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  1. A "bad" loss is defined as losing to a team you shouldn't. There are 3 exceptions to a "bad" loss. 1. The loss is to a division rival (Division rivals always play each other tough.) 2. Your team is plagued with injuries at the time. 3. You've already clinched a playoff spot and are just killing time until the post season. Let's take a look at Pittsburgh's 2008-2009 season. They had 16 bad losses and were in 11th place for more than half the season. To me that is not worthy of a Stanley Cup. That is not of the calibur of a championship team. Take a look at who they lost to during the regular season. Both Crosby and Malkin were present in all the defeats. Columbus Phoenix Minnesota Vancouver Carolina Florida Buffalo x 2 Montreal x 2 Ottawa x 3 Toronto x 3 I'm sorry, but to me the Penguins don't deserve the Stanley Cup.
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