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  1. I just want to know where they get the money to down four $12 bourbons like we saw last game. That would have bankrupted me at age 30.
  2. He was on ESPN radio this morning. ESPN radio. That is nearly a once in a lifetime event for David (the game) and ESPN (talking hockey).
  3. People! After the devastation of a terrible Friday game, I couldn't believe what I was watching last night. What a flip flop. The Canes were so under the Leafs skin it was incredible. I couldn't count the number of take-aways from their Highly Skilled and Paid forwards. It was darn near perfect with only a few breakdowns, two of which Ayers had no chance of stopping. I just don't think the team can keep that up, but can we at least get a good chunk of that in games going forward? It was telling that the Leafs never pulled the goalie. Leafs coach is like: "Guys, I'm going to let you steam in your pile of poo. Enjoy..." Now as for Ayers. First. Petr. WHAT? Why? But anyway, so here we go. The NHL has this policy and I think it is intentionally with low ranking players to specifically stop corruption. Look, do you want to obviously throw a game when this is your only chance on the international spotlight? Yeah, it is possible, but come on, these guys want to fulfill a dream. If anything, the Canes got the advantage because Ayers has actually seen rubber from the the Leafs. $500 or whatever, but when the jerseys fly off the shelves, those royalties will add up. It will be better than any corrupted pay off some theorize. For most players, royalties are chump change. For him, it will be significant. By all means I do hope they get him here and get a tie in with the kidney foundation too. You cannot write a story like this. Just incredible.
  4. I don't even think reading the shoot out sheet with a telescope and transmitting it to the other coach can compare. That's what makes hockey so pure. The fast pace chaos of the game helps avoid many of the find-out-the-other-team-strategy cheats. But let's not talk about diving...
  5. I believe there have been some illegal stick incidents. Good thing the goaltender can bang his stick on the ice to call an end to the penalty. If there were trash can lids on the bench, players would be beating them with sticks.
  6. That sounds about right. They have it on the site. It is a multi-tiered bucket approach. Just like normal games, the top bucket is plan size (full->22->11), then tenure.
  7. Kind of reminded me of the Canes last year at this time.
  8. Nah. Most demographers end the Boomers at 1964. Even then, those of us at the end have little in common with someone born in 1946. We are not doo-whop fans, for instance. I'm an advocate for calling out generation Jones, 1956-1965 separate from the Boomers. But in any case, millenials typically don't do this board. You should check the r/canes subreddit. On thing I've noticed this year are that there are a lot of Millenials and Gen Z attending the games these days. And man they let the money flow! It is about experiences for them.
  9. Got a new phone and managed to lock myself out of my account last night. Probably for the best! I might have said some things I regret. As for your talk with the rep, remkin... This is what I was kind of ranting about in a previous thread. They have bravado, and it is coming through. Maybe even a command to be so. You have to sell the product like you believe in it, and give the impression of a shortage. The attendance numbers back that up at least. We'll see what happens if they don't make the playoffs though.
  10. Ah, yeah, looking at it from a draft position is a whole new dimension!
  11. I'm pretty much with you on all points. The 3 pt. suggestion makes a lot of sense, and mostly gets push back from traditionalists. It has not gotten consideration by the people who run the show. I guess the big deal is you can't equate points very well with the past. But I'm with ya, I wish they'd do it. One important change they DID make this year is that tie breakers start with RW instead of ROW. That's already had an effect on day by day standings when compared to the old ROW system.
  12. Yes, this year. A year where the Canes have been good at OT and SO. In a different year (like most of the last 10), we may think differently.
  13. Got my auto-renew invoice for 11-game plan plus parking. Up 8% from last year. TD needs to pay for the scoreboard. 🤑
  14. You are right! I missed it among the flurry of useless mails, i.e. they ain't gonna tell anyone about stadium game prices just yet. If anything, they want to know how many may attend so they can price appropriately. Checked my invoice for my 11 game plan. I'm gonna $PAY$. My invoice rose 8%. Must be nice. They continue to decontent 11 gamers. Better make the playoffs, because right now it is halcyon times. Won't last without results. Let's hope they get the results, because honestly I'll pay as long as they are competitive. EDIT: I think I lost my ability to do math in retirement! My first try at this was wrong and I was too high. Accidentally used a subtotal instead of total.
  15. Who knows? All the communication I'm seeing from the office is a bunch of noise and fluff, and no details. All I know is STMs have priority on the game. Nothing about it being included automatically. Prices? What prices? Noise. Says to me we can expect to $pay$ next year. EDIT: oh today they say I can send in a form for interest and someone will contact me. Great, just want I want. Talking to a used car salesman. No thanks. How about some details about STM prices and the game? All this says to me we are going to be giving TD and the team a RAISE.
  16. You don't break up Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Nothing compared to them. You don't break up Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. There was nothing like those two. Poor Tammi died of cancer way too young, and Marvin subsequently paired up with others. They were good, but it was never, ever the same. Some duos just have "it." When it happens, you don't mess with it.
  17. I'm going to guess Fluery is in pretty good shape since we haven't heard anything. I bring up compartment syndrome because there have been a few cases in the NFL where a player takes a hard shot to the leg. They are "fine" for the rest of the day, but then experience significant symptoms overnight or next day. Then it is an emergency "procedure" to relieve the pressure. If I recall the injury, Fluery took a hard shot to the leg. So they are going to watch it and make sure it is cool. MRI indicates soft tissue injury. Hoping it isn't anything like this, OR no ligament issues. I used to be a big NFL Bears fan (NFL is fading for me lately), so I remember Brian Urlacher's story. There have been others since.
  18. I never played sports at an elite level, so my times where I got that feeling of just "clicking" were rare. But man, when they happened, it was gold! It always took quite a bit of time working with my team mates to get to that point. In casual beer league volleyball, it was difficult because we had different people each week. Still, near the later part of the season, we got to know each other and would set up our "line" for gold. And then, BAM, bump-set-spike and GLORY. How sweet. So, yeah, it takes time. Even a bunch of elites have to get to know each other, their tendencies, etc. Then one day you get the secret automatic communication among you and it all falls into place.
  19. On second thought, beans will give us gas when we have to play all those games with no breaks!
  20. <In my best Homer Simpsons voice> Hmmmmm. Beans. I'm glad we got beans. I like the beans. Ohhh, yum.
  21. Procedure? MRI? I wonder if they are concerned about deep bleeding (and compartment syndrome). Hopefully the MRI was clear.
  22. I like the way TVR plays with his mouth guard. Comic relief. He even makes fun of himself for it.
  23. So while you guys were arguing here over the refs, Mrs. Wxray and I were enjoying the game. So were the boys. And isn't that the point? They put away their focus on the refs and just played to win, and win they did. That's the way you get over ref issues. As for Svech's mom, when they featured her after his goal, Mrs. Wxray just gasped a mild swear word exclamation of surprise.
  24. Isn't there a concern about the hardware? The battery pack, etc. That can't take a direct puck hit, right? Agree.
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