since then, mostly due to the pandemic. For you cable subscribers, you probably won't notice a difference except for the name change. For the rest of us, this may be helpful or hurtful. It is still TBD. Those of us who have converted to streaming either Hulu+Live or YouTube TV know that both of those services dropped the RSNs due to cost being asked by Sinclair. Dish network dumped them last year. Sinclair is asking to be $$PAID$$, and it isn't going over well. Don't assume your cable company will brush this off, if anything, they may raise your rates to keep the RSN, or push them to a higher tier. Also, don't assume YTTV and Hulu will add them when the sports seasons restart. A lot of people assume they will, but this is uncertain. Basically, they were dropped at the end of MLB/NHL/NBA this year, so the assumption is they'll restart. Not so fast: Dish has dropped them permanently. Hardball is being played. Buried in the announcement is that Sinclair wants to create an individual subscriber option for the RSN. For those of us left without these networks, this may be good news. Here's the problem. The RSNs were costing the providers $6 to $8 per month. And Sinclair was known to be playing hardball to raise them and get $$PAID$$. So, the thought is for an individual subscriber, they may be asking $15 to $20 per month. The reason for over a doubling is that Sinclair knows the base will be small. They won't get the "coattails" of every cable subscriber (including the 90% who never watch the RSNs) in the deal. I'm not sure I'd go for such a price. I would probably subscribe at $10 per month. In the end, looks like I'm going to be listening to the games this year. No way am I going back to cable, and with YTTV and Hulu likely out of the RSN game for good, times look grim.
  10. Be careful when quoting dose manufacturer rate. Many of those are for worldwide distribution. We almost have 8 billion souls circling the sun on this rock.
  11. Two vaccines at 20M per month for Jan-Feb doesn't get us too far. We'll be lucky to get down to dental hygienists. Starting Mar-Apr more should come on line. As a person in the low risk group, I don't expect it until summer at earliest.
  12. I think the players see the NBA's announcement and get confused. Unfortunately, the NHL is not the NBA when it comes to TV revenue. The NHL TV revenue is a pittance in comparison and covers approximately 1/3 of the cap per team. Local TV for a market like ours is a drop in the bucket. So it comes down to how much the owners can absorb. I guess you could say it is the rich arguing with the richer? As for the minor leagues... That's up in the air, but the ECHL is already partially bailing out for the season. This is having a cascade effect. There will be players left out, even as it is now.
  13. Judging by this thread, we really badly need hockey!
  14. Like I said, they will have images to repair.
  15. More information here: https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/players-feeling-angry-betrayed-nhls-new-cba-amendment-proposals/
  16. Elliotte Friedman, an insider, was on XM this morning and had a somewhat grim outlook on the restart. Here are a few details: - NHL asking for a raise of the escrow caps in the CBA. - Players are "very upset". Some would say angry. - Some players whispering "they knew this all along" - Bettman wants a season with a normal 16 teams in the playoffs - Players would rally for more teams again - Target is 60 or 62 games, Stanley Cup awarded by July 15 - Some owners ready to pack it in this year. Bettman is adamant that won't happen and there will be play. - 4 divisions, including a Canadian division. Only play in your division. - No bubble sites. Play in the arenas. Do it MLB style where team visits for a few games, including a back to back. - Fan attendance based on regional guidance. - Don't expect an agreement by this weekend. Perhaps around Thanksgiving. My take is the players are going to have to massage their image over this. Right now, there seems to be a certain blindness to the situation, as mentioned in the above post. Friedge mentioned the "they knew this all along" as a text he got in frustration and is willing to give the players a break, as it was just a sign of severe frustration. Friedge also mentioned that the NHL took the entire hit on the incredible cost of the summer bubble, with no hit to the players. So, one could say the NHL is digging in a bit after that. In summary: the players want to be $$PAID$$ and they are frustrated. The fans want to watch and may not be able to. Where's the money going to come from? Basically, it isn't going well so far. Prepare for turbulence, although Friedge does expect some kind of agreement will occur, despite the teeth grinding on both sides.
  17. No announcement yet. Those in the know say the NHL and NHLPA are trying to work out details. The players want to be PAID. But the cash may not be there. Lots of talk of concessions of deferment, i.e. they'll get paid, just in later years.
  18. Yes. I could also talk about CEOs who preach to me ... well, nevermind. I think you all got my point. I don't expect the players and NHL owners to be out there slugging around 4x8 sheets of underlayment with me. I do expect them to think about it. Lately since Covid -- and the associated drop in revenue and salary -- their silence about others in need is deafening.
  19. Get off my lawn! Some of us just want to be cranky! Seriously, I heard an interview with the NHL promotion guy, and this was hatched 2 years ago. What was supposed to happen was the teams would play in the jerseys about 4 times through Oct-Nov and then the Xmas gift reveal would occur. So, there is momentum behind this. I'm not going to stop anyone from buying. Feel free to do so. What is interesting is all the leagues are doing this saturation of jerseys. They are very expensive. Some people who shouldn't buy, will buy. But, hey, it is a free country. Just don't ask me to pay for your utility bill if you blow your dough on this. Maybe I should sign off here. I'm just really getting cranky about the big business of sports. There is a lot of entitlement with the players and owners. During tough times, it pokes some wounds. I spent last week in Bellhaven, NC fixing floors for a family that were falling through them due to flood damage from 2 years ago. It is tragic. When I see that, and then I see people dropping $250 so a player can get his $50 cut, it, well, just rubs me a certain wrong way. I'll stop. Back to being happy. Buy the jerseys and give them as gifts. Make someone happy. Seriously. We need more joy. Someone will be happy who gets these and that's OK too.
  20. I think it has something to do with away versus home. But wait, during retro times, away was home and home was away. On nevermind. 🤓
  21. What it means is this. A shameless money grab by the NHL, teams and players during this Covid Christmas season. Get off my lawn.🐍
  22. Players are hoping for full season pay (already discounted), now they'll be asked for another haircut. This will get interesting. The Pfizer vaccine is a bit of a false hope start. Logistics will slow it down. Hell, we couldn't get toilet paper. Now we expect special glass vials and super cold freezers to be readily and massively available? My grocery store can't keep milk fresh because it sometimes languishes in warmth. We expect every truck and pharmacy to manage this stuff perfectly? Screw this pandemic!
  23. I'm actually still pretty pessimistic. 😧 We're only now finally starting to see fall-out from the virus on some businesses. Our local theater hung in there, but finally said, "We're done." There's more of that coming. The NHL and other entertainment venues are not immune to this. The NHL has a very weak position because of their weak TV contract. Add into that Sinclair's Fox-branded RSNs, and it is a disaster brewing. Just ask anyone who relies on streaming. It is still a bumpy road ahead and the NHL could potentially be forever changed, with contraction being quite possible. I just tried to summarize the article's high points. The article doesn't get into the changing nature of the virus, vaccines, human behavior, etc. It only gets into what the NHL is considering as of today. Agree. I mentioned this in my post the other day. Most health-related decisions are local, but both candidates have attempted, or will attempt, to strong arm their position on lockdowns with the tools they have at a federal level. This will affect group event planning significantly depending on the outcome.
  24. Kaplan and Wyshynski dropped a very comprehensive article on the NHL restart today. Worth a read if you care: https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/30240929/nhl-2020-21-season-plans-latest-format-line-challenges Some highlights: - Jan 1 is target, but clearly it could be other later dates. Winter Classic outdoor is postponed. All-Star is postponed. - Training camp probably 2 fast weeks, with teams who didn't make playoffs getting a few extra days. - Season ending date not set in stone. It could overlay Olympics, says Mr. Daly. - Desire is high for normal 2021-22 season in any case. This could mean a short season, as little as 48 games. - Canada is piloting faster entry than 14 day quarantine by requiring various testing protocols. It would make border entry of foreign players much more feasible. - Not feasible enough to shuttle teams back and forth though. Canadian division looking very likely. - Some AHL affiliates may temporarily move to Canada if that happens - The Feb 20 outdoor game at Carter Finley is still on, as of now. The NHL wants to "keep options open" at this time. - A hybrid bubble looks likely. Clusters of teams playing at various sites. Bubbling for days or weeks, but getting breaks to go home or see family. - The way the season starts (let's say, bubble) doesn't mean it ends that way. Could end with playing at home arenas. - NHL wants fans in place for the playoffs regardless. No fans was bogus (that's my way of paraphrasing the situation). Some of this information changes my pessimistic timeline enough to say the NHL/NHLPA doesn't need to announce anything about Jan 1 until as late as first week of December.
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