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  1. See below for pictures of a fond memory of our Stanley Cup victory in 2006. My wife and I were at all 4 of the home games and had this made from the news headlines and our actual tickets. A great memento but we're downsizing and there simply isn't anywhere for us to hang it. We paid $400 to get it framed professionally, selling for $225. See images here: http://screencast.com/t/iwsTDPKb http://screencast.com/t/5QURgY9IEZy Feel free to call with any questions 919-632-4401
  2. During WRAL's 6:00pm news tonight, during the sports segment they mentioned a possibility/rumor of Brind'Amour as coach.... PLEASE NOOOOOO!!!! I think the world of Rod, but we need a proven head coach with a track record at some level.
  3. We had parking with our season ticket package and the price stayed the same as last year $430 for the year ($10 a game), but not sure what the gate pricing for parking will be next year. They just raised it from $10 to $15 and would be shocked to see it jump to $20 so quickly.
  4. Having been full season ticket holders for "only" 3 seasons, we're not renewing. Prior to that, we've had mini-plans or I'd organized group outtings where I worked, or we'd just go to a game now and again. We were there for every playoff game leading to the cup win in 2006 and it was the most incredible experience. My wife, who was the one that got me hooked on hockey, and is a rabid fan, is even tired of trekking to game after game and not seeing the level of play needed to win in the NHL. We'll sit out til the Canes make the playoffs again and then reconsider. We'll get our fill of hockey by watching the Canes on TV along with Center Ice. Iggy
  5. Tickets received... but nothing is simple... When I got my tracking email I signed up for email updates. At 12:10pm today I received an email saying that my package had been delivered and was left at my front door at 12:07pm. Problem is... I've been home all day and did not see anyone... and there's nothing at my door... Oh crap. I call FedEx, they take the information and I get a call from a local dispatcher an hour later and I confirm that I did not receive the package. She contacts the driver, blah blah blah, another phone call saying the driver will swing by.... A little later I see a FedEx van drive by my house slowly... (probably realizing "Uh-oh, I didn't deliver a package to that house earlier") and 10 minutes later he comes to my door with package in hand. Poor guy felt horrible. 20 year FedEx veteran somehow delivered my package to my neighbor 3 doors down by accident. I had checked with my neighbors already on either side thinking maybe missed by 1 house but didn't go any further than that. Anyway, after thinking that someone in Raleigh had a nice free gift on their front porch, I was glad to have my tickets in my hands. See you all Wednesday at the pre-season game.
  6. I just received this email, which all other STH should have as well... ==== Dear [__SALUTATION__], We received word from our specialty ticket printer late this morning that Full Season Tickets and 26-Game Plans (purchased by the Aug. 2 specialty print date)* are scheduled for delivery this Friday. Prior to delivery, recipients should receive an email with a tracking number. No signature will be required for delivery. Per one of our recent communications, the Hurricanes will feature two exclusive STH opportunities this weekend: 1) a presale for the team’s new jerseys on Saturday and 2) an early entry period for the Red-White Game at the Caniac Carnival on Sunday. Our initial plan was for STHs to show their new 2013-14 ID badges/cards to take advantage of these exclusive opportunities; however, we realize that this may not be feasible for all STHs due to the tight delivery schedule. Have no fear! We have contingency plans in place to ensure all of our STHs are able to take advantage of these exclusive opportunities with or without the new STH ID badges/cards.
  7. One week til first home pre-season game... still no word on when tickets will be mailed... Tick Tock.
  8. Has anyone heard when tickets should be arriving?
  9. You can be late and you'd simply join the next group going once you arrive.
  10. Just go my email... Monday July 15 at 8pm. Made it to the first day.
  11. If my wife hears Tripp say anything with "swivel" in it... "You have to keep your head on a swivel." or "The guys are keeping their head on a swivel tonight." or similar, again, she's going to throw a shoe through the television.
  12. Good article in Time Magazine about the NHL lockout. http://business.time.com/2012/12/19/hockeys-wealth-redistribution-problem-whats-really-behind-the-nhl-lockout/?xid=rss-topstories&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+time%2Ftopstories+%28TIME%3A+Top+Stories%29
  13. Now it's official... http://www.wralsportsfan.com/ap-source-nhl-cancels-games-through-dec-30/11863116/
  14. Help me out... is 182mil over 5 years "miles apart" or within reason for negotiating? http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/8659872/nhl-nhlpa-182-million-apart-donald-fehr-says-report
  15. Hi Greg, Glad you asked as time is coming up. I've spoken with my ticket rep 3 times in the past 3 months. Great guy and I enjoy speaking with him. My last email to him that prompted the most recent call was me asking "If an agreement is made and a partial season is announced, can I opt out of the partial season and just keep my money with the Canes til next season." Reason being, my wife, who is even more fanatical about the Canes and hockey than I am doesn't want to give up our seats and the little bit of status we have (and this is exactly what the Canes and NHL are counting on, I know), but I do not want to pay full price (per game) for a partial season. A partial season stinks and it's in the record books with an asterisk next to it. I have no desire to be a part of it. At best, if they come to terms, the season wouldn't start til approximately Dec 15 which means a 50 game season (assuming they don't try to squeeze extra games in which would be a logistical nightmare for all teams to try to handle). The Canes answer to my question was No, if they announce a partial season, those with accounts must buy the partial season. So, my scenario right now, so as to keep the peace in the household, is to hang on, but if they come to terms and announce a partial season I WILL close my account because I won't do the partial season thing. If the entire season is lost, we're holding on. Assuming they can hash it out by next September...
  16. By all means, take a 2 week break from accomplishing nothing, you all deserve it. Hey, just take the next 6 months off, nobody expects anything from you at this point anyway. http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/8636941/gary-bettman-suggests-2-week-moratorium-nhl-labor-talks-sources-say
  17. Some quick math: Games currently cancelled thru November. IF they pick up and play Dec 1, the league will get in 58 of the 82 games = 70% of the season (assuming they don't try to make up some of the missed games somehow). A season with an asterisk in the history books.
  18. The story on ESPN about the 3 rejected proposal from the players. No details of the offers. http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/8520950/nhl-calls-union-counteroffers-step-backward
  19. Almost a whole hour? Glad both sides are taking it so seriously. Posturing and giving the impression of control and/or not caring is all either side cares about right now. UPDATED: Apparently 5 hours of meetings and new proposal being drafted. http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/8486507/nhl-says-union-composing-proposal-talks-resume-25th-day-nhl-lockout
  20. I'm with you on the principle of the thing. Do I want my money going into the pockets of owners and players that don't respect the fans enough to be able to play their sport without clashes to the point of cancelling games every 8 years. NHL came back better and stronger after losing an entire season, I guess they figure it'll happen again. I wish them luck.
  21. Not yet I just sent the email at the time I posted the text. Usually takes him a few days to reply to me, or call me, not that I email him often, but I also said there was no need to reply or call me. Nothing to talk about, I spoke with him 4 weeks ago when it looked like the lockout date of Sept 15 would arrive with no new CBA. He had told me that "this time feels completely different than 2004" in that the Hurricanes had prepared the staff in advance of the lockout that things weren't going well and they'd likely be laying folks off, whereas nothing like that happened this time around. Yet.
  22. I just emailed my ticket rep: ==== I just wanted to let you know that I've set Thanksgiving as a line in the sand. If there is no new CBA by then, I'll be requesting a refund and cancelling my season tickets. At a minimum for the next 2 years. I'm telling you this only so you can let the powers that be know that at least 2 fans are fed up and will not be back. I simply can't give my hard earned money to either the owners or the players when they see no problem with having 3 lockouts in the past 20 years. No need to reply or call me, I appreciate your situation and I hope for your sake something happens soon so you don't lose your job along with hundreds of others
  23. I'm starting a nationwide, heck, a WORLDWIDE movement... A new CBA by Thanksgiving, or else... Now I just need to get the word spread across the world. ;-)
  24. I'm with you. I like your "deadline" of Thanksgiving and I just created a new topic/post to see if others will join us and try to send a message to the NHL, Owners and Players.
  25. As a frustrated season ticket holder, I'd like to start a movement, a mission, draw a line in the sand. Now that regular season games have been cancelled as of today's announcement by the NHL, it's time for the fans to speak up, with their wallets. If you're a season ticket, or mini-plan holder how about we set a deadline of Thanksgiving as the make or break date that if a new CBA has not been agreed to, we request a refund of the money the Canes have of ours with a promise to not come back the rest of this season (if there is a season) OR next season. Until the owners and players start hearing from fans by way of cancelled ticket orders, they're perfectly happy letting this fiasco continue. I'm willing to give them about another 6 weeks. Plenty of time to work something out. I'm no renegade, I've never protested anything in my life and I am not riled up in any way. I'm simply trying to find a way to get a message to the NHL, owners and players. I'm just disappointed that there have been 3 lockouts in less than 20 years. That's no way to run a professional sports league. I'd like to hear peoples thoughts. Agree or disagree. Chime in. Iggy
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