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  1. You'll fit right in here! Stay for a while and contribute. Seriously. Welcome to our little section of the internet. I'm also not sure about what coastal is saying about no barcode. I hope he can clarify. I know they want us to "load tix" onto the phone somehow. I haven't done that yet because it was unclear to me what to do. BTW, if it means using NFC technology, not all phones have that yet.
  2. I like it. Name change now properly applied. I can live with this. There are some games I can't attend and Mrs. FuddyDuddy goes with one of her OldMaids. I have to give her a learnin' on how to pull up tix in those cases. It was easier for her to just grab the card.
  3. We already discussed it and were called fuddy duddies by the wise people of this community. Welcome to the FD club! I'm with you, but for the other side, I'll repost coastal_caniac's response to our fuddy-duddiness below.
  4. Where are you reading this stuff? Am I going to have to get on Twitter and Instagram? Maybe I should just drop out. - Old Man wxray
  5. I was at Chik-fil-A yesterday. I was wearing a 5k T-shirt. The counter server said, "Hey, whats up with Williams? I want Slavin to be next Captain." Just sayin' The Chik-fil-A vote seems to be for Slavin. * PS, this was a weird conversation. I didn't even know what he was talking about at first because I didn't realize what T-shirt I was wearing.
  6. Was this said in some interview? The opposite happened to Pronger up in Edmonton. Wife. Not. Happy.
  7. Well I know from myself, I'd be sunk. I retired last year, and the bosses suggested maybe I could come back for a fill in this year if someone "goes on the IR" (figuratively speaking). Problem is if they call me I have to say no. I haven't done squat to keep up my professional skills. So, yeah, good point. It is a big "IF" about the fitness. And even if he stays fit, how do you insert yourself into the speed of the NHL, etc.
  8. If he keeps up his fitness, and if we have certain players get a severe injury that puts them on LTIR, I could see a return.
  9. Well, the Canes 5k was this morning. Our 13th year if you include the Friesen versions. There was a decent showing by the players. Staal was there and looked like a surfer dude. Maybe The Dude. Seemed pretty relaxed. A lot of the other guys were super clean cut, looking ready to go. Didn't see any slackers. I think even John Forslund worked out all summer. One little tidbit. As we were at the 0.90 mi mark, making our way around the PNC with the fast walkers, two guys were walking the wrong direction. Turns out it was McGinn and Martinook. The guy next to me starts chanting "Martinook for captain!" The boys gave out a nervous laugh. It was fun.
  10. You need an advanced degree to understand the cap. In past years, it seemed like the Big Teams always were slightly over the cap, and then they weren't. Magic. Looks like Dundon hired those magicians.
  11. It is an interesting math problem though, no? Any likely move will mean someone coming back. I suspect the pad will be less than 3.6m, based on what comes back. So it comes down to what does The Committee want for a trade like Faulk? Or does he just get sacrificed for mostly prospects and draft picks? And do we have to pick up some garbage in return? I suspect The Committee wants big draft picks. Not sure they'll get them.
  12. Something's brewing. Cap Friendly projects us $2M over. Things are getting interesting.
  13. HEY! Something to talk about. Canes sign Jake Gardiner for 4 years at AVV $4.05M. What?
  14. Tattoo will solve it. Look, I just needed something to *edit* about instead of the missing (and now sold on Ebay) organ. Season can't get here fast enough. It kinda starts Sunday with the 5k. Looking forward to it.
  15. So now coastal is bringing religion into this! Have you been talking to Slavin? Signed, Old Guy
  16. I don't have an "apple wallet thingy". I'm an old tech guy, but some of this stuff is ridiculous. I'm going to get off my computer now and look for my ring and sealing wax...
  17. BTW, about the phone app. The dirty little secret of all these businesses, especially the entertainment industry, is they want you do download their app to gather all kinds of data about you. This is why I think they are cramming it down our throat.
  18. Exactly. So what was so difficult about the damn little credit cards? They still give them to us, but now they say "NOT FOR TICKETS". Worked great last few years. No batteries required.
  19. Imagine that. In 5 years I went from "I ain't never getting one of those things" to "I have to have one to simply survive in this world." Exercising my swiping finger now to get ready for the season. Just got a portable charger too just in case. Don't drop the phone on the way in!
  20. Old Man in need of Smart Millennial Help on tickets Just got the ticket package. Well, really, it was a box of air and foam, with a license plate holder that is nice, but also says "I HAVE MONEY" on it. But anyway... Am I reading this right that it is only electronic ticketing this year? Not a big deal, since they forced it into us for the playoffs, but sometimes that slows things down as phones get bollixed up and what have you. (Or the phone is being operated by a geezer.) So, help an old guy here... is it all electronic for season ticket holdmembers?
  21. Thanks. I guess the JW thing got us talking other stuff. Usually we're talking about the tournament this time.
  22. Is there a tournament this year, or rather tournaments, that the kids play in? Traverse City? Etc? Heard nothing but silence. It usually starts the weekend before camp starts, i.e. the same weekend as the Canes 5k.
  23. Well, since John is still not on the A+ play by play team, he may see more of Pierre than in the past. Less or no work with Boucher.
  24. Bouch is taking the top games with the top teams. I guess we'll see Pierre in the one Canes game.
  25. So cc sneaks in, votes "other/other" and doesn't post ideas. cc, what are these "others" you vote for?
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